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Part 61: Virus roundup - Early dungeons and friend's computers

More viruses!

Beetank - MegaMan Wikia entry

Beetanks are slow, and this first stage of them isn't terribly dangerous. They can still be a pain in the arse if you're not paying attention, though. They'll move up and down one column for a while, then fire off a single canonball at Mega. At this level, it'll just hit three panels - the one Mega's standing on, and the ones above and below. It moves in an arc, so if you stand in the back row it will take longer to get there and you'll have more time to move.

They've got an annoying amount of health, so just keep at it and remember to dodge forwards and backwards. At least they're got an easy movement pattern.


These guys have a weird name. Fishy viruses slowly move up and down one column until they are level with Mega, then they dash across the screen, disappearing off the edge and reappearing a bit later. They can really freakin' move though, if there's move than one of them it is a major pain to dodge.

If you time it right you can ping them with a sword as they attack, but apart from that when you first see them it can be hard to get rid of them before they make a real nuisance of themselves.

JamieTheD posted:

Thing with Fishies is that they have one not-so-secret weakness... remember people raggin' on Shockwave chips? These puppies murder Fishies, especially at Soniwave level, due to the speed of the Fishies in question.

Essentially, the Fishy charges, and often charges into the wave's wake at that wonderful moment when it's briefly there. To explain (slightly) better:

+ Tile
M Megaman.EXE
F Fishy
> Shockwave


(Thanks, JamieTheD!)

Flappy - MegaMan Wikia entry

These viruses have an even weirder name than Fishy. They just jump slowly around the stage for a few turns, then they'll appear above Mega's head with a bigger sprite like a heavy weight, and drop down on him. They don't drop terribly quickly though, and they only effect one panel so they're simple to dodge.

Lots of HP, but not really threatening. They move so slow that knocking them off is just a battle of attrition.


Oh my! A spooky ghost! These guys are assholes. They teleport around the stage and move when you get level with them, after a while they'll teleport in front of Mega and attack him by licking. They also have a healing chip that they'll use on other viruses.

I hate these guys, but at this level it's unlikely you'll die to them. Just dodge around faster and keep pinging them, they'll eventually go down.

Swordy - MegaMan Wikia entry

Holy hell, Swordies are absolutely horrible. These assholes can strike with a LongSword (hits 2 spaces ahead) or a WideSword (hits the whole column ahead). So don't stay in the front row, right? Easy, yes? No. They also have an AreaGrab chip that they can use once per battle. So if you're fighting two of the bastards, you can very easily get trapped in the back row. And they have an assload of HP. Fuck these guys.

AreaGrab them back, they've got it coming. If you can stay out of the middle then there's a chance you can dodge them even if they block you in, and they do attack slowly, so you can use swords on them first at least.