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by BlitzBlast

Part 4: Breaking News: Luna Is Kind Of A Jerk

Music: Shooting Star (v2)

It's been ten days since Dark Phantom's attack, and summer vacation's started. Geo's oddly glum about it though.

I can't stop thinking about something that Hyde guy said.

The guy who said there'd be "more opportunities to spread fear", right?

Mega admits that it was a really weird event, so it's only natural for Geo to dwell on it. But...

You'd think a burn like that would get some interesting (and possibly character developing!) conversation going,

But Luna interrupts with a phone call.

Sitting around all day is no way to spend our summer vacation, so I've decided that we are all going on a trip.

Geo tries to protest, but Luna pushes him into agreeing. Once he does, she orders him to come to her house so the whole group can make plans together.

Oh, one more thing. Your handle for your Star Carrier... You chose BlitzBlast, right? That's a cute name for you.

I was so tempted to change that into something silly.

Wh-What? How did...

Because we're Brothers, silly. Brothers can read each others' My Pages.

Luna adds that for some reason she can't view Geo's Secret.

I... that's the entire point of BBs.

Geo asks if it's really a problem that his Secret's a secret. Luna hastily responds that she's not interested in Geo's Secret, it's just proper etiquette for Brothers to share Secrets.

This is good enough for Geo. Luna asks if his Star Carrier's OS is the latest version, and when Geo has no idea what she means she figures that's a yes.

It shouldn't be enough to make one of the core features malfunction though. That'd be like not being able to call someone just because their phone was a couple versions old.

So now Geo has to update his Star Carrier. Gee, I wonder if he knows any experts?

But before Geo can leave the room, some e-mail comes in.


It's been ten days. This is the slowest Hertz ever.


This is supposed to be the point where I learn about Ability Waves. I've explained how they work already, but the Hertz has some interesting backstory. Turns out that after SF1, the Leo, Pegasus, and Dragon satellites vanished, the Hertz had to find some other way to protect themselves. So they came up with Ability Waves.

Problem with this: the SF1 satellites were never stated to be protecting Hertzes AFAIK. What they were doing was regulating EM Terminals like the Star Carrier's predecessor, so their sudden disappearance should have caused a mass panic. But it didn't because the writers did not think this out at all.

The Hertz's final words are a plea to help any other Hertzes in distress I run across. From now on, I'll occasionally see Hertzes in battle.

As long as I don't destroy them, they'll give me a free ability after the battle.

In any case, as you may have guessed from the first few images I'll be changing Tribes to Thunder Zerker for this scenario.

Zerker's primary ability is the Train Combo. By holding A, I can slowly charge up all of the attack cards I'm holding. Once I've charged all of them (or just the ones I want to use), I can release A to have MegaMan use them all in rapid succession. What's the benefit of doing this? Absolutely nothing. There is no difference between a Train Combo and just mashing A. The ability does have a use, but it's a very niche one and not accessible right now.

Zerker's real strength is its passive abilities. Aside from boosting Elec card damage by 20, it lets me select cards in horizontal rows while in the custom screen. This means that at the very minimum I can select one more card per turn, though due to white cards I'll more likely be able to consistently select 4-5. This speeds up how fast I burn through my folder, making it easier to get all of the components of any given combo/draw that one Giga card I need.

Zerker's charge shot is the Thunder Slash, which paralyzes its target. Slow charge though.

Lastly, its Big Bang is the mighty Thunder Bolt Blade. This is the only SF2 super move that shows up in SF3, so presumably Zerker version is the canonical one.

Moving on, there are now a few Requests available. Every NPC with a Star Carrier will eventually have a request, and finishing them all is required for 100% completion.

Requests are basically Geo and Mega reading up on any given NPC's worries or fears, deciding to do something about it,

You're kinder than I am. Alright, let's go talk to him.

then confronting them about it in broad daylight like an asshole.

Then just do whatever it is they want,

and you're done.

Requests are usually really easy, the only problem is that there are a lot of them and you can only do one at a time. For the most part, I'll be doing these off-screen.

There's something special about this dog house. But before I investigate, let me just check my mail.

At present, when attempting to access external data using a Star Carrier, you may encounter some strange data. It seems to be some kind of antiquated text, and as it may have been corrupted by a virus, you are advised to be extremely cautious.

You can only get this message if you start the game with a MegaMan Battle Network game inside the GBA slot. That prequisite should be a big hint as to the nature of this sidequest.

Now, with that e-mail in hand I can go inside the Dog House and...

find absolutely nothing. Whoops.

I'm actually supposed to go here. Sorry about that, I was thinking of SF1's Battle Network sidequest.

Right next to the warp is a box. Checking it triggers a virus battle with a bunch of Giant viruses.

Victory earns me this.

Today was ACDC Elementary School's class reunion. It's been quite a while since I graduated... Time really goes by so fast.

who could this mysterious man be

Dex, who I haven't seen for awhile, has been elected mayor. He has really grown into a fine young man. And I hear Yai is the president of her father's company; traveling around the world.

They both have made their own marks and now it's my turn. I'm gonna become a great scientist and help all of humanity!

Returning to the plot, Aaron fixes Geo's Star Carrier in a second.

He also gives an awesome gift!

Whenever I select a Blank Card, I'm given the option to input a Wave Command.

Inputting a valid code will change the Blank Card into an actual card. While it may have blue text, there's nothing different about this Aqua +30. It's a regular Standard card, and if I so wanted to I could put three in a folder. And I can actually do that; there are 10 Blank Cards spread out across the game world.

But let's cut to the chase. Blank Cards are idiotically overpowered because

they can turn into any Mega/Giga card.

Including stuff from SF1! This is particularly broken because SF1's Satellite Admin Giga cards are infamous for being overpowered enough to nuke 99% of all random encounters in a second.

In addition, there are a decent amount of Standard cards that can only be accessed through Blank cards. A good chunk of these are also very powerful, though not to the extent of the Giga cards.

Before I go to Luna's house, I'd like to point your eyes to this guy. His request is rather special.

Ooh! The "Bitter Life Journal"! How pleasant.

Ere writes that ever since he picked up something, everybody's been avoiding him.

As a nice touch, Geo does has some trouble talking to Ere. But if I don't bring up the Star Carrier, Geo's perfectly fine with chatting soooo.

All Ere will say about the thing he found was that he hid it somewhere in the plaza.

It's here. And it's guarded by viruses.

Victory earns me the first Indie Fragment. Geo and Mega try their best to destroy it, but it's surprisingly durable.

We have no choice by to take it with us.

Indie Frags are interesting. There are six total,

One for each Brother slot. If I replace all of them, MegaMan will transform into a powerful alternate form. That's all I'll say about the matter for now though, since I haven't even finished going over the normal forms.

Okay, off to Luna's house.

Turns out Luna has already decided where the group's going: Grizzly Peak, a ski resort. Bud's incredibly pumped for it since the resort there is the home of the world-famous Foodtopia.

Um, guys? I've never been skiing in my life.

Luna doesn't care.

The Zackpedia says there have been some sightings of UMAs at Grizzly Peak.

What's a UMA?

A UMA is an Unidentifed Mysterious Animal.

That's the same word twice.

Zac wonders if there's a connection between the UMAs at IFL Tower (the ghosts) and this snowman.

Despite that being a tenuous theory at best, it convinces Geo into coming. Now he just has to ask his mother if it's okay.

But first, let me just steal Luna's wallpaper.


Mega, no!

...I'm sensing a minute amount of EM radiation.

Let's come back later and investigate.

The joys of stock dialogue.

Sounds nice. Sure, you can go.


However, you have to finish all your homework first!

Geo gets right on it, but for some reason his computer isn't working.

To fix the problem, I just have to examine the computer, revealing its ES in the process. This is the tutorial on activating ES spaces.

It's no good...

So naturally the computer still doesn't work. Geo has to pulse in and do some manual debugging before he finally gets his assignment.

All done with that! Whew! Now I can finally get to bed.

Mezza, mezza, zzz...

Good to know?

The next day, Bud's almost late to the meeting again.

Being on time was more an accident than on purpose though, right?

Zack theorizes it was because Bud skipped breakfast in his haste to go to Foodtopia. He's right on the dime, as Bud sheepishly explains his breakfast usually takes an hour.

The conversation's making Geo hungry, so he decides to join Bud. This causes Luna to remind them all that the group's going there to ski.

Music: Grizzly Peaks

Our first view of Grizzly Peak is some doofus skiing.

Then the bus the group is on comes in.

This is a dream! We have real snow in the middle of summer!

This is the first time Geo's seen snow,

and it looks like he likes what he sees.

But before the group can do anything, they need to check in at the hotel first.

Do you know how to check in?

Beats me.

I wasn't asking you, Bud. I was asking Zack. Well, Zack?

Um... Um... The Zackpedia says... You tell the clerk at the front desk you have a reservation and give them your name.

Zack's too afraid to do it, so guess who the job falls to.

If you'd like to have a look around the resort, I'd be happy to notify you by mail as soon as I'm free...

Time to talk to everyone. Let's start with the crowd at the front desk.

A big hunk of snow just fell out of the sky... That was scary.

I can't let my daughter play around at such a dangerous ski resort!

Who's in charge of safety around here? I'm leaving!

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I got hurt in that snowslide.

This guy gives a free HP Memory 10.

And there's another one out here.

Both Bob and Geo are surprised to see each other.

(I never know what to say to him.)

(Yeah, and he tried to find out MegaMan's secret identity.)

Bob's role in SF1 was as your standard interfering cop. See how he dislikes baseballs? That's because in the prequel Geo had to nail him with one to knock him out.

Anyhow, Bob's here to investigate the UMA sightings. There are actually a couple giant footprints around, so the police force is interested.

They think things are going to get worse here, dangerous even.

A fun thing to note is that as an EM being, MegaMan can just walk up these slopes.

The check-in goes well, and the group gets a key to a standard room.

Then this guy comes in. Mr. Gelande is the owner of the hotel, and when he hears that Geo and co. had to wait around for a bit

Upgrade their room to the suite.

he decides to make up for it.

The employee brings up that the suite is only for people who can be trusted (AKA have high LP), but Mr. Gelande says it's alright.

Not like there are any other guests anyways. Thanks to the UMA rumors and a couple snowslides, Grizzly Peak is in a bit of financial trouble.

Then this ass struts in. His name is Rich Dotcom, and he wants to buy Grizzly Peak. Mr. Gelande's having nothing of it, since Rich is well-known for being ruthless,

but he might not have a choice at this rate.

Rich figures he's done all he can today, and asks for the suite.

I'm sorry, but these children have the suite.

What? You're giving the suite to some kids!? Here's some money for candy. Now switch rooms with me, will ya?

How rude! Just because we're kids doesn't mean we can be bought!

Rich laughs that he was kidding, warns Mr. Gelande he'll be back, then leaves the way he came.

Still angry, Luna volunteers to look into the strange incidents so Mr. Gelande won't have to sell the hotel.

Thank you, but I could never ask you to do something so dangerous.

Don't worry, sir! Geo here is kind of a hero. Our protector if you will.

Secret identity you idiots.

Mr. Gelande eventually agrees to let them help, but only if they promise to be very careful. This is fine with Luna, who decides that now's a good time to check out the suite.

But first, this screen.

This hotel is wonderful. I hope you have a relaxing stay! Catch you later!

Thanks Zizit.

For some reason the door isn't opening. Well, I say "some reason" but


the game isn't very subtle about who's responsible.

Since the staff's already busy, it's up to MegaMan to save the day.

After Geo busts the door open, he calls the others in. They quickly realize how he got in without them,

So why are you back to being Geo now? You should always be MegaMan!

and Luna's being a jerk about it as usual.

With that over with, the group look around in awe at the room. Likewise, the room's looking at them. Almost half the furniture are Matter Waves.

Including the concierge. Bud asks if that's something he can eat, because Bud.

Now that they're in the suite, the investigation starts with all haste. Luna denies Bud's request and sends Geo to do it instead.

And be warned. Don't let me find out you shirked your duty to stop and eat.

Luna, Bud, and Zack leave, and just as they do Mr. Moustache comes to life again.

Turns out the hotel provides free ski sets to people above 20 LP.

The beds on the bottom-left hold a HP Memory 10.

I wasn't kidding when I said the room was filled with Matter Waves. This seems excessive.

Anyways, once Geo gets to Foodtopia he gets an anonymous call. The caller knows that Geo's investigating the snowman, and also brings up that he was the one who locked Geo out of his room.

Or rather, meet me at the fountain's ES. (Hee-hee!)

Geo and Mega are suspicious, but they don't have any other options. Mega's also confident that even if it is a trap, as MegaMan they're strong enough to force their way through.

I get it, I get it, they're evil. Sheesh.

Sorry Bob, the plot won't let me.

Even though the caller asked to meet at the ES, the next cutscene only triggers if you go in between the fountains in the real world.

??: Look out! Run!!


??: Just do it!

Geo and Mega realize that this must have been the caller's trap,

and the person who warned him reveals herself.

Geo recognizes her as Amy Gelande, a famous skiing star. Odd knowledge for someone who's never seen snow before to have.

Or maybe skiing's just really popular in the future. Bud and Zack run over, just as starstruck as Geo.

Huh huh huh... Your my biggest fan!

Bud's so stunned he even flubs up his words.

Amy's here to practice for an upcoming tournament, but all of the incidents have been getting in the way. Zack swears he'll do everything he can to help,


and Luna's had enough of being ignored.

Prez! What's wrong?

You're what's wrong, Geo! Aren't you supposed to be investigating the snowslides in Foodtopia? Instead I find you here asking some girl to go on a date!

Prez, he wasn't asking for a date. He was just talking with her.

Stay out of this, Bud! I wanna know why he's asking girls on dates!

Luna goes off on a tirade, and not once does Geo just play the phone call from earlier.

Luna eventually gets so pissed she stalks off.

Did I do something wrong?

No, it wasn't you. Once Prez gets going on something, there's no stopping her.

Geo then changes the conversation to the huge snowball. Amy theorizes it to be the work of the Abominable Snowman.

Then I saw him, the Abominable Snowman. But then he vanished and I thought I was just seeing things.

That information's all Geo needs to realize he's dealing with another EM Being.

And a quick scan of the snowball's waves confirms the theory.

Someone should do something... I should do something.

Geo tells the others that staying outside is dangerous, and to leave things to him. Amy's not too sure what's going on, but when Geo assures her he has it covered she decides to trust him.

There are three of these things around the entire hotel, and I have to destroy all of them.

Zack helpfully sends an e-mail with the location of the other two.

Unfortunately, just like the mall's elevator MegaMan can't get through these automatic doors.

Good thing there's an alternate route. That door you see is a 150 LP gate, and behind it is a PlasmaGun1 *3.

Also in Foodtopia is this statue. Inside is another piece of old data, this time from July XXth.

ACDC Elementary is about to be renovated. They're going to make it a lot more high-tech. I am a little sad to see the old buildings go.

Oh, that reminds me. Higsby's is another place I'm gonna miss. It's not that they're closing, it just looks like they're moving to a new location. They say that the new place'll be 10 stories tall, and they're gonna call it "Higsby's Chip Emporium". I definitely have to attend the opening ceremony!

Once all the snow is gone, Zack will send another e-mail telling Geo to come to the lobby.

When Geo gets there though, all he finds is this jerk. Meet this game's rival character.


You don't belong here.


If you care about your well-being, you'll stop goofing around in the Wave World, and leave this place now!

He's a dick,

What are you talking about?

!!! Be careful, kid! This guy's EM aura is off the charts!

~super powerful~,


spams ellipses,

Who does this guy think he is?

and breaks the setting's pre-established rules. Aren't you already so excited to be seeing this guy across the game?

Grr! Who the heck are you!?

Geo wonders if the stranger is the one behind the hotel's problems, but the guy interrupts his thoughts to deny this.

I have no interest in this hotel. But your presence here is an interference. So, move it!

Geo backs off, and the stranger leaves. Mega can't believe he could see EM beings without a Visualizer, while Geo notes he looked to be the same age as him.

Any further pondering as to what just happened is interrupted by the clown squad. Bud and Zack run up, congratulate Geo, swear vengeance on Rich, etc.

Also Bud has a crush.

Then Mr. Gelande walks up and asks how Geo took care of the snowballs.

Ask Geo.

B-Bud! Shh!

?? OK, well... thanks!

Mr. Gelato is glad to say he can reopen the ski resort now, and to celebrate there'll be an event at Foodtopia: an eating contest!

Bud signs up immediately.

Mr. Gelande then changes the subject to Amy, who, if the last names didn't tip you off, is his daughter. He wants to thank the boys for making friends with Amy, then adds that Amy said she'd be watching the contest.

Aaaah!! This is my chance! I'll be there, Mr. Gelande!

Mr. Gelande laughs at Bud's exuberance, then heads off. Bud's overjoyed at having a chance to impress Amy, and Zack figures they should all go to Foodtopia to prepare.

Sure, but shouldn't we check on Prez first?

Geo's the only one without his head in the clouds. Zack warns him that Luna's probably still angry, but Geo decides he wants to go anyways.

He gets screamed at for his efforts.


Grizzly Peak concept art

Early design ideas for Thunder Zerker.

Rough draft of Thunder Zerker.

Thunder Zerker official art.