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Part 12: Rogue Is A Dumb Character II

Luna refuses to leave without Bud, so the group's camping tonight.

Wow, this is pretty cozy!

Be warned! You'd better not try anything while I'm sleeping!

I wasn't planning to!

Yeah, we don't have a death wish you know.

The next morning, something's happening at the village. A nearby NPC says that today's the day of the annual festival.

For today we celebrate Budicus becoming our great leader!

We can't let things go on like this or we'll never get Bud back.

So have you been enjoying how goofy this scenario has been?

What the...?

.....I hope that's not what I think it is!

Because it's going to get stupid now.

What is this!?

There's a giant hole in the sky, and Geo and Mega know what that means.

Guess who's back?

I heard there exists people who believe in the existence of Mu... But I find them worshiping a fraud!

Yi-aagh! Wh-Whom might you be?

You disrespect the true people of Mu, and for that you must pay!


Geo and Mega have no idea why Solo is here,

and Luna had better mean "you". I swear to God, if she gets everyone warped all over the world again.

I know, I know! I'm gonna save him! But I need you two to find a safe place and stay there. No matter what happens, you need to stay there.

Oh good, Geo was worrying about that too.

I don't think he's the one who needs to be told that. Try not to get kidnapped again, please?

Solo is kind enough to wait for Geo to run across the map, pulse in, follow the Wave Road, and fight a few random encounters. I actually ran into a battle while stepping on to the point that would trigger the next cutscene.

...!! What are you doing here!?

That's our line, pal!

What are you gonna do with Bud!?

That depends on you. If you hand over the OOPArt I may consider going easy on him.

I wonder if MegaMan's in the Visible Zone again? If he isn't, Solo is going to look completely insane to the residents of Whazzap.

Friends you say? Words like that make me sick, but you just throw them around. You'll never change.

Solo decides another show of force is in order, and pulses in.

Look out kid! Here he comes!


Once again, Geo gets his ass kicked in a flash of light.

Much stronger than before!

I was just toying around with you that time.

Hmph... There's something you should know. My Wave Changed form is known as Rogue because I do as I please... And I don't rely on anyone but myself.

He says, after being sent here on a mission by the group he's working with.


...I can't understand what benefits you derive from your bonds. Clinging to others as you do is an ignoble existence.


It's really hard to take anything Rogue says seriously when he's going to get destroyed as soon as this cutscene is over.

Are you watching, Hollow? You still believe he and I are evenly matched? I will never forget your insult!


Before I reclaim the OOPArt... I must take care of you!


Another flash of light.

So I guess EM bodies can punch physical objects now? Chalk up another broken setting rule for Solo.

I'm not finished with you! Not until you learn the meaning of fear and suffering!


Leave him alone!

since Geo is obviously too weak to confront Solo's immense power,

......I'm surprised you still have the power to stand. Is his worthless life that important to you?

He's my friend! I'll do whatever it takes to save him! Whatever it takes!

the OOPArt has to step in and save the day.

There's the power of the OOPArt.

And of course, since this is a Rogue cutscene,

Geo magically can't control the OOPArt anymore. I wasn't kidding when I said the game pretends the whole Ophiuca thing never happened.

The OOPArt wiped out the Saurian! If you continue to use it, you will share their fate!

Huff... huff...! I don't care what happens to me!

You'd sacrifice yourself for another?

Yes... I'd rather do that than see a friend of mine lost forever!

Anyone notice that Mega hasn't said a thing since the very beginning of the cutscene?

Making that vow restores Geo's dominance of the OOPArt. The screen shakes violently, and MegaMan...

doesn't transform into Fire Saurian.

That's why I've made a vow to myself! I will protect my friends no matter the cost!

......When your friends are in danger, you unleash your power. Just like last time...

Didn't Geo and Solo already have this conversation?

Friends... Bonds... I'll make you and all those pointless things disappear!

This time things will end differently. By my blood I will prove the futility of all that you hold dear!

We'll see about that! If you even think about hurting my friends, I'll tear you apart!

Alright, cutscene's over.

(Click to watch.)


Rogue is the exact same as last time. So much for him holding back.

In this fight, I used Kung Foo Kid's secret effect: if you activate the card while grass panels are on the field, the Kid will power up and do increased damage. This synergizes well with Green Carpet and Grass Stage, two cards that create grass panels,

as well as the Ninja tribe. There's no animation for this one because it's the same as Saurian Ninja's, only there's a different model at the end.


Element: Wood
Charge Shot: Shinobi Star
Card Charge: Train Combo
Passive Abilities: Elec +20, Side Select, Wood +20, Anti-Damage
Link Force Big Bang: Elemental Blade
Zerker Ninja (and Ninja Zerker) has probably the best of the Double Tribe Big Bangs. The gif will have to wait though, there's another cutscene coming up.


Rogue is forced out of his Wave Change.

Huff, huff...! That's... impossible!

Kid! Finish him off now!


He's too dangerous to let go! If you show mercy, you'll only live to regret it!

Geo is as still as a statue.

And even if he wasn't, he wouldn't have had the time to take a shot.

Why are you here!?

Lady Vega's orders. I am to take you back.

Solo refuses to leave, stuttering that he can still win. Hollow turns around and flatly tells the dope he's too weak to beat MegaMan.

And we can't afford to lose you just yet. You have a duty to carry out still. We're leaving now.


They got away!

Budicus! Are you OK?

Oh hey, these guys are still here.

Geo fears the worst, and rushes to Bud's side.

Bud! Bud! Hang in there! Buuuuud!!

The screen fades to black, and the story picks up the next morning.

What do we do if he doesn't wake up?

We don't have to worry, Prez! I mean, it's Bud we're talking about!

Exactly! He'll wake up when his stomach starts growling!

*Sniffle* Yeah, I know Bud will pull through. He'll wake up shouting, "I'm hungry!".

Yeah, acting like a normal person is just so weird.

Everyone wait! I just had a great idea!

A great idea?

I'll explain later! Follow me to where Bud is!

Sounds legit.

If you don't wake up, Whazzap's future will...

The main characters stroll in.

This is to help Bud! We're counting on you!

I know...


What in the world is she saying?

(Quiet, Mega! She's so embarassed right now.)

Sleepy Bud, I've cooked your favorite ginger beef! If you don't wake up, Geo and Zack are going to eat it up!

Unghhhh... Prez's homemade ginger beef!

Wasn't Bud unconscious? How did he even hear her?

Geo's delighted to hear Bud again, while Zack is smug about his plan working.

I'm never doing that again! Never!

And as always, Luna bitches.

A quick cut later, and Bud somehow changes back into his old clothes.

Glad you liked it!

(Even though Geo made it.)

Bud, have you got your memory back now?

Yup!! Sorry for being such a pain in the neck! I'm back to being good ole Bud Bison again!

Good to have you back Bud! We were really worried about you. Glad that's over...

Bud turns to Geo and personally thanks him for his efforts.

Mega breaks up the moment to alert Geo that his LP has gone up.

It's gone up by 30.

Link Power... Bud and I really bonded there I think!

But in an interesting twist,

......His memory is back?

the scenario isn't over yet.

The Shaman reminds Bud that he is still the ruler of Whazzap, and as such can not leave. Bud's response is that while he's grateful to the village for all of the food,

I'm not some great ruler or whatever. I'm going back with my friends...

You would leave us!? We'll see about that!

The Shaman screams for help.

Budicus is out of control! Grab him!

Cue a chase scene.

And then a bunch of shots of the villagers patrolling the area.

Considering the group is hiding in plain sight, I kind of wonder if they're even looking.

Why do they care about me so much!? They can get anyone they want to be their ruler.

Mega recommends Geo do something about the Shaman if he wants to leave.

I'll pulse in and try to approach him!

Geo orders everyone to keep hiding while he does his thing.




Budicus must be hiding somewhere in the village! Find him now!

And then MegaMan was in the Visible Zone.

It was you who hid Budicus from me! Bring him out!

Budicus is my friend, Bud Bison! He's already told you that! Just let him go!

The Shaman turns around and sighs that he can't do that. Geo presses him for a reason, and the Shaman answers that Budicus will make the people of Whazzap powerful.

I will unite the people of Whazzap, and we will increase our lands!

Mega snickers that the Shaman just wants Bud as a figurehead.

He's just using the new "ruler" for his own crooked ends...

He's using Bud!?

It matters not if he's not the real deal. He just has to go along with the whole herald of Mu shtick!

Go along with it...

Bud is nothing but a puppet for him. Kid, I don't think this guy is gonna listen to you.

Geo immediately refuses, but Mega fires back that it's the only option.

...? Am I hallucinating? Did your left hand just talk to you?

No, you saw right!


Seizing his chance, Mega claims to be an evil monster straight from Hades.

If you don't do as I say, I'll swallow you whole! How'd you like that? Grrrrrr!!

The Shaman recalls an ancient Whazzap tale about a great beast, who drove the people to starvation through eating all of the food.

......Yes. Yes, I am. It is I! Eatzitup!

It can't be! You don't exist!

Let's bring this one home now!


Hurry it up!

Oh, sorry.

MegaMan charges at the Shaman.

No, please!

Heh! What a weakling!

Mega scoffs that of course there's no such thing as Eatzitup.

Meanwhile, the people of Whazzap freak out when they see their leader unconscious. Geo and Mega seize the chance to escape with everyone.

Which apparently means returning to that tent.

Luna packs up,

and Zack... what.



I can finally go home!

Bud and Zack get in the car, while Geo assures Luna that he can get back the way he came.

You'll... be OK?

I'll be fine. Don't worry!

It's not like I was worried or anything...!

Luna promises to meet Geo back home, then gets in the car before it zooms away.

Hmm... I guess we've taken care of everything here. Time to pulse in, kid. If you don't get back soon Prez will be angry.

Yeah, I know.

This guy gives me the Card Finder as a reward for having such a high LP.

The counterpart to Zenny Finder, this is incredibly useful for completing the Card Library.

Time to ditch. I'm sure kidnapping Whazzap's religious icon as well as assaulting its political leader will have no repercussions whatsoever.

The Shaman is furious.

I don't have a scratch on me! I was completely hornswoggled!

And now... Now Budicus has run away... He was the perfect puppet to set up as the new ruler...

The Shaman bemoans that Whazzap will never become prosperous now.

Who's there!?

Oh god damn it.

If only Lady Vega had entrusted me from the beginning!

Who are you?

I feel sorry for the Shaman. Everyone keeps ignoring him to have their own conversations.

Ah, my apologies. I am Hyde... I've come to pass on the legacy of Mu.

The Shaman asks who Hyde thinks he is to try a trick like that on him.

Come forth! Condor!

Condor introduces itself as a guardian of Mu, astonishing the Shaman. He recognizes Condor as one of the shapes formed by the Whazzap Lines.

Heh, heh, heh... Do you still doubt me?

Hyde explains that if the Shaman were to use an Ancient Star Carrier, the legacy of Mu, Whazzap could achieve anything.

And you would give it to me?

Yes, but at a cost. You will tell me all you know concerning Mu...

Hyde reminds the Shaman what he's giving up by sticking to tradition. He threatens that Whazzap will forever be known as a small and worthless country in the south. The Shaman says nothing for a bit,

To the east... Our ancient texts say that Mu is in the east. That is the secret of Mu...

then relents.

*Sneer*... I thank you for sharing your secret with me. And as promised, I give you the legacy of Mu.

Condor proceeds to fuse with the Shaman.

That is Terra Condor, one of the great warriors of Mu!

Hyde laughs that a fake ruler isn't necessary anymore: the Shaman can rule now.


Terra Condor flies away.

And guess who he's about to kidnap?


Elemental Blade.

This statue is supposed to look like it could be either Solo or Bud.

Solo's concept art. He's got a ton of early designs too, but I'll wait till I get to his backstory before I post those.