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Part 62: Virus roundup - Past Okuden

Augh, life's bananas this week so while I'm finding the time to get an update done, here's some viruses!

Canodumb2 - MegaMan wiki entry (again)

Guys, you guys, it's like a Canodumb, but HARDER. Like a version 2, if you will. Seriously I think the only way these guys differ from Canodumb is they have more health, maybe they fire faster or do more damage? Terrifying. Once again they'll only hit you if you're on their row, so you know, don't do that.

I do like that MMBN generally has pretty nice colour schemes for their palette-swaps though.

Flamey - MegaMan wiki entry

Ugh, these guys. They're kind of like Fishy in that they're stupid fast and will bum-rush you if you stand in front of their row. Unlike Fishy, when they rush your row they'll destroy each panel along the way. Nicely enough, these first Flamey guys will stick to their row though, so that's less annoying. Obviously, they're fire-element, and when paired with other viruses their panel-destroying nature is really terrible.

Though uhhh.... since they'll only rush you when you're in front of them, stay out of their way and they're 100%
harmless. Yaaay.

It only just occurred to me while drawing that how weird their design is though.

HardHead - MegaMan wiki entry

HardHead is butt. A giant virus butt. While he's grayed out, you can't actually hurt him. And he is like that most of the time. He'll only turn red and vulnerable for a short time when he attacks, and he'll throw a bomb that will hit the one panel Mega's standing on, and break the panel. FUN.


Mettaur2 MegaMan wiki entry

Still a Mettaur! The only real change between these fellas and regular Mets is that while these guys aren't attacking they'll hide under their hats and be met-invincible. Aaaand... that's it. So if there's just one it's just like a Mettaur with more health and a more fabulous colour scheme.

I am OK with Mets, they are cool dudes.

ShellGeek - MegaMan wiki entry

ShellGeek is a weird name. But hey, it's another virus with invincible stages! Blergh. These guys aren't so bad I guess though. Cool design. They pop out from their invincible shell form every now and then to throw two needles across the row they're on. I think it's on a random timer, so it doesn't matter if Mega's in front of them or not. Except, you know, you can't get hit if you're not in front of them.

So don't stand in front of them. Whoosh that's rather a large part of the MMBN strategies, huh?

Shrimpy - MegaMan wiki entry

It's a prawn! Shrimy viruses are kind of adorable and kind of not terribly scary. They'll just slowly cruise up and down a column and shoot a bubble ahead of them occasionally. The bubble is of course water element, and it will hit a target and whatever's behind it. But it just bobs along one row, so it's no problem to dodge.

Just keep an eye on where their projectiles are, and holy hell let me tell you electric weapons will ruin these guys. Prawn BBQ, yessss.

Spikey - MegaMan wiki entry

Speaking of viruses with awesome designs, check out Spikey! He is spikey. Also, shoots fire. Like Shrimpy's bubbles, it'll hit a target and one panel behind, but naturally their shots are fire-element. Also they are whoaaaah fast. They'll warp around the stage for awhile before deciding to take a shot, but they're more like Bunnys in that they'll warp quickly directly in front of Mega to shoot.

My advice? Dodge. And having water shots would be fine, which may be easier a little further down the line... OH NO FORESHADOWING

Seriously they might have a ton of health, but these guys are nice and easy, even though they're SPIKEY AND COOL-LOOKING.