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Part 60: Virus roundup - Den Area

So then! While I'm preparing the next update, let's take a look at the viruses endemic to Den Area!

Mettaur - MegaMan Wikia entry

Mets, widely known from pretty much every Mega Man game ever, are as scary to look at as they are to fight. They have one attack, where they use a pickaxe to sling a slow-moving, easily-dodgeable shockwave down one row. They'll only do this when they're level with Mega, and if there's more than one of them in a battle they'll take turns.

If you're somehow having Met problems (I'm not sure that's even theoretically possible), their shockwave attack goes along the ground. In MMBN, you can put out panels with various chips, so just punch a big hole in the stage and no Met will be able to touch you. If that was ever an issue.

Canodumb - MegaMan Wikia entry

Canodumb are completely stock MMBN viruses. They're in the first four BN games, and they drop the 'Canon' chips that you will be relying on for the start of the game. What with the starting folder being chock full of them. Unfortunately, there's a limit on the number of the same type of chips you can put in your folder, so it's not terribly much use trying to get drops from these guys.

They attack very slowly. If you stand in front of them, they'll send a cursor down the row. If you stand on the same panel as the cursor, it'll fire a shot down the row. That's the whole row, by the way, so no dodging by moving backwards or forwards not that I constantly and mistakenly try that

While the Met can be foiled by the wily strategy of hiding behind holes, to dodge a Canodumb's attacks just don't stand in front of it. They don't move. They can only target the row they're on. Do you know how many chips can hit things not directly in front of you? The answer is 'a lot'. The 'dumb' isn't part of their name for no reason.


Significantly less terrifying than a real bunny, these viruses are probably the hardest you'll fight in Den Area. Which... means so much, I know. This is the first BN they appear in, so surprise I guess. They'll jump around to different panels for a while until they decide to attack you, then they'll move super fast to get in front of you and shoot a very quick-moving lightning-based projectile, that will stun you. Not ideal.

So, if you're not big on the whole 'dodging' thing you can prevent them from hitting you by hiding behind a rock or something (note that there are none in this area, you'll have to make one yourself), or just kill it before it hits you. C'mon, it's only got 40HP, there are chips in the starting folder that do more damage than that.