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Part 63: Chip information - Den Area

I'm up for some sperging so I'll do an overview of the chips those viruses drop.

Mettaurs can drop two chips, Shockwave and Guard. I'd put up pictures from Sprites Inc, but I'm not really sure if it's a good idea to leech from them and I don't think LPix will appreciate me rehosting over 100 small files just to mention them in tiny asides.

Element: Null
MB: 10
Damage: 40
Chip Codes: HJLRU
Note: Flinches bosses.

Megaman swings a pickaxe down and releases a shockwave down his row. This shockwave will pierce through any obstacles or enemies, but can be blocked.

Shockwave is probably the best chip to try and grind for this early in the game, mostly because Mettaurs are so god damned easy and because you start with a couple of J coded chips. The chip itself actually isn't that bad, but hitting anything that moves around a lot (*cough*bosses*cough*) basically requires you to attack from point blank. Pretty great for dealing with normal viruses, though you'll definitely want to replace them later.

Element: Null
MB: 2
Damage: 40
Chip Codes: *
Note: Flinches bosses.

A yellow shield with a green plus on it forms in front of Megaman for a second. If anything without a Breaking attribute hits this shield, the attack will be nullified and a shockwave will be sent forward.

Guard is honestly a pretty trashy chip solely because actually getting it to work requires enough timing that you probably could have just dodged the attack by moving. Add in the weak counter attack and the fact that the game has much better defense options, and you'll see why Guard chips have sucked past the prologue of every single game they're in besides being a component of Guts Shoot. Now BN6's Reflector, on the other hand...

Cannondumbs can only drop one chip.

Element: Null
MB: 16
Damage: 40
Chip Codes: ABCDE

Megaman forms a Cannondumb head in place of his buster and fires an attack that immediately hits whatever is closest to him in his row.

It could just be me, but I think Cannon got slightly nerfed in BN2. In BN1 damage was dealt pretty much as soon as you hit A, but BN2 adds a slight lag between pressing A and damage being dealt. BN3 onwards definitely added a lag to Cannon though. Anyways, Cannon is a great chip and should probably be the backbone of your early folder along with the Shotgun Bs you can buy cheap from an early Net Dealer (well, if you can actually get Cannon Bs). Its Program Advance isn't that stellar, though, so I wouldn't recommend grinding for Cannon C.

Bunnies are also one chip wonders. So are the majority of enemies in the game, actually.

Zap Ring 1
Element: Electric
MB: 12
Damage: 20
Chip Codes: AMPQW
Note: Paralyzes enemies.

Megaman forms a miniature version of the Bunny viruses' ears in place of his buster and fires a fast moving electric ring.

To be blunt, this chip is crap. Paralysis is helpful, but Zap Ring's damage is completely pathetic and the only thing you'll be able to link it to is Cannon A, which doesn't even need a paralyzed enemy to get a hit. Paralysis isn't that useful in this game anyways, and if you really wanted to do it the buster can eventually paralyze enemies if you get lucky with a certain gameplay feature. Literally the only use I could see for this is if you got absurdly lucky and got it in * code, or if you're really far into the game and decided for whatever strange reason you wanted to run the Refridgerator combo.

I'm probably wrong on these and would love to be corrected.