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Part 15: Dreck.

A text adventure given MS Paint graphics, eh? Sounds like a plan, preferably for a short game so the joke doesn't get old, but first things first.

The next day, it's time for the literal endgame. Yuuichiro's found the base.

Problem is, there doesn't seem to be a way to get there. Helicopters don't exist until MMBN4. Getting there on foot is out of the question because it would take too long.

There has to be some way to get there, because how would people like Mr. Match, Count Zap, etc. get to DenCity otherwise?

Pressing L nets you the hint to go ask Higsby.

Wily, in stereotypical villain form, has begun broadcasting himself on TV. His plan is to load the LifeVirus onto a rocket and launch it up to the country's military satellites to gain control of them. As opposed to setting the LifeVirus loose on the internet, or trying to gain control of the satellites from the ground, or any other much simpler idea.

EndGame, endgame, same thing. We're almost up to the final area.

Checking the store, Higsby is gone but the counter has a WWW Pass on it.

It seems that WWW has its own train car or something. Pretty snazzy.

Talking to the Metroline staff reveals that they (obviously) don't accept any sort of WWW Pass, nor do they have anything to do with http://www. However, this guy mentions that another conductor told him that he occasionally hears the sound of another car even though he's the only one on the line. Suspicious.

Even more suspicious, entering the ACDC School front lot triggers the sound of a whooshing train car!

The mystery is afoot, the door is ajar!

Remember way back when we first arrived here and I checked this statue before? It said something to the effect of "This statue was donated to the school by a mysterious organization". Surprise, that was http://www.

For better or worse, Mayl spots us at work.

The pass is expired. As usual, when brute force doesn't work, Yuuichiro is the guy to ask.

By the way, for the rest of the game Chaud will be standing here in ACDC Town waiting to battle us. I'm going to be taking advantage of this once I've beaten the game, this is the encounter that romhackers use to create crazy fights.

And that's that.

Once Lan boards the Metroline back to ACDC town, however, Yuuichiro gets a phone call from Haruka.

Lan and MegaMan will be fine, geeze. It's just the ultimate computer virus ever created.

This phrase implies a few things. Given my knowledge of the rest of the games, this could actually refer to events in the backstory of MMBN3. Has some sort of cyber apocalypse happened before or something? Oooor it could just be referring to an event we'll learn about next update.

A lab technician interrupts with news confirming the identity of the LifeVirus.

Show a little faith will ya?! And who's Hub anyway?

Wily, of course, has a skull fortress and you're a moron if you thought he'd settle for anything less!

Upon entering, Lan finds out where Higsby, as well as Ms. Yuri and Nameless Old Guy went.

Freeing them is easy enough, but the real trek through the base has just begun.

All the doors of the WWW Base are electronically locked, so...

Final dungeon time!

Well, this looks familiar.

He coughs up the IceBlock. Yes, the final areas for the WWW base are all remixed versions of the dungeons we've encountered throughout the game. Take the same gimmicks as before, stir them up a bit, and serve.

However, they all have a "twist" that recurs in every game in the series.

Our useless "friends" showing up to justify their existence.

Even Lan is unenthusiastic to learn of this.

Glyde shows up, raises his arms, and the flames just sort of vanish. Get used to Glyde always getting shafted in these segments, he's so useless that he was never given any abilities unique to himself.

Scratch one lock program.

The second door is the School computer rehashed. None of the locks have hints, so it's just a bunch of "codebreaking" to slog through.

Higsby's turn to help out, though at least NumberMan is justified in getting rid of a particularly complex password door.

'Atta boy.

Wily and Yahoot have noticed us by this point, so Wily sends Yahoot out to deal with us. We'll see him next update.

Once again, Wily seems to have a particular grudge against a certain family.

Why yes, this is a very dull and uninspired final dungeon set. The music is pretty dull as well. Thankfully, MMBN2 starts the trend of the final dungeons being entirely new content with awesome music, so this game is the only one to suffer from having a mediocre last dungeon.

I like how shoehorned the justification for Dex and GutsMan was. You can just picture the writers scratching their heads at their desks. "Uh, how do we get GutsMan to help?" "Uh." "Um." "He's...there's...oh! Put a rock in the way!"

The fact that MegaMan shot one of an identical boulder apart after beating StoneMan is something they don't want you to think about.

We get an email after that detailing the LifeVirus, which basically says "weakness unknown." However, this aside note about someone copying the LifeVirus defense program is foreshadowing for a certain someone, and the exact nature of what happened isn't going to be clear until MMBN3.

Well, here's the room where Wily ranted at the other WWW in the cutscenes, but the way forward is off to the left. Next time, prepare for an imminent invasion of backstory and exposition, so I'm cutting things here.