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Part 93: PvP: Mash A To Win

It is time. Time for the match up of the century. Yeti, it is time for you to finally...1v1 me. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll gain the title of 'Kingslayer'.

lol nah

'See Library' is that function I mentioned a LONG while ago. We can see our friend's Library and add whatever BattleChips as 'credit' to our own. So, if I don't have Chip #170 and my friend does, it will show up as green text on the Library screen. The game will also count that as actually having the chip! Meaning, if I start a New Game, and I use See Library with someone who collected all the BattleChips, the game thinks that my New Game file will have all the BattleChips in the game and award me the Blue, Orange and Purple star.

Which is pretty nifty, actually. It's one way to get around having to collect everything yourself, I suppose.

Starting from Battle Network 3 and onward, it was possible to trade NaviCust programs. So that was one way of obtaining Style-only programs without grinding over and over! This is also the only way to obtain more Reg+5 parts.

Y'know, if you give a damn about Reg+5 when you can already set FullCust or QuickGauge normally.

NetBattling was pretty diverse in this game, with multiple levels offering multiple types of field. Tri-Battle is of course Best 2 out of 3.

Oh god Blink Animation. How did this happen?

Anyway, 'Tournament' is essentially King of the Hill. You link up and keep fighting until you either lose or complete 69 fights. Then if you lose, that next person becomes King of the Hill, and so on. Naturally, we aren't going to be covering that as I don't exactly have any friends!

...Why 69 fights? It seems... a little random.

Oh and yeah you have no friends.

Something, something, Rockman in Japan sounds like "rokku" which sounds how they say 6 and 9.


Libel and slander. I've taken no part in this tomfoolery.

When you're waiting for the other player to finish selecting chips, the word "Customizing" appears on the top right part of the screen. I don't know why Yeti is taking so long to choose his chips. I'm the one with 120 Base HP.

PlantMan/FlashMan are completely BROKEN. If you run into anyone building a whole folder around these NaviChips, then you auto-lose because you will just get stunlocked to death. And yes, PlantMan automatically destroys all enemy obstacles. Essentially, matches in Battle Network 1-3 PvP revolve around "mash A faster." Since I can mash faster than Yeti, my move goes off first before Yeti's defenses.

Yeti pls ur 2 slow

giver gotta cheat 2 win

Battle Network 3 may seem balanced at times, but it's actually pretty easy to cheap the other player out with little-to-no counterplay. That means you really got-

Fuck off.

Since we're just emulating, and since this game came out before Wireless Receivers became a thing for the GBA, naturally the infrastructure isn't available to support this system. So what you end up with is lag, lag, lag, disconnect. At first, I was planning to show a bunch of competitive matches with the "wizard hax" I'm doing to show you guys PvP, but because of the problems, I can only really show a few parts of it. And naturally shit on Yeti whenever I can.

I will turn this LP around, see if I don't!

One thing you need to realize is that there is a hidden GigaChip only obtainable in PvP! In order to get it, we must be fighting on a "Real" setting which causes our friend to lose a chip. Rank DOES affect the rarity of the chip to some degree. This is the main reason why I'm rocking 120 HP. Here is how the PvP Busting Formula works.

Delete Time:

0.00 ~ 30.00: 10 points
30.01 ~ 45.00: 8 points
45.01 ~ 1.00.00: 6 points
1.00.01+: 4 points

Remaining HP
100%: 3 points
75% to 99%: 2 points
50% to 74%: 1 point
40% to 1% 0

Recovery Use
3 or more: -4 points
2: -2 points
1: -1 point
0: 0

HP Difference
This is just the game calculating the difference between the two player's HP and adding or deducting based on the criteria

400+: -4 points
200 ~ 399: -2 points
100 ~ 190: -1 points
0 ~ 99: 0
100 ~ 190 less: +1 points
200 ~ 390 less: +2 points
400+ less: +4 points.

So yes, going HP this low has a point. I overshot it, but oh well.

An example. Now, this means Yeti just his precious FlamMan V3! You better hope your friend isn't a jerk and trades it back! I don't know why Yeti is complaining, I'm the one with 10 million fucking chips and needs it.

Why yes I did just my precious FlamMan V3.

Also you're a thieving shit

In this GIF, you can kinda see the latency issues I'm talkng about. I had to, uh, do very annoying things to even SHOW this update. This was artificially a lot.

Heavyweight has the more interesting setups, so let's jump here.


We first saw these in the PlantManOmega and FlamMan Omega double fight! When the flag dies, the fight is over, so protect your flag and kill your opponent's! It's worth noting that the flag does not have i-frames, so beware the chip combos!

So every frame that an attack is in its hitbox, the flag takes damage. This, naturally, means that the HP can drop like a stone with certain attacks.

Yeti, you puss. Get out of the way and let me hit your flag.

You're just giving me more and more reasons not to move. Also fuck you.

Annnnd I drew BeastMan. Sorry Yeti! I wish I could go back in time, and use BeastMan's command during Japanese tournaments. And then get kicked out for accusations of cheating.

I wish I could go back in time and punch you in the face or something.

Starting a new match...



Restock: For every turn throughout the match, the game will automatically spawn Guardian obstacles. These function just like the real Guardian statues, but in addition, the game can put more than 3 Guardian statues per side of the field. Your field will get clogged and no one will be able to move. Ever. You'll be forced to hit a statue at some point. Heavyweight only.

While I hate the fucker with a passion, BubbleMan can come in handy. Once.


Oh, you had BubbleMan? PFFFT.

I told you this update was very hard to make.

I'm pretty sure it would have been easier if you typed with both hands

Last match for the day.

Well, the fucker's already in position to get absolutely wrecked by BeastMan, so I just gotta mash A as soon as it starts and -

Motherfucker what is this bullshit

And here we have the final obstacle: infinite Wind/Fan effects. The entire match will consist of the player getting moved around by these effects. Due to latency, Yeti's input was delayed, allowing the wind to push me forward and avoid most of the hits.


But you know what? Making a few matches took a long time and I never did show obtaining the GigaChip!

So let's just say I did. DeltaRay on Blue and Balance on White are your rewards, should you get lucky enough to obtain it in a match. Both players must be in a "Real" match, have obtained the Blue star (acquire all Standards) be on at least Midweight difficulty, and you will have a 1/32 shot of getting the chip. That's a 3.13% chance of getting the GigaChip. No. Suck my dick, game.

You've been doing that enough yourself, no need for the game to do it

Anyway, we've already seen Balance in action, thanks to Giver's little prank when he first took over. It's pretty self-explanatory - both players lose half of their own health, rounded towards whatever direction the game feels like in that nanosecond (it's down. It's always down.)

Balance you've seen in previous updates, so here's DeltaRay. You press A 2 additional times to get 2 additional slashes. In this game specifically, you will have to time A exactly when the slash happens to get to the next press. 660 possible damage. The below grid outlines how many hits you can make with it.


Eh. You aren't required to obtain these GigaChips for 100% the English version.

Oh right, we never really saw these. Well, we can fix that!

Rush activates when your opponent uses Invis, Shadow, or Mole. The chip is canceled and you are paralyzed for a short duration. Activates once per match.

If your opponent tries to use a Mega or GigaChip, Beat comes in and takes your chip away. Now no-one gets to use it. Activates once per match.

The game equivalent of 'I'm taking the ball and going home.

When you get down to low HP, Tango the monkey cat swoops down and heals you for 30% of your HP, and gives you a free Barrier100. Activates once per match.

The shitty thing about these? You can only have one of these 3 equipped in your NaviCust. I don't mean one of each type, I mean one of these three. This is thankfully rectified in the later games.

Of them all, Beat is probably the least useful. Giver already showed us how to handle timestop chips, remember the half-damage mechanic?

Battle Network 3 PvP, everyone.