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by Simply Simon

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Original Thread: Mega Man IV - All You Need Is Effort




I love this game. I can say without a doubt that it is my absolute favourite 8-bit Mega Man. You will hear me gush about it more at great lengths while watching this LP. The amount of love the developers poured into this little Game Boy title is staggering, and will still be surpassed by its successor, actually. I still think this one is more fun to play, so it gets my vote. Of course, I will still try to remain fairly neutral in my presentation and not spare little mistakes it might make; they are very few and far between, however. Tertium was fine. Quartum is great. Everybody should play this, even if you have never touched a Mega Man before. It's easy to pick up and play, hard to get frustrated by it, and fun through and through.



The soundtrack is great, what would you expect? As always, big thanks to Bean for uploading the tracks!

Fan stuff

As always, a shout-out to Bean for uploading all the music and for his great LP of the Game Boy series, which for example told me the upgraded Buster trick I demonstrate in the Intermission video. If you want to give his take a watch, the Playlist is here.

Like for some of the other GB games, Trizophenie tries to kill this game's bosses with as little effort as possible.

Toad Man
Ring Man (jumpless)
Bright Man

Janderbuilt also makes some neat boss videos:

Ring Man (pattern-locked)
Napalm Man (no shots fired, no damage taken )
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