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Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue

by Epee Em, giver336

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Original Thread: S Is The Magical Letter: Let's Play MegaMan Battle Network 3 Blue.



Welcome, dear reader, to the final Let's Play in the MegaMan Battle Network main series. Assuming we get this archived, all 6 of the games will have been successfully completed.

1. Should I read the other MMBN LPs first?

MMBN1 and MMBN2 yes, the others no. I played the first one, MissEchelon did the second one, and here we both are on 3. This LP, and the game itself, pretty much assumes you have familiarity with how those two games went and ended.

2. Format?

Hybrid. Screenshots for the game, videos for the bosses. Since this is the second time I'll be LPing this game, I technically already have boss videos uploaded to YouTube. Rest assured I'll be making new ones that spice things up. Notice the RomHack thread icon. Anyway, MissEchelon will be joining me in this project as secondary commentator and provider of hilarious art such as what you see above. She's also generally a more positive LPer than myself, so you'll get a pretty mellow LP as a result due to my usual antics (swearing, being annoyed by NPCs, etc.) being balanced out.

2.5 Addendum:

At Update 16, I decided I was unfit to continue the project and clearly lacking in motivation. MissEchelon remained as secondary commentator, but giver336 took over for main player. Giver/Killer is the project co-leader and head writer for the MMBN Chrono X fangame project, and has much greater technical knowledge of the games. If you've read an Orange Fluffy Sheep LP, that's a good comparison. I stepped aside, and mostly just post silly nonsense (see the Bonus section) to enjoy myself while the LP continues at a much better rate.

2.5.5 Addendum to Addendum:

Alas, in Update 37, after almost 2 years on this project, MissEchelon had to leave. I returned to co-commentate with Giver from then on. A true team effort between the three of us.

2.5.7 Addendum to Addendum to Addendum:

Giver here. GeneralYeti stepped in for good at around Update #38. We're just gonna rock the GeneralYeti+Giver combo through the rest of this. Sorry for the massive switching of staff, folks.

3. Spoilers?

I would prefer none at all bar what gets posted in the updates, honestly. That said, if you absolutely must discuss content in the LP's future, please take up a policy of "filing the names off". If you're using proper nouns, you're probably saying a bit too much.

4. Why Blue version?

It's so much more ridiculous than White, that's why. Mostly due to the existence of one special BattleChip, and everyone familiar with the game knows exactly which one I'm talking about because it's the most broken thing in the whole series hands down.

I think that's an acceptable introduction, I prefer to be simple with openings. Do you really care that this was Black version in Japan? No, I don't think you do. Here we go!

Table of Contents

1. Computers, Cowboys, and Co-op LPs.

2. Asterix Chips, Obelix Not Included.

3. I LP a Pigeon Dating Sim and MissEchelon Waits Until NOW?

4. Killing Kids. Not Featured: Killing Kids.

5. We Have a Gimmick!

6. And That's Terrible.

7. Mr. Prog's Wild Ride.

8. Child Actors Suck.

9. NaviCust!

10. It's a Curse, I Tell You.

11. A Curse Called "Being Stupid", Apparently.

12. Qualifiers are Over!

13. Moral of the Story: Never Give Epee Em an Excuse to Open MS Paint.

14. I'm Actually Forced to Make This Joke, or the Later LPs Don't Make Sense Because They Refer to It.

15. Style Changes Return, Along With Epee Em's Usual Incompetence in Everything Not a NetBattle.

16. And Now For Someone Completely Different.

17. You know, it's goddamn surreal to have used ChibiSoma's old GameFAQs guides for these games as a kid and then seen him post here in these threads occasionally.


19. Foreigners Are Bad!

19.a GeneralYeti engages KingMan in a challenge fight, only able to use RockCubes.

19.b EPM speculates on object and movement mechanics in battle.

20. The torch is officially passed.

21. Q: What's his name? A: Sunayama.

22. PET Kune Dope.

22.a GeneralYeti enacts Anakin's worst nightmare.

23. Clean out your net areas with the power of Scrubbing Bubbles!

24. Let's Viruses Busting? Careful, Ecchy, or Nyarlatho-Hitler is going to use the Lance of Longinus.

25. My Humor program is bugged and I set Panic to my Regular.

26. Early Undernet Access.

27. Aha, my old nemesis! A TRUCK! FAPPO! Also I think Giver's made a tentacle rape joke in every update he's written thus far.

28. Root Access. Blame Tunicate for that pun.

28.a , by GeneralYeti.

29. We all know where this is going.

30. Internet Flame War.

31. "Wait what the FUCK they coded in dialogue!?" Words fail me. This is a special one right here.

31.a And this is what everyone else ever saw when they actually played the game.

31.b It's close to Midnite and something evil's trolling...

31.c ZOFORT!

32. Amusingly, or perhaps unsettlingly, the UnderNet has a real-world analogue in the DeepNet.

33. S-ploring the UnderNet.

34. "But, perhaps it is my anger that has made me blind to the truth for so long. I see it now, this day has made it all too clear."

35. You could at least mention that I was involved in some of that planning, Giver!

35.a General Yeti continues to contribute more to the thread than I (EPM) for months on end.

36. The fact that BUCKETS were the best security system in the whole series speaks volumes.

36.a The reason it works is because interrupting DrillMan's attacks resets his position, so he gets hit twice.


38-1. EPM returns, as MissEchelon becomes no longer able to participate. The combined forces of Giver and EPM ranting proceeds to break the character limit and require a split update.

38-2. We will continue to fight, in Echy's name!

39. Behind the Beard. Enter the Yeti.

40. Side Kick Returns!

41. Pierce the Heavens

42. Couldn't Fit These During the Boss Rush. Deleted Scenes!

43. Final Transmission.

44. Not Like This. Not Like This...

45. The Lengthy Ending. Brings a Tear to the Face.

46. Starting the PostGame! And Helping Scrubs.

47. Spoilers: I'm Bringing This Quest Back For Chrono X

48. 30 BugFrags? Seriously?

49. The Best PostGame Area in the Series.

49-B. Yeti, You Need to Complete More Battle Network Postgames.

50. Why Would Your Name Your Boss That?

50-B. Disgraceful, Yeti. FOR SHAME!

50-C. Rigged Death Trap Tries His Hand.

51. Better Security Than The Real World.

52. No, Professor Oak! Fill Your Own Damn Pokedex!

53. The King of the Net!

54. I Guess You Could Say That Fight Was...BS.

55. Trial of the Kings.

56. Yep, This Game Is Still Going.

57. 6th Star Obtained.

58. The Finale. Thanks For Reading!

S-Ranking Navis Series:

A video guide series detailing potentially viable and otherwise alternative strategies for S-ranking each boss in the game. Ground rules and overall details are set in the first link. These are voiced by Giver336.

1. A Flash of Insight.

2. He's not SlashMan guys, he's BEASTMan. And in BN6 where Beasts are a big deal, cue SlashMan showing up for real in one version. Go figure.

3. Blub Blub Blahblah de puku~ or something. I still don't get why these kinds of characters are popular in Japan.

4. In retrospect, I don't think any MetalMan involvement in these LPs has ever gone without METAL GEAR!? jokes.

5. 01000100 01101001 01100011 01101011 01110011 00101110

6. Just Deserts.


8. If You Think He's Cheap, Then You're Bad.

9. If You Ever Have Trouble, Just Use Sensor3.

10. Checkmate!

11. Robert Williams Come Back...

12. Keep Bowlin' Bowlin' Bowlin'...

13. Eternal Rivals. Eternally AntiSword.

14. So Dark You Can't See Him Normally.

15. Rising Sun!

Chip Encyclopedia
Need to know where to get each chip code in the game for your own playthroughs? Then look no more.

1. Volume 1 -- Standard ID: #001 - #099

2. Volume 2 -- Standard ID: #100 - #200

3. Volume 3 -- MegaChip ID: #001 - #086

4. Volume 4 -- GigaChip ID: #001 - #026

5. Volume 5 -- Program Advance ID: #001 - #032

Giver's Supplemental Educational Materials.

1. Yeti Teaches The Class About Styles.

2. I Should Have Squided While I Was Ahead.

3. PvP: Mash A To Win

4. おたく/オタク

5. Type "Worship Giver" When Clicking This Link to See All the Chip Command Codes in the Series

Non-BN3 S-ranking Requests:

1. ShadeMan Study Session (BN4)

2. CloudMan Study Session

3. BassXX Study Session (BN5)

4. Hakushaku(Count) Study Session

Bonus: Epee Em Streams MMBN4: Red Sun for Charity

People donated over 300 dollars to force me to do this. God damn it. The highlights reel is pending.

Part 1: Game Start to GutsManDS
Part 2: Red Sun Tournament to Game End

Bonus 2: Retsupurae Retrospective:

(Note: I am a Game Design major, and my academic peers and professor wanted to see a sample/presentation of Let's Play. So I made these, as a more academic review of my past works.)

MegaMan Battle Network 4

Bonus 3: Very Extended Penis Long

What happens when an EPM who hasn't slept in 35 hours and is running on caffeine alone discovers that a poorly-made penis enlargement pill website is using his name and other Battle Network LPers' content? This. Not helping matters? It has Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal-grade nonsensical Engrish.

Bonus 4:

You wouldn't believe me if I told you what this was.

Gunther the NetBattling Chicken by Epee Em:

And then came BirdMan.EXE by Third Murderer, thus solidifying Gunther as thread icon:

Be warned of spoilers, ahead.

Croccers followed suit by indulging MissEchelon's fondness for Mr. Progs.

And then suddenly a whole bunch of crazy vectors got kicked off:

Comparison of MS Paint vs. Illustrator by Epee Em:

hhwoot proves how to make a PROPER vector to Epee Em, who had previously tried to make an Anger Impact vector:

And then continues to extrapolate, and unless specified otherwise is the creator of all subsequent vectors:

In hhwoot's own words: "Look at this smug asshole."

And then came the flood of vectors:

hhwoot posted:

Looks like all the pixel sprites with a lot of detail (especially faces) need significant cleaning up to look good.

hhwoot posted:

It's ridiculous how much emotion we perceive from minor differences in the eyes and lips. Makes it so difficult to clean up the stylized vector conversions.

And then came the Return of the MMBN5 LP's Horror Edits in full force:

Our united selves have ascended to the highest echelons of scholastic merit and are considered highly regarded in the scientific fields.

And then this one is clearly to appease the local hilarious art-partner and Mr. Prog fangirl, MissEchelon:

OmegaCake's SmugLan 2.0 avatar from MMBN5 got a similar rehaul:

And then came the BeardMan jokes, along with an inexplicable trend towards Dragonball Z references:

Followed by his antithesis, Majin Regal:

And on the subject of things golden, presumably inspired by grabbing the Dr. Regal mugshot off a mughshot gallery like on Sprites Inc. or something:

Followed by things veering right back into disturbing territory. I think MissEchelon herself was responsible for the original sprite edit this one was based on:

As for the next one, I'll let the goon speak for himself:

hhwoot posted:

Hopefully this redeems me a bit after that last one...

It remains to be seen whether further insanity will follow. Knowing precedent? Probably. Watch them all come up with recipes like in Vietnamese Crystal or something.

20 minutes later edit: Yeah, this did:

Blaziken386 posted:

And now, for future archiving pleasure, (because these definitely need to make it into the fan-art section of the LP) I present to you:
The group shot of all the avatars this thread has produced thus far.

Thanks, Hhwoot! You are the best type of person.

There, one convenient package for you, reader, and you also get to laugh at my misfortune at having individually linked each only for Blaziken386 to do one better almost immediately!

More from hhwoot, following silliness:

And once Giver336 replaced Epee Em as the player and first commentary, the torch was officially passed upon Giver's first sweargasm, Epee Em making this to commemorate:

Jokes about Ecchy's odd tendency to attract strange avatars being set for her prompted her to draw herself one in earnest:

God damn it, Petiso:

By MidniteW, another MegaDudes member on the ChronoX project:

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