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Part 10: Underwater Scavenger Hunts Are Much Less Fun Than They Sound


I'll go check on him. I'm sure he's got a reason for doing this. Just wait here, Prez.


You know,

all things considered this segment is pretty nifty.

In the first game Geo was a depressed loner who had to be taught The True Value Of Friendship.

But here he is now, helping two other people mend relations. I like how Zack's LP is 10 now, even though that implies his bond with Bud is super weak.

Why do you care so much about Messie? You must have a reason.


Geo can't recall Zack ever disobeying Luna before, something Zack's surprised Geo noticed. I guess he thinks Geo's a complete idiot.

I've already gone over Zack's motivations, but let's hear him explain it.

Prez has got her innate leadership qualities.

What, you mean shrieking really loudly and throwing a fit every time she doesn't get her way?

Bud is really strong.

This has never been a thing. "Brave" would have been a better pick.

And Geo you're a... you're a hero.

A fact you've been screaming to everyone in range every time MegaMan shows up.

And then there's me, someone without anything to be proud of...

I'm ragging on Zack here, but seriously fuck him. "I just want to be special" is a selfish motivation, and he clearly doesn't feel that strongly about it since he didn't attract any FM-ians back in SF1.

That's why I need to go find Messie!


My sentiments exactly.

Thanks for coming here. But I have to ask you to leave me alone and let me do my thing.

And so, after successfully finding out Zack's reasons for staying,

Reason? What reasons could he have for ignoring me? I'm through being his friend! Hmph!

(I think I'd best leave her alone for now...)

Geo doesn't actually tell them to Luna.

Cut to Zack.

Because... I really don't have anything else.

Time to see his innermost thoughts.

I'm short... I wear glasses... I'm no good at sports... I get good grades at school, but not as good as Prez.


Zack assumes Gerry's looking for Messie.

Even though he said he was tired and going to rest for a bit... He's really putting his all into this story! I should follow his lead!

Materialize! Submarine!


In a stunning twist, Gerry is evil!

Those dumb couch potatoes will flip when they see this!

The sad thing is that he's right. The average person in the SF world wouldn't think twice about "Messie" having a glowing blue outline.

Just think about it! There's no such thing as Messie! Those couch potatoes just want to be entertained anyway! And things like "facts" shouldn't get in the way of that!

That means the Messie I saw was a... a fake!

Ever the fuckup, Zack announces his presence. Not by shouting that,

but by stepping on a stick. In a grassy field with no trees around. Yeah.

Consider getting your glasses checked.

Gerry freaks out and rushes Zack.

A fade to black later, and Zack's been stuffed inside the submarine. Gerry ponders what to do, and decides to leave Zack in there for now.

Why are you faking the show!?

Listen, brat. You don't understand my work. The truth means nothing in this business. Ratings are the only thing that matters!

While the game does nothing to convey this, I think Gerry is supposed to be a darker take on Zack.

You're wrong!

Wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong! I wasn't like this when I was young. I tried to show viewers the truth!

Zack wants to be special, so he wants to accomplish something in life.

Then why...?

Because it didn't bring in the ratings! Now they call me a genius!

If he goes too far down that path, he might turn out like Gerry: forging tall tales to attract attention.

But back then I could barely scrape by by giving them the truth. So one time I tinkered with one of my reports just to see. And you know what?

And I liked getting those ratings! Kyah-ha-ha!

I'm probably just searching for connections that aren't there though. Much like with Rich, Gerry's story has nothing in common with Star Force's main themes. He's just a random douche.

Gerry asks if Zack still thinks he's doing something wrong.

Just let me out of here! Now!

He ignores the question.

You know I can't do that. You know why? Because you would tell everyone that I faked the whole Messie story! And where would World Mysteries be then?

Gerry screams that he has a deadline to meet, and demands to know what Zack thinks he should do.

And just like that, Zack's role in the story vanishes.

Huh!? W-Who's there!?

Hyde tells Gerry to not be so worried: he's going to be World Mysteries' newest sponsor.

I will give to you a great power. And then you will follow my script...

Your script? Sorry, I don't work with amateurs, in case you haven't noticed.

I promise you only the best results with it. But failure is out of the question. Your failure would cause me to lose face!

Gerry has no idea what Hyde's going on about,

but apparently he ends up agreeing.

Show yourself!

The EM being rants about how it will destroy everything. Gerry stares for a bit, then cheers that this might work after all.

If I stick to his scripts, then I'll get the ratings I deserve! They'll go through the roof!

Weren't they already through the roof?

Kyah-ha-ha! Ladies and gentlemen! Prepare yourselves!

Don't change that channel! Cause I'd eat ya if you do! And then my ratings would go down!

I honestly think Gerry goes a little bonkers when he Wave Changes.


Plesio Wave dives underwater.


Such a shame Zack can't call for help with some kind of portab- wait I already did this joke.

You have a Star Carrier, Zack. Use it.


I'll be right back, OK?

I like how Geo has to treat Luna like a five year old.

The screen starts to shake.

Nope! Guess again.

The citizens run towards the Observation Deck for safety, and Geo brings Luna there too.

For some reason you have to actually walk to the Observation Deck. Also the designers couldn't be assed to make a version of the town with no villagers, so they're just standing around loudly exclaiming how dangerous things are.

I didn't mention it earlier, but Mess Village is actually suspended above the lake; that's what those green circles under the land are for.

I don't see any Matter Waves under this house though, so how the hell is it even staying up?

Wow, what a tsunami.


The townspeople suddenly start to yell.

Kyah-ha-ha! Very good! Very good! You're all doing well! Make sure you keep those cameras rolling on me!

Geo wonders if that's really Messie. Mega says no.

That ain't a dragon! It's an EM body!

Mega adds that it was probably what caused the tsunami too. This sudden turn of events has interested him, and he's ready for action.

Hold on, Mega!


Luna sprints over. Geo asks what's wrong, and Luna screams that she can't find Zack.

What do you mean you can't find him?

I got worried so I tried to find him. But there's no trace of him anywhere... You don't think that the tsunami...!?

And then Zack finally remembered he had a phone.

Are you OK? Zack!? Where are you!?

Is that you... Prez?

Are you OK? You're not hurt are you?

Zack's surprised Luna isn't angry anymore, and in response Luna screams that's not important at the moment. She demands to know where Zack is.

Prez... I seem to be at the bottom of the loch. I'm trapped inside a submarine!

Any reason you can't use it? It's a matter wave, so surely it's conscious.

It's dark and cramped in here... I don't know what to do! Please! You gotta help me!

The call gets cut. Luna groans that this is all her fault (and it is) and begs for Geo to save Zack.

Don't worry. I'm on it!

I don't really see the point of her doing that. It's not like Geo was going to say no.

Mega spoils the party and points out that MegaMan can't go underwater, much less scavenge the loch.

There's gotta be... I know I can search the loch, I just need...

Well that's not very descriptive.

(When I was looking for Zack... There was someone who had an underwater Matter Wave thing. I need to get it!)

And that's too descriptive.

Bob's worried about the property damage. Don't know why, once I beat Plesio Wave the water will go back to normal and everything will be magically alright.

Geo explains his plight, and the man is more than happy to hand the submarine over.

Cue a quick tutorial on how to dive. Just approach the water's edge and materialize the Dive Machine.

This is much more annoying than it should be, because if you get too close to the water MegaMan will stop and turn backwards.

Time for Divey Jones to do his thing.

Music: Lake Investigation

Welcome to the worst dungeon in the game.

See, Plesio Wave has sealed the way to him.

And the only way to progress is to dig up the Hertzes in charge of the gates with the help of these hints.

Let's look at page 1.



So now I have to swim around the area looking for something like that,

fighting an endless swarm of random encounters along the way.

Obligatory bestiary entry go.

MonoSwords jump in front of MegaMan and slash him. They have Stone Body, so while not attacking they're immune to all non-Breaking attacks. If they do get hit with a Breaking attack though, it's instant death. They drop elmental Slash cards, which are really good. Especially Elec Slash, which paralyzes whatever it hits. And guess what? These guys in the Loch drop Elec Slash.

Pirans swim around the enemy field for a while before trying to jump MegaMan. They drop Piranha Kiss cards, which freeze time and pelt enemies with Pirans from all adjacent panels. It's pretty great if you use it when the enemy's at the center of the field.

Stream Cancros fire bubbles at me like Cancer Bubble. They drop Chain Bubble cards, which I'm not sure as to how they work. I think anything in MegaMan's column gets bubbled?

kvx687 posted:

It's been long enough that I'm not totally sure, but I think in SF1 at least the crab card damaged and bubbled the closest enemy in the column you fired it, and bubbled any enemies horizontally adjacent as well. It wasn't that great a card, but it shot out almost instantly so it was hard to miss with.

While I'm searching, I may as well get to the next fusion:

Saurian Zerker.


Element: Elec
Charge Shot: Elec Slash
Card Charge: Attack +
Passive Abilities: Fire +30, Super Armor, Elec +20, Side Select
Link Force Big Bang: Vanishing Blazer

Zerker fusions are the best because they grant Side Select. Also I'm starting to think the guide I checked for the abilities was wrong; Saurian Zerker doesn't have Train Combo. I think Double Tribes just keep the card charge of the base tribe.

Vanishing Blazer is the same as Genocide Blazer, only the giant beam has little electric sparks now. I'm not going to bother with a gif.

At this point, I got lost. What I'm looking for a sunken raft that's somewhere in this area.

And the random encounters aren't helping! I've faced 13 virus battles at this point, and I haven't even found the first key. Twelve more battles later, and I gave up and hacked the encounter rate to zero.

I eventually remembered that I have to swim through this ship.

Swim through the "two darknesses",

and dig in front of this raft. Divey Jones can dig with the Y button, and if I'm not standing in a specific place he'll either dig up nothing or a virus.

Aside from the keys, there are Mystery Waves scattered all over the area. There's a Hertz who'll tell me if I collect them all (not, as you might note, where they are), and I don't know if anyone's bothered to do that because fuck this area. The encounter rate is too high, the music is dreadful, and the hints are vague at best.

Well okay, that's an exaggeration. The hints are fine.

On to the next area.

Which wants me to find five golden Hertzes.

This area has a ton of offscreen caves I need to travel through, making navigation difficult. And remember, way too many random encounters.

There's a red octopus near this thing. I tried digging near it, and ran into a virus battle that sliced through my HP.



Page 6 gave me so much trouble on my first playthrough.

There's this mermaid doll here,

but if I dig in the place "overlooking" it I'll get zilch.

Giant Pirans.

I'm supposed to dig here, on a cliff overlooking a Hertz. What would have been a clever puzzle is ruined by the fact that there's another Hertz in the area with a cliff near it.

They just got lazy with this one.

Some people have theorized that the ruins under Loch Mess are supposed to be the remains of Atlantis. I think that would be really weird, but I can't put anything past the SF universe anymore.

Now for Plesio Wave.

Geo!? Is that you!?

...How are they talking to each other?

Zack's overjoyed that help came, but before Geo can rescue him Mega warns that something's coming.

It is just like he said in his script!

Script!? Let me guess... Hyde had something to do with this?

Yes, this is all thanks to Hyde! Hyde gave me the power of Plesio Wave!

Plesio crows that he'll soon be world famous. Geo recognizes his voice, catching Zack's attention.

Zack remembers Gerry as being very nice to him, and can't understand why Gerry locked Zack in the submarine. I guess he didn't hear Gerry's explanation?

If it isn't the boy who saw Messie!

Plesio's surprised to see Zack again, and laughs that Zack's useless now.

I've learned that using kids brings in the viewers. I wasn't being nice to you, I was using you! It's your own fault for being so trusting! Kyaaah-ha-ha!

That's not... *Sniffle*

The moral of the story: don't trust anyone over 30.

You're horrible!

Oh, are you ready to fight now?

Plesio is confident in his victory, and muses that he has to win anyways or else Hyde will take away his Ancient Star Carrier. MegaMan gets ready for a battle, but...


The boss isn't happy with the background. He swims to the surface, threatening MegaMan to follow or else let him cause another tsunami.

I knew he was behind the tsunami! How could he...!? Why's he doing this!?

Doesn't matter! We gotta stop him! Zack! Just hang in there for a little bit more, OK?

Will do!

I'll come back for you after I take care of Romero! I promise to come back!

Geo swims up.

Turns out Plesio wants a crowd to watch the fight.

You fools are all easily impressed! Just watch what I'm going to do!

What's he gonna do? Everyone's in danger!

The townspeople chatter, and someone recognizes MegaMan as "some kind of hero from overseas".

You don't get it! You just don't get it! Showmanship! You have to put on a great show or you'll never up the ratings! And haven't I put on a good show so far!?

Geo's furious at Plesio's selfishness, and Mega tells him to put the anger to use and tear "Messie" apart.

I didn't even bother customizing my folder for this.


Plesio's an annoying boss.

The reason why are these rocks. The black one is stationary, while the blue one moves left to right. These things will block MegaMan's attacks, which can be annoying since


they don't block Plesio's main attack. I don't know why he has electric breath when he's Aqua element, but this thing is annoying since it paralyzes.

(45, Breaking)

Plesio can also try to bite MegaMan in rapid succession,


and at low health create a tsunami. The wave will pick up any rocks in the way, and those can't be blocked. The rocks will regenerate shortly after the wave.

Plesio isn't a very hard boss, especially since the game gives you access to Elec Slash before the fight, but the rocks can make the battle take much longer than it really should. Throw in having to come back to this godforsaken lake to refight him, and you don't get a very nice boss experience.

As an aside, I have no idea what the translators were doing here. Gerry calls himself Plesio Wave, but he's called Plesio Surf in battle and on his card. I ended up flipping a coin to decide which one to use.

Hard Mode cranks Plesio's speed so high that two of him can be on the screen at once.


Plesio's injuries are so severe he can't maintain his transformation.

And it looks like he can't swim.

The townspeople recognize him, and quickly figure out it was all a lie.

Now to get Zack out of that submarine!

You're just gonna hang him out to dry like that? I'm impressed. You're starting to learn, kid!

Now that Mega brings it up, Geo realizes he can't just leave Gerry treading water.

I guess I should help him...

Cut to a few hours later.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Meanwhile, Luna and Zack reconnect.

Bwaah-ha!! *Sniffle* I was so scared! *Sniff*

Stop with the waterworks already! You're safe now!

*Gulp* *Cough, cough* Prez... I-I'm sorry... Prez... I-I was... *Cough*

Zack! Who would have thought you were so stubborn! I've known you forever and even I didn't know!

Geo takes the opportunity to finally explain Zack's motivations.

You wanted to have something to be proud of?

Try to understand how he felt.

Hmph... Well... I don't.



Because... You're one of my closest friends in the whole world.

And yet you didn't know anything about his temperament.

Anyways, this.



I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!

This is the resolution to Zack's character arc.


I thought I said to turn off the waterworks!

His "accomplishment" in life is being one of Luna's friends. I can't even comment on that, it speaks for itself.

Zack continues to bawl. The game fades to black...

Only to jump right back since Zack hasn't formed a BB with Geo yet.

I know. I'm OK now.

Zack thanks Geo for rescuing him.

You really are awesome! I was just a scared baby in that submarine. But you... You went up against that bad guy all by yourself!

And this is new how?

And you did it for me... I... I really admire that!

Cut it out... You're embarassing me.

Hey screw you Zack, I was never Brothers with you. Why waste valuable BB space on a lame Mega +1 when I could have LM Shin as a Brother?

I guess I don't have a choice this time tho-

why is my background luna's WP again

didn't I switch

Well then... Thank you for reforming our BrotherBand!

No problem, Zack!

Geo would have done this at the beginning of the game you jerk.

Alright! Can we go home now? Once we get back, I'll make you tell us about all your adventures!

Me!? Um, can I write you a report instead?

Just kidding! There's no need to get all scared!

*insert laugh track*

Ungh... It's because you don't sound like you're kidding when you are.

...And just what does that mean, Geo!?

I was just...


(She IS scary!)

Geo tries to get Zack to calm Luna down,

but Zack is still a dick.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


The boys run away as fast as they can.


What a ~wacky~ ending.

Vega is starting to see MegaMan as a real threat, and meanwhile Hyde's begging for forgiveness.

Lady Vega... That blue boy has gained control over the OOPArt. I do not think we should ignore him...

Hollow is the token competent member.

Don't underestimate him, Solo... I only mean to caution you, so I will not mince words. I do not know if you possess the power to defeat him...

What are you saying!? You're saying I'm inferior to him!?

You're not inferior... Evenly matched, perhaps.

Bullshit, I can still just shoot Rogue to death.

Hollow reminds Solo of the OOPart's power.

Take this. It's the Indie Proof.

Do I have to tell you again? I don't need any help from you! I'll do it myself!

That's a shame... You're the only one who could successfully use the you-know-what.

Trying to hide the name doesn't work when you've already said it.


Hyde reprimands Solo for being so unruly to Vega, but she tells him it's fine.

I'm not going to force him to take it. I'm counting on his power to aid us.

Vega explains that somewhere in the world is a group of people who believe in the power of Mu. She wants someone to investigate them for any Mu relics.

Then leave it to your humble servant, Hyde.

No, I think I would like Solo to handle this.

Sure. Whatever...

What happened to not working with Vega?

Mu shares a bond with this land. I'm sure that interests you, doesn't it?


Solo leaves the room.




Concept art of Gerry Romero. Finally, a scenario villain without built-in shoes.

Early designs of Plesio Wave. Or rather, early palettes.