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Part 64: Chip information - Early dungeons and friend's computers

Oh goodie, more sperge opportunities.

Most Beetanks only drop one kind of chip, but the first version can drop two.

Mini Bomb
Element: Null
MB: 8
Damage: 50
Chip Codes: BEGLO

Megaman throws a bomb that hits the panel three spaces ahead of him.

Ah, Mini Bomb. I'm going to be blunt here and say this chip is ass. Not only is it way too hard to hit with, but the animation also take so long you'll probably get clipped. Mini Bomb has pretty much always been crap, with the sole exception of Network Transmission, where it was undeniably one of the best chips in the game.

(If you're wondering, there it was easy to hit with, hit multiple times, could basically kill any unshielded virus in the game, was super cheap, had low MB, and could be purchased at the beginning of the game. Also, MegaMan could hold thirty of them.)

Little Bomb
Element: Null
MB: 12
Damage: 50
Chip Codes: FJOQT

Same as Mini Bomb, only the explosion also hits the panels above and below the point of impact.

Little Bomb is a bit easier to hit with, but it's still completely terrible. Seriously, there's only one good bomb chip and even that one is pretty bad barring specific set-ups.

Fishies can only drop one chip.

Dash Attack
Element: Null
MB: 12
Damage: 90
Chip Codes: BDGJL*

Megaman forms a Fishy over his right arm, waits for a second, then lunges across his row. I'm pretty sure he isn't given OmniShoes, though, so he should still be affected by what type of panel he's dashing over.

Alright, Dash Attack! This chip is pretty damn awesome for two reasons. First, you can feasibly get it in * code so you can use it with anything. Second, it's a component of a still very useful Program Advance.

Flappies only drop one type of chip.

Quake 1
Element: Null
MB: 16
Damage: 90
Chip Codes: AMPQW
Note: Breaking Attribute, cracks target panel.

Same as Mini Bomb, only before the bomb hits it transforms into a big Flappy virus and smash the target panel.

It's a thrown attack. That's really all I need to say about it.

Spookies drop a fucking awesome chip and two mediocre chips.

Invisible 1
Element: Null
MB: 12
Damage: None
Chip Codes: AFLRU*

MegaMan turns transparent. Until the chip wears off, he is invincible to almost all types of attacks.

* coded invincibility. The only reason this chip should not be in your folder is if you haven't gotten one yet. Invisible is a staple in any folder in any Battle Network game.

Recover 30
Element: Healing
MB: 4
Damage: -30
Chip Codes: BDFHM*
Note: Using a healing chip decreases Busting Rank.

Recover 50
Element: Healing
MB: 8
Damage: -50
Chip Codes: CEGIN*
Note: Using a healing chip decreases Busting Rank.

Green lines rise out of MegaMan and the appropriate amount of health is restored.

Recovery chips are kind of odd. You'd think they're be a staple in any folder, but to be honest they're something you should throw out as you get better at the game. A Recovery chip is only good if you've taken damage. You shouldn't be taking damage. Between super folders that wipe everything on the screen, predictable enemies, and a glut of defensive options, getting hit is something that really shouldn't happen. And even if it does, because let's face it shit happens, Roll is a much better alternative than these things.

I will say this in Recovery chips' favor though. In BN4 Red Sun they gave you access to Roll Soul, and that's pretty damn awesome.

Despite using two types of Sword chips, Swordies only drop one type of chip.

Long Sword
Element: Sword
MB: 22
Damage: 80
Chip Codes: AILOY

MegaMan swings a sword that hits the two panels in front of him.

Long Sword isn't a bad chip, but it very quickly becomes outdated in damage dealing potential. It should definitely be in your folder for the initial few scenarios, though; BN2 introduced the traditional Life Sword, and 400 damage to a 2x3 area is never bad. But then, BN2 also had three versions of Life Sword, and unfortunately for this chip the last version is so astoundingly broken that there's no real reason to use the older versions.