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Original Thread: Mega Man Network Transmission: Chips and platforms, what could go wrong?



Mega Man Network Transmission is a spinoff of Capcom's Battle Network series. Battle Network isn't a favorite among most Mega Man fans as it is an RPG series rather than a platforming series. So, in a possible attempt to satisfy both parties Capcom created Network Transmission, which is a platformer but has elements from Battle Network - chips, viruses, science, all that fun stuff. Since it's a platformer you don't really need to worry about the plot if you aren't already familiar with Battle Network, and Battle Network's plot is poor anyways, so who cares!

The result is...less than amazing. While I do enjoy Network Transmission for what it is, it is most definitely not the next generation of game design - this game makes more mistakes than I can count, the buster is useless, boss battles are claustrophobic, and the game reuses the worst elements of the classic Mega Man games, in typical Capcom fashion. In other words, it's slightly better than X6, but not by much. The way the game fucks up is certainly worth seeing somehow, so it's kind of surprising to me that LPs of it don't tend to get far off the ground - so hopefully I'll break the trend!

In this Let's Play I will be joined by Simply Simon, who has done many LPs of the classic games. He has not played most of Network Transmission yet, so this'll be interesting for both of us to go through. I just hope Simon doesn't hurt himself by attempting to collect all the chips...gulp.

In addition to the main videos showing the stages, I will also, in separate videos, go into detail about the bosses and strategies for dealing with them. In the main videos the boss fights don't usually last longer than a few seconds (win or lose, in fact) so this is done to show attacks the bosses didn't pull off or a strategy I didn't have the chance to show due to a bad chip draw. Yes, the game is rather luck-based in regard to chip draws during boss fights, why do you ask?


Fire Man Stage
Fire Man examined in detail
Guts Man Stage
Guts Man examined in detail
Quick Man Stage
Quick Man examined in detail
Ice Man Stage
Ice Man examined in detail
Needle Man Stage
Needle Man examined in detail
Bright Man Stage
Bright Man examined in detail
Color Man Stage
Color Man examined in detail
Elec Man Stage
Elec Man examined in detail
Sword Man stage
Sword Man examined in detail
Gravity Man Stage
Gravity Man examined in detail
Star Man Stage
Star Man examined in detail
Zero Account
Zero and Protoman boss fights
Shadow Man Stage
Shadow Man examined in detail
Pharoah Man Stage
Pharoah Man examined in detail
Life Virus R
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