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Part 65: Chip information - Past Okuden

Today's chip is kind of , but these are some pretty boring chips. Sorry.

High Cannon
Element: Null
MB: 24
Damage: 60
Chip Codes: CDEFG

Same thing as Cannon.

There's really not much I can say about High Cannon that I haven't already said about Cannon. Hm... well, it's pretty amusing just how little damage the Cannon series does in this game; usually the damage progression is something like 40 - 80 - 120, but in BN2 it's 40 - 60 - 80.

Line Out
Element: Fire
MB: 12
Damage: 50
Chip Codes: FJOQT

MegaMan summons a Flamey virus to the panel in front of him. If anything stands in front of the Flamey virus, it will proceed to do what the actual virus does. Only your Flamey dies as soon as it hits something but eh.

It's kind of hilarious how utterly useless this chip is when you consider it's a complete pain in the ass to even get a Flamey to drop one.

Cannon Ball
Element: Null
MB: 22
Damage: 150
Chip Codes: OPQRS
Note: Breaking Atribute, destroys target panel.

Same old throwing animation, same old pathetic one panel damage radius.

Cannon Ball is what happens when Mini Bomb and Quake have a baby. High damage, but slow as hell and as such not worth putting in a folder. Well, I guess you could use it to set up Geyser but still.

Sonic Wave
Element: Null
MB: 30
Damage: 60
Chip Codes: EIMSW
Note: Pierces through obstacles.

Exact same thing as Shock Wave, just with a faster wave.

There's nothing I can say about this chip that I haven't already said about Shock Wave.

Double Needle
Element: Null
MB: 18
Damage: 50
Chip Codes: ACFIJ

MegaMan transforms his arm into a bow and, after a brief pause, fires two arrows forward.

That pause I mentioned in the chip description makes this chip really annoying to use against bosses. Excellent for mowing down enemies, though. Notably, after this game arrow chips disappeared until BN6. But considering how absurdly broken they were in that game I think it was worth it.

Element: Aqua
MB: 12
Damage: 40
Chip Codes: BGHPR

Heat Shot
Element: Fire
MB: 14
Damage: 50
Chip Codes: BGHPR

These two are practically the same chip. MegaMan fires his buster and the first thing in his row is immediately hit with either a spray of bubbles or a small explosion. The panel behind the target is also hit.

Heat Shot and Bubbler are practically elemental Shot Guns, and that's not a bad thing as I'll demonstrate later. There's no harm in throwing in a couple of Bubblers or Heat Shots into your folder at this point in the game, though if you're lucky the Bubbler chips will become redundant. Sadly, the Heat Spreader and Aqua Spreader Program Advances do not exist yet (not as PAs anyways) so these chips aren't worth keeping around.