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Original Thread: FUCK THIS STUPID POWER PLANT! Let's Play MegaMan Battle Network 1.



Let's Play the rest of the MegaMan Battle Network series! Given that it's only been a month or two since my MMBN megathread concluded, most of you will already be familiar with the setting and tone of the series.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Welcome to MegaMan Battle Network! It's the red-headed stepchild of the MegaMan franchise, I rarely hear positive things about it from most MegaMan fans. A good example would be that it gets mentioned a few times in the MegaMan Legends LPs, and is given an extremely negative response. (In between the comments lusting for Roll.)

I feel this series is sorely underrated. It's an RPG series, so the gameplay is vastly different from any of the other series except for StarForce, the sequel series. I won't comment on it much, but it'll come up later. Anyway, let's break up the MMBN games into two parts to consider, the gameplay and the story.

The gameplay isn't your typical RPG. While the "menus, overworld, and random encounters punctuated with cutscenes" format applies, the battle system is where the series truly shines. Unlike most RPGs, battles are fully interactive and make use of the unique and fast-paced BattleChip system, which I will explain as the game itself does so.

The story is...unique. You know how Resident Evil games feature completely nonsensical backwards-science that rarely if ever resembles anything logical let alone sane? Imagine that in a Science Fiction setting based on computers. I refer to this as "Capcom Science", because it shows up all over the place. Combine this with extremely unlikable NPC "friends" who need to be saved from peril absurdly often. Add a moron protagonist and stir. The writing for these games is frequently idiotic, and the game's very first scenario sets the tone far into the range of silliness. So to put it in shorter terms, the writing is completely ridiculous and taking it seriously is a poor idea. Then again, who ever played a MegaMan game for the story?

Anyway, this is where it all began, MegaMan Battle Network 1. I made a megathread featuring games 2-6, i.e., the rest of the series, but poor choice in image hosts led to games 2 and 3 being lost forever. So here we go with MMBN1, and once I've completed this game, I'll be moving on to MMBN2 and 3 again to round out the archives.

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