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Part 7: Rogue Is A Dumb Character I

Going to start off by saying I edited the last update. I sat and thought about it for a bit, and now I think I understand what's going on with Mu and the three Tribes.

Geo's not very pleased with Mega's gluttony.

I didn't do it on purpose. It just kinda flew into my mouth.

Spit it out then!

At this point Harp Note asks if something's wrong. Geo sighs in response.

And while he's trying to think of what to say, his body is engulfed by an aura.

You see... Mega ate the OOPArt.


Something the matter?

N-No, nothing really.

(Am I seeing things?)

Then Gredy comes over, because guess what we're in the Visible Zone again. Geo's as tongue-tied as ever, so Sonia takes up the slack and proudly introduces him as the one who saved the day.


(Well, it's true, isn't it?)

Thank you so much! You really are a hero!

A h-hero? No, I'm just like everyone else...

Too embarassed to say anymore, Geo runs away. Harp Note chases after him,

and Gredy finally notices the OOPArt's gone.

While he does his normal freak-out, Solo warps in.


Cut to outside. Sonia tells Geo not to sweat the small stuff; sure things got chaotic at the end, but the rest of the date was great.

Aaagh! I just noticed the time!

Guess we gotta go...

Time flies when you're having fun I guess. And spending time with you is always fun, Geo!


I'm... I'm nobody special.

I guess Geo wouldn't be a good superhero if he didn't have self-esteem issues.

Sonia reminds Geo that she really appreciates what he said to her back in SF1.

And not just that... Knowing you're around is also a comfort to me! That's why...

......It makes me happy to hear you say that!

Unlike the three stooges, Sonia doesn't wait for Geo to rescue her before reforming her BB.

And if that wasn't enough, Sonia hands over a spare Folder too.

Oh, one more thing. I haven't seen your friends in a long time. I'd like to see them.

Sure. Prez and all of them will be happy to see you again, too.

Poor Bud and Zack. They're just "them".

Sonia schedules the meeting for tomorrow, and with that I regain control.

And the first thing I do is change my Star Carrier's wallpaper to Amy's, because I'm sick of seeing Luna everywhere.

Bob rushed over here to investigate the incident MegaMan just resolved. He's a little put-off that he was too late, but he decides to fill Geo in on some details anyways.

The call from HQ said there were all these strange black holes appearing out of nowhere. Then all the displays started disappearing one by one. Like they were spirited away or something.

Spirited away?

Was a nice film.

Yeah, like something supernatural was involved. That's what they used to say about people who vanished without a trace, long ago.

Recently we've had ghosts and the Abominable Snowman... Lots of unbelievable strangeness if you ask me. This is just a hunch... But I believe all these strange incidents are tied together somehow.

Afterwards, Geo gets an e-mail. A nearby Hertz is randomly overheating, and its desperate for relief.

When MegaMan gets to the scene, the Hertz explains that while it was watching two people enjoy themselves, he suddenly started to feel hot.

So the cause of his feeling hot was you and Sonia.

You must be joking?

Whatever the reason, the Hertz needs relief. More specifically, a ColdBody, a special kind of Ability that lets Hertzes work better in refrigerated environments. Seeing how it also cools hot things down, it's apparently the Varia Suit from Metroid.

They can be bought inside here.

The binoculars also hold more old text data. This one dates back to March XXth.

I went to the airport to meet Chaud, who's back from a while overseas. Apparently, he's back because the government wants to recognize his service as an International Official NetBattler by presenting him with an award.

But even so, he didn't show any signs of joy, saying, "...Hmph, I didn't do it for the glory. So, I'm not particularly thrilled to be receiving this."

It seems like that detached side of him hasn't changed a bit.

This is the ColdBody supplier, and he's not about to just hand over his wares to any random mook. But luckily for Geo, his BB with Sonia pushed his LP high enough that the merchant decides he's worth trusting.

A quick jog back, and the day is saved. The Hertz is very thankful,

and now lucid enough to recognize his savior. Turns out MegaMan's famous in both the real and wave worlds.

As an aside, if you go back to the IFL Tower after beating Dark Phantom, all of the Hertzes there will recognize and praise MegaMan. It's a nice touch, and I'm not sure what was wrong with just leaving things like that instead of throwing in this scene and hammering the knowledge into the player's heads.

There's nothing left to do today, so off to bed.


Give me... your... body.

Instead of ominous chatter, tonight Geo's having ominous dreams.


M-Mega? You OK?

Geo fumbles around for his Visualizer.


The aura almost immediately fades, and Mega reassures Geo he's fine.

What happened to you?

I thought I heard some voice. And then my body started to feel hot.

Time to get another ColdBody!

A voice? I heard it too! What in the world was it?

And then the scene just ends.

Oh, looks like tonight's a two-for-one.

Hyde's concerned with something, and Vega assumes it's about the OOPArt. She assures him that Solo is more than powerful enough to do the job.

What concerns me is another matter entirely. Solo is working with us, but he has not joined our cause.

Why isn't he brothers with me?

And, as you said, he is powerful. So why does he listen to you?

I see you are still not aware of something. Namely, Solo's goal.

His goal?

It is a happy chance that my goal and his goal are the same.

Oh yay, interrupted exposition.

Yes, he dreams of being able to one day do that. He is actually quite obsessed with it. And his obsession repels others, to the point where he can't even think of not working alone.

Wait, so he's working with you because he wants to achieve his goal. His goal that he is so obsessed with that he refuses to work with anyone.


For once I agree with Hyde.

Hyde still doesn't trust Solo, so Vega tells him to just shut up and watch.

He will do as we say until he has accomplished his goal. Solo... Bring that OOPArt to me!

Geo's watching himself on TV again.


We're the greatest.

How embarassing.

That's a pretty good abridgment of the last conversation about this.

Mega can tell that, despite his grumbling, Geo's enjoying being the hero. Then he reminds Geo about his promise to Sonia.

Not that Geo needed the help.

When Geo gets to the park, instead of his friends he finds Solo. Who is in the process of attempting to shake Ken down for details about MegaMan.

Why does he have to do this, when he saw Geo back at Grizzly Peak?


Like I said, I don't know, dude.

Tell me how I can find him.

Beats me... He comes and helps people who are in a tight spot.

Is that so?

Solo strolls off with obviously evil intentions.

Mega assumes he's just another fan though. Why does he do this, when he saw Solo back at Grizzly Peak?


If only he knew how close he was to MegaMan.

I've seen him before somewhere...

Geo, who is thankfully not a complete idiot, recognizes Solo.

He bumped into me at the hotel.

Unfortunately he's dumb enough to completely forget about the details of the meeting.

You're right, kid... Why would he be looking for MegaMan?

Don't know...

A couple minutes later, and the party's all here. Bud starts gushing about Sonia, and Zack snarks that he's already forgotten about Amy. Then he starts gushing too.

Luna is, once again, not happy about her goons' lack of devotion.

It's been awhile since we've seen you around here. I guess you've been busy getting your singing career back on track.

Yeah... But I think it's also good to get out every now and then. I need to get out and meet people sometimes. And inhaling the fresh air outdoors helps me think of good lyrics.

Off on a tangent, Sonia nonchalantly mentions that she went to Wilshire Hills yesterday. With Geo.

Luna freaks.

Is this true, Geo!?

I guess...

That's not fair!

Yeah, you should've asked us to come!


An odd sound interrupts the conversation.

It's the sound of magical black holes.

And they're all over the town.

While Geo and Sonia know what's going on, the other three have no clue at all.

They aren't more UMAs, are they?

We probably shouldn't stick around here!

I love how they're already used to this.

Geo is badgered by the entire group to transform, and eventually he caves in.

(You trying to be tough, kid?)

(Everyone expects me to do something... They'll be disappointed if I let them down.)

(Yeah, it's tough being a hero, kid.)

Watch out Mega, whiplash like that must really hurt.

Sonia offers to help out too, but Geo's confident. Or just doesn't want to disappoint Luna by not doing things alone.

By the way, before I save the day I think now's a good time to check on what Geo's friends think of him.

Yeah, what's to worry about? We got MegaMan on our side!

MegaMan can do anything!

We'll be fine! We've got a powerful friend to back us up!

These three are treating Geo like a cartoon superhero,

Everyone thinks the world of MegaMan. Don't be embarassed.

while Sonia understands Geo's feelings about the matter, even if she wants him to transform too.

As soon as Geo pulses in, he and Mega start to look around for the source of the black holes. They aren't very hard to find, what with the whole "being a giant purple eyeball" thing.

Before he can chase after them, though, the odd voice from his dream last night stops him.

What the... Unn!


M-My body... hurts!! Owww!!

And just like that, the aura fades away. Geo has no idea what the hell just happened, but its left him completely exhausted.

Ahh! I know what's happening. It's the OOPArt. It's going nuts in my stomach. It feels like I'm gonna explode.

You shouldn't have swallowed it!

And how exactly was that my fault?

Geo sighs that now isn't the time to argue about this. Restoring Echo Ridge should take priority.

The same minigame from last time is in effect, and these things are still here. What is not here, however, are those civilians.

This makes them not being on the overworld either look really silly.

While I'm talking about silly things, note that MegaMan can take these things out in one shot of the Megabuster.

After all three eyes are destroyed, all of the NPCs magically reappear.

But I wonder... What in the world were those black holes?

Beats me. Bob Copper said something about a "Kamikakushi" device...

What? No he didn't.

Raitzeno posted:

Technically he did. This is a pretty egregious translation goof. Kamikakushi is the japanese version of the phrase 'spirited away', which Copper said, in English, a few seconds ago. Why they got one properly converted and merely transliterated the other, I have no idea.


The screen starts to shake.


Wh-What the...? The air feels charged.

The shaking intensifies.

I know. Something bad is about to happen.

A gigantic hole appears in the sky, and shoots a huge laser at MegaMan. I thought I took a picture of that, but apparently I didn't.


Oh for- was the dramatic rumbling not enough? Why do you need to have a dust cloud too?


A p-person?

So it's true. When there are people in trouble you do show up.

(Warning: those with a low tolerance for stupidity should leave now.)

The ~sheer pressure~ Solo's exuding is weighing down on MegaMan.

He looks like he's... like he's my age.


Whoa... His eyes are cold... They give me the chills.

You will hand the OOPArt over to me now.

...! How'd you... How did you know that I have the OOPArt?

That's because I was trying to steal it. Then you came along and snatched it away.

Geo realizes that Solo was the one behind the black holes.

Finally catching on, eh? I can't believe a dimwit like you was able to hold his own against someone like Hyde.

Because that's an accomplishment, right?

Geo asks if Hyde's a friend of Solo's.

Solo reacts very negatively to the word "friend".




What's wrong, kid?

I c-can't breathe... His eyes... They drain the warmth from everything.

Note: Solo's eyes stop being a thing after this cutscene.

At best, it will destroy you. Hand it over now!

Mega refuses, and sneers that he ate the OOPArt. Solo replies that he'll just have to tear it out of him. He pulls out an Ancient Star Carrier,

but this one doesn't have an EM Body inside.

I don't need anybody's help in a fight. Just the thought alone makes me sick... It's not in my blood!

Solo draws a glowing symbol in the air. Geo recognizes it as a symbol of the Mu.

Four more symbols appear,

Music: Melody of Isolation

and Solo EM Wave Changes into Rogue.

I'm not like you two. I can EM Wave Change through sheer will. This is the power I was born with!

Then why did you need an Ancient Star Carrier?

Because things weren't dumb enough, Geo's friends pick this exact time to run over. Geo tries to get them to leave,

But I want to see you in action!

We want to remember it forever!

Take down that guy. Just like you always do.

but they're being dumb.

Looks like they're counting on you kid.

Alright... But just stay there, OK?

Yeah. So what?

How pathetic.

What did you say!?

It makes my blood boil.

Rogue summons another eyeball,

and attacks Geo's friends.


No!! Grr...!

Now incredibly angry, MegaMan destroys the eyeball in one shot like the last three and saves his friends.

Ahaha I'm just kidding, that would make too much sense.

And why would I listen to the likes of you?

I'll make you listen!

Oh well, at least the game's giving me an opportunity to punch Rogue's face in now. The entire point of the Star Force series is how important friendships are, so with Geo's friends on the line there's no way they'd pull some more cutscene bullshit.

Rogue could use an attitude adjustment too.

There wasn't even a battle, just a flash of white.


Kah! H-Hold on... I-I'm coming...

Didn't you hear me? I said you don't need friendships.

No you said you didn't need friendships.

...Okay, let me correct that. Originally Solo said that he didn't need friends, and now he's pretending he said that Geo doesn't need any.

Heh... Since you can't do it, I'll get rid of your friends for you!

You can't!

Note: Even though Rogue has a walking animation, over here he teleports to Geo. He teleports a single step.

...Kah! B-Bring... them... back...

Are you worried about them? Hyah!

Okay, so this is the part where MegaMan gets a second wind and beats the shit out of Rogue, right?

You worry about others? Heh, that's why you are weak! If you're strong, then you don't need others. Can't you see that?

Don't ask me why Solo's suddenly so eager to convert Geo into his cult of loneliness by the way. I guess the two started an idealogical debate when we weren't looking.

...B-Bring... them...

I'm impressed that you can still speak.



MegaMan rises to his feet.

You're standing!? How?

I will not let you do this!!

The screen flashes white.


Is this... The power of the OOPArt? Why now?

Bring my friends BACK!!

...Was it your concern for your friends that unleashed that power?


no i'm pretty sure it's because he's pissed off

You are the type of person I really can't stand!

Watch out, kid!

I... I will not be beaten! I will save them!

Fucking finally.

Fuck you Rogue, you're not worth using Battle Cards on.


So if after all of that you were expecting a challenging boss, Rogue is here to disappoint.


His only tough attack is this quick combo, which can do anywhere from two to four hits. With Super Armor though, it's a joke.


Rogue's also packing two projectiles attacks, this easily avoided shockwave,


and these fists. None of these attacks are Breaking, so proper use of the shield can stop all of them.

Now don't get me wrong, Rogue will eventually become an interesting boss. But right now he's a complete joke, making that cutscene all the more ridiculous. By the way, remember how MegaMan was engulfed in the OOPArt's aura prior to this fight? That doesn't carry over into this fight. MegaMan is exactly the same as normal.

I supposed I should go over another game mechanic too. Gorgon Eye here is a Giga card with a special attack attribute: it pierces through mercy invincibility. It's not the only card that can do it too, though it is by far the most damaging.


Look who doesn't even have an injured sprite.

Hmph! You may have hurt me... but you haven't won. By the blood that runs through me, I will obliterate you!

Rogue gets ready for round 2.

Guess he doesn't know when he's beaten.

Mega is not impressed.

...! Who is that? Vega?

What is that? Is that a human's voice?

We don't want you causing too much trouble right now.

You want me to run away?

Vega responds that Rogue's pride is pointless; he's been wounded, he should retreat.

Oh look, he's playing the "I could have killed you" card.

You're running away!?

I won't let you! Bring back my friends!

Don't worry. We will meet again! You can count on that!


Rogue teleports away in a flash of light because he seriously has barely any sprites.

Remember it well. Since it's the name of the one that will defeat you.

Spoilers: he never will.

Geo's still pissed, but the sound of the black hole closing jolts him back to reality. He desperately runs over and sticks his arm in,

and grabs someone. Or rather, since he's using Mega's head, bites someone.

...Fuck. Can I do an exchange?


They all... No... How could I...? I...


The game segues to Vega's hideout.

That kid in blue has it.

To the side, Hyde is snickering that even Solo couldn't beat MegaMan.

You used your power didn't you? I saw you change into Rogue.


Vega tells Solo to calm down. She then reassures him that though MegaMan may have the OOPArt, he can't control it.

The OOPArt is a dangerous weapon, especially in the hands of the weak. It will destroy him eventually.

Believe me, that would have been much more interesting than what the game actually does.

Lady Vega, if I may... I do not think we should allow this boy in blue to do as he pleases.

Hyde requests to be allowed to finish him. This pisses Solo off, since he's the one who's going to kill MegaMan, but Vega tells him to go ahead.

If you are confident in your plan, then proceed!

My thanks, my lady!

Hyde warps off,

and Solo is stopped from charging Vega.

You should think twice before approaching Lady Vega.

Vega once more tells Solo to calm down. She reminds him that they won't do anything to get in his way... so he shouldn't get in their way either. She adds that he should follow Hyde.

It might satisfy your curiosity as to who we are.



Early design ideas for Wood Ninja.

Rough draft of Wood Ninja.

Wood Ninja official art.