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Part 11: Whazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaap?

Well I'm a week behind schedule now. I'll try and get a second update up by the end of this day to make up for it.


So I guess Zack happened to be carrying his passport when he got warped,

because he got to fly back home with Luna.

Yeah, but we still had to deal with tsunamis and whatnot.

Also Mess Village is no longer flooded. I'm not sure how that's even possible, barring a giant drain on the bottom of the lake.

Bud and Sonia have to be somewhere. But I don't even know where to start looking. It was only be sheer luck that we saw Zack on TV.

By the way, would you believe I'm already half-way done with this game?

If Zack was all the way in Netopia then the others might be in foreign countries too.

The main plot of SF2 is only seven scenarios long. Add postgame in, and you have eight total. And while I'm on this subject, here's a question for you all: what has Geo actually accomplished or learned during all of this?

Geo gets a call from Zack, who excitedly tells Geo to come over to his house immediately for some big news. Then he hangs up.

Hmph... Something's got him worked up.

He said big news! Maybe he's found Bud and Sonia!

After that, Geo receives an e-mail from LM Shin describing how to make Best Combos. I'll do that later.

I busied myself with some sidequests for a bit, then ran into a roadblock. The game won't let me access the Sky Wave again until I progress the plot.

Uh, Zack, is there something you're not telling us?

I just got a call from someone at the TV station.

That NPC in Zack's Brother list is someone he met while at Mess Village.

In the country of Whazzap, they say someone fell out of the sky!

You mean...

Yes, just like what happened to me at Loch Mess.

Geo's raring to go, but unfortunately he has no idea where Whazzap is.

And Zack is apparently incapable of using that computer eight steps away from him.

Let's see what Mr. Suther has to say!

So the group's going to ask Ken again.

Helpfully, he is actually informative this time. Also, it turns out his last name is Suther because he's "been to all the countries in the south." I call bullshit on that

Whazzap's got a lot of natural beauty. It's, like, a tropical paradise, dude.

because Whazzap is the last thing I would describe as tropical.

They have to sit through another winding (yet supposedly thrilling) tale, but the crew did get what they wanted.

Uh... Geo? You don't have a passport yet, do you? Can you go the same way you went to Loch Mess?

Yeah, I can.

(I think...)

Luna and Zack proceed to stroll out. Geo asks Mega if they can get to Whazzap, and Mega doesn't see why they couldn't.

I know you're in a rush to see them and all, but it's late and I think you need to rest.

...I guess Ken's story lasted an entire day?

On to the next Double Tribe then.


Element: Fire
Charge Shot: Dino Cannon
Card Charge: Train Combo
Passive Abilities: Elec +20, Side Select, Fire +30, Super Armor
Link Force Big Bang: Vanishing Blazer
Zerker Saurian is pretty much the same as Saurian Zerker. And I guess this confirms it: the Double Tribe's card charge is the same as the base tribe's.

After a quick snooze, Geo and Mega are ready to go.


Whazzap's Sky Wave is connected to Mess Village's. And wouldn't you know it, construction just finished.

But before I go through, I stop by Mess Village for some errands.

This weapon is behind a waterfall near where Zack was moping around.

I'm going to be using this instead though. This was the item I picked up from that PMW on Echo Ridge's Sky Wave. I totally forgot I even had it until now.

The next task requires more diving.

Or not, since the game won't let me do this yet.

Fine then, I'll just magically make a dirt hole on a wooden ship.

Now that Mess Village's time in the spotlight has passed, a lot of ES's have opened up.

And inside this one is a virus I forgot to mention since it doesn't show up underwater. Fohxs will move if MegaMan lines up with them, and if they move three times (or don't do anything long enough)

I accidentally deleted the old animation, so I had to retake it somewhere else.

they'll transform into MegaMan and slash him with a Wood element sword. Like with similar attacks, the Hard Mode buffs actually make these guys easier.

Fokxs drop Fohx-Fu cards, which have MegaMan transform into a Fokx. If he's hit, he'll do a counter attack. Think Wood Ninja's Anti Damage, only this actually does decent damage.

Also inside is a very helpful Ability for sale.

With this thing on, every time I use a charge shot there's a 50% chance that all panels hit will turn into Paralyze panels.

Combine this with abilities that extend the radius of my charge shot, and I can start pumping out Paralyze panels.

Finally, Kid Gruff. He's an interesting character.

My name is Kidd Gruff! I'm here on a training pilgrimage! I can feel an amazing power coming from you!

Kidd correctly guesses that Geo can Wave Change, and reveals that he can do the same. And when Geo tells him the name of his fused form...

Kidd freaks out. See, Kidd is technically a cameo from SF1. He never showed up in that game, but like the rest of the prequel's bosses he's based off a Zodiac symbol. I'll let you guess which one.

I'm here training at Messie's Cove! If you don't mind, I'd like to have a match with you sometime!

Screw that,

there's another Blank Card in here.

Believe it or not, but this guy's name is Kung Foo Kid. Going by the FM-ian naming scheme, that means Kidd's FM-ian is either called Kung Foo or Kid.

I forgot to take a picture from the battle, so have a shot of MegaMan about to get kicked in the face.


As ridiculous as his name is, Kung Foo Kid is a cool fight with a lot of attacks.


As his name implies, he's all about martial arts. This quick jab is one of his main attacks,

(80, Breaking)

and this high-speed kick is the other. As the picture above shows, he can also use this diagonally.


Like all video game martial artists, the Kid's packing some secret techniques. He can clone himself like so to release three waves of blows,

and after he does that twice he'll absorb a Grass panel to temporarily power up.

In this state, all of his punches do increased damage and gain a breaking attribute.


He also ditches the kick for some horn swipes.

All of Kung Foo Kid's attacks are Wood elemental, so coming in as Zerker like I did is a bad idea. Good thing I can stun lock him to death.


After losing, the Kid gives this hint.

Following this path leads me to a 350 LP door with another weapon inside.

It's worse than what I already had.

Okay, pitstop's over. On to Whazzap.

Whose Sky Wave is more sky than wave.

A quick preview of where I'll be going next scenario,

and on to the goofiest part of the game.

Music: Whazzap

Since it's south of Netopia, Whazzap is presumably Not Mexico.

It's got a tropical feel to it.

There's nothign here. Looks boring if you ask me.

Well, that was fast.

Luna and Zack stroll over, and in typical fashion Luna immediately complains about how primitive the place is.

She's worried about sunburn too, so Zack pulls a giant umbrella out of nowhere to help out.

??: Whazzap...?

And then the natives appear.

Whazzap? Whazzap!?

All of them keep saying this.

What the...? What's going on?

The screen fades to black,


leaving what happens next up for interpretation.

Mega complains that "Whazzap" has been burned into his ears. Luna asks what the hell just happened, and Zack (after pulling out the umbrella again) theorizes that they were just interested in outsiders.

Well whatever... We'll split up and ask people about the person who fell out of the sky.

Hang on a sec.

Gotta empty out my pack.

My rewards were a ton of cards I already had.

Trying to talk to most of the people results in awkward silence,

but this guy is a little more forthcoming.


Is it your first time in Whazzap?

Yeah, it is. Umm... Can I ask you something? Everyone keeps saying "Whazzap". Does that mean something?

Topical advice for all the kids out there!
(I like to think the BN2 rapper founded or hailed from Whazzap.)

Really? That's kind of weird...

Are you making fun of us?

N-No, sir! I didn't mean it like that! I'm sorry!


Geo changes the topic to the kid who fell out of the sky. The Shaman confirms the tale, but also says the boy is too busy to meet Geo right now.

So time to talk to everybody.

In one of the game's greatest failings, you don't shout "Whazzap" into the DS microphone to talk to the NPCs.

I'm preparing a meal right now... The Great One is a hearty eater. I'll need a mountain of food.

That line,

and this statue are probably all you need to figure out what's going on here.

And if you couldn't, this cutscene will do it for you. Geo wonders why they can't see Bud, and Luna whines that Bud is THEIR friend, not Whazzap's. She proceeds to scream, throw a fit, then request her umbrella.

Since that is all Zack is good for now, he complies.

The Zackpedia says the Whazzap Lines are near here.

Oh right, he can do that too.

They're gigantic pictographs drawn into the Earth long, long ago. Why don't we have a look at them while we wait to see Bud?

That sounds neat! Let's go!

And yet another thing that boys like... Fine. I don't want to stay here by myself.

The Whazzap Lines are an obvious reference to the famous Nazca Lines.

That's where Whazzap's japanese name (Nansuka) comes from, in fact.

If you're wondering how the hell the translators got Whazzap from that, it's because nansuka is an actual japanese phrase that means "What's up?".

While I'm normally a fan of localization, I honestly think the translators should have left it as Nansuka (or some romanization of that).

Whazzap completely destroys the joke, and the last scenario already made it a plot point that different countries had different languages anyways.

But then again, the current Whazzap is so incredibly goofy I'd kind of be sad to see it go.

So these are the Whazzap Lines!

They say the larger ones can even be seen from outer space.

(Even outer space...)

Geo's friends ditch him while he's lost in thought.

I wonder if he ever saw them...


Another "talk to everyone to proceed".

What's this guy doing?

Looks like he's praying. What kind of pictures do these lines make?

Whazzap! The lines form a picture of Mu.

Geo recognizes the name from the Lost Civilizations exhibit.

Here in Whazzap we believe that the Mu civilization that once flourished still exists, and we worship it. That is why I was praying at these images of Mu.


Ahh, there's a reason for that. The continent of Mu floated in the sky!

Mega calls bullshit, and after getting over his shock Geo agrees that it sounds fishy.

It's just a physical impossibility.

Yeah, not like we've seen an entire village levitating over a lake or anything.

What did you just say!? You're saying it's impossible!?

What? No!! I, uhh...

The man insists that Mu existed, and claims that there's evidence back at the main village. Then he realizes he's said too much; apparently the Shaman has forbidden telling outsiders this.

Do you think I upset him?

He deserves it, that lying, two-bit...

I'll try not to upset anyone else here.

I'm sure most of you have noticed that some of the pictographs map to the bosses I've faced so far.

All except this one. Gee, I wonder what that means.

Also Hertzes existed millions of years ago. Who knew? Examining this panel snags me an HPMemory 10.

Lastly, for some incomprehensible reason there are murals of the Zerker, Ninja, and Saurian tribes. They didn't live on Mu or anywhere near the same time period, why are these here?

Then again there are literally fossilized burgers, so it's best not to thinking about this too much.

Hidden on the burger was this, a useful weapon that forces Zenny drops. Ideal for zenny grinding.

And when they do, they see a big crowd.

Whazzap!! Are you all ready!? I give you the herald of Mu...

I find everything to be good.

Your actions please me!

The camera scrolls to the main crew, who are dumbstruck.

What's going on? What's Bud doing? Just who does he think he is?

They apparently think he's a god.

Geo wonders what the Shaman meant by "herald of Mu". Zack recommends asking Bud,

And Geo decides to go back on the "don't upset anyone" thing.

Bud's really pushing how far Brothers are willing to go for each other.

Predictably, Luna and Zack pass the buck to Geo.

Um... Excuse me... It's about Budicus you see... He's really our friend Bud Bison...

Ha-ha-ha! That's an amusing tale!

The Shaman introduces Budicus as Mu's herald, sent specifically to Whazzap.

OK, enough! What kind of crazy tale are you telling now!?

Yes Luna, scream at the village elder in the middle of a ceremony.

Budicus came to us from out of the sky one day. Regular people don't just fall from the sky.

The Shaman recommends Geo and co leave Whazzap.

Budicus will be our leader and guide us into a golden age!

Geo is skeptical, and meanwhile Luna screams at Bud to stop fooling around.

He doesn't even notice her.

Mega, you don't think Bud has been taken over...

By an EM body? No, it doesn't look like it to me. And I highly doubt that's the problem with this situation.

Mega points out that gorging on food isn't out of the ordinary for Bud.

Bud!! Listen to me!

I don't think he's even aware that we're here.

Huff... huff... Yeah, you're right... You two, step into my office.

AKA group huddle. Luna wants to find somewhere secluded so they can craft a plan in peace, and Zack suggests the Whazzap Lines. You know, the place the people of Whazzap go to daily to pray.

Good idea!

They don't even bother hiding in a corner.

We find something Bud really likes and use it to get him to come to us!

That's the ticket!

Something he likes...



...When did that become Bud's favorite food?

Umm... Do we have the ingredients for that?

No explanation?

Heh, heh. I thought this would come in handy!

Sure, whatever.

Zack's packing ginger... and nothing else. The group will have to look for the other ingredients.

And by "group", I mean Geo.

I need four ingredients: Beef,



and eggs.

Whazzap's EM waves are probably the most confusing in the game. There are paths everywhere, and no landmarks to serve as guides.

It has some good treasure at least.

And (I think) the steepest LP door in the game.

Behind it is MegaMan's ultimate weapon. I'd care more if I didn't have my Wave Command.

Inside is another Blank Card (),

and a dealer selling this for 4000 Z. Man, the game is just dumping these things on me.

That doesn't sound like a thank you.

Now it's all up to you, Geo!

Luna can't cook, so good thing she just happened to bring this along.

The spriters got lazy with this one and just made a palette swap of the Eat Machine.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

You know what'll happen if it turns out bad!

You'll whine ineffectually, then force Geo to get some more ingredients?

I know, I know...

Heh-heh... You'd better not use too much salt, kid.

I never thought I'd come to a foreign country just to cook...

The game skips to later that night. Geo's unsure if the plan will actually work,

but of course it does.

We finally lured you here!

What are you mortals talking about? Do you mean to deceive the herald of Mu!?

What are you jabbering about!? Don't you recognize us, Bud?

Bud? Bud... Uggh... That name causes the bruise on my head to ache...


The twist is amnesia.

So he's lost his memory?

And all things considered should have broken his neck.

Ah, there you are, great Budicus...

The Shaman approaches and requests Bud to come back with him.

Geo and co won't let him.

Well go ahead and try.

That fog is supposed to be an aroma. I guess someone is grilling meat just offscreen, and blowing it at the party with a fan?

That smell!

Yes... It's your favorite, Whazzap spare ribs.

No, Bud! Don't!

You have to come back with us, Bud!

Ahhh... Ahhhhhhh!

Ribs!! Must... eat... ribs!


So much for the power of friendship.


If you were wondering what those things were, here you go.

I guess Whazzap is Netfrica too now.