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Part 16: Bermuda Maze

SSNeoman, are you just taking your time deciding? Or have you forgotten to check your PMs again?


That's a good summary of the last update.

Say goodbye to MegaMan Rogue; I've reactivated my old Wave Command, and with it my original equipment.

For this update, MegaMan's going to be rocking the classic colors. Now that I think about it, he hasn't been in his base form since the first update, huh?

Sonia's still at the entrance to Bermuda Maze.

......Why are you here? Didn't I warn you last time not to come back?

I was afraid of losing you, so I ran away.

That's an interesting way to interpret Sonia blasting you.

And because I was afraid of being hurt, I forgot what's important. Trusting your friends... Trusting you... No matter what happens, you should always trust your friends... Everyone has shown me that.

And that sure is a moral that you totally ignored during Zack's scenario.


I know this isn't you... You would never turn on us...

Sonia denies Geo's words and loudly proclaims that she is the enemy.

I warned you last time, didn't I? You leave me no choice but to hurt you!

And that's why he's going to beat the crap out of her.

No matter what you say, I still believe in you!

Belief is a boot to the face.


Like Queen Ophuica, Harp Note is exactly the same as she was in SF1. Lazy programming or biting commentary on what it means to be a love interest? You decide.


Her primary attack summons amps on the two columns she's not in. They're destructible, but there's no point; Harp Note is wide open during this move so focus on countering instead.

(10 x 6, Breaking)

After two shots of music, she'll fire guitar chords down her column. If they hit MegaMan, she'll let loose a string of paralyzing notes,


and then follow it up with this. This attack comes in three colors (purple, pink, and blue) and will respectively prevent movement, confuse, or blind. She'll occasionally whip this out without its preceding move, which is your cue to smack her in the face.

Harp Note's a theoretically difficult boss hamstrung by AI limitations. Her attacks are designed to work in tandem, with the music notes forcing MegaMan into the guitar attacks. But since bosses in Star Force must move around a bit in between attacks, Harp Note's combos become "wall off MegaMan > move twice > launch guitar chords". Later versions somewhat alleviate this by ramping up her movement speed, but in the end her attacks will never seamlessly flow together. Oh well, at least her Mega card is pretty great.



You're only hurting yourself when you lie to yourself... I can't bear to watch you hurt yourself...

"But I am okay with kicking you in the face until you explode."
I really don't understand what the point of the boss battle was. Neither side is injured in the cutscene, and for all intents and purposes it's like Geo just never stopped speaking.

I'd rather we suffer together than you go on alone like this...

Music: Loneliness

I'm not sure if it's fitting or incredibly lazy to use tracks from SF1 here.


The world is big, but you are not alone... We share a bond... The words you spoke to me. Do you remember?

......I could never hurt you, Geo...

Sonia apologizes and thanks Geo for steadfastly believing in her. Once more, Geo asks what happened to her.

I was swallowed by that black hole, remember?

Sonia was about to Wave Change to find her way home when Hollow showed up.

Hollow told me to work with him. Of course I refused. I couldn't knowingly help your enemies.

What kind of deal?

If I helped them, they would stop attacking you... That was the deal...

So did Sonia plan to work with Vega forever or something?

!! You did that for me!?

Just seeing Hollow I could sense his power. And if he ever turned all his power on you... That's when I knew I couldn't refuse...

Yeah, because Hollow is so much more threatening than a literal world destroyer.

But why would they go that far to have you work with them?

They wanted me to open up a path in the Bermuda Maze.

Sonia explains that EM waves run rampant in a certain area of the Bermuda Maze, usually leading to machines breaking down. Geo connects this to the malfunctioning planes.

Vega and her crew...

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but in order to get at it, they needed my abilities...

And they knew that Harp Note could do it because reasons.

I've got no idea what they're after, but I know it'd be a bad idea to let them get it.

Quite true, Mega. It could mean the end of everything if they get their hands on it.

"I don't know what it is" -> "The world is doomed if they get it."

We're going, Sonia! We gotta find that thing before they do!

What? Why?

We're not going to let them carry out their plans!


They can't do anything if they don't know where it is, and Harp Note's the only one who can find it. Why not just leave and take down Hollow when he comes for you?

Oh whatever, walk into the god damn trap. Not like you two just had a battle or anything that should have you worn you out.



Um... If... If you're not mad at me, would you mind forming a BrotherBand with me again...?

Sonia starts to go on about how she doesn't have the right anymore, but Geo cuts her off.

I'd love to form a BrotherBand with you!

Music: Bermuda Maze

Anyways, time for the worst dungeon in the game.

Leave it to me!

Right after the game explains why Harp Note needs to be here. You see, with her musical abilities she can

Which path is correct?

He said to follow him...

Hahahahaha no, the denizens of Bermuda Maze just like her for some reason.

Most dungeons in the BN/SF series are short (two to three maps) and feature a central gimmick. In contrast, Bermuda Maze is a long, long, long kick in the balls that features two different puzzles.

The first is to follow this guy, who's moving at breakneck speed.

It's easy enough at the beginning, since the map isn't complex,

but then the game starts to fuck with you. Pink clouds will cover the screen,

the guide will take odd paths,

the terrain will do its best to slow MegaMan down,

and of course there are random encounters to make you lose focus. Let's have a quick bestiary.

Storms line up with MegaMan and fling their tornado at him. They're immune to all non-Breaking attacks while protected. Their drop is the Squall card, which creates a weak-but-hits-a-lot-of-times tornado two panels in front of MegaMan. Pretty much the backbone of a good Ninja tribe folder.

Stealths have exactly the same AI as Storms. Their gimmick is that they're invisible while not attacking. They drop Stealth Lazer, which targets the enemy with the highest HP on the field.

Finally, Lampis are the best viruses in the game. They'll either kick me,

or turn around and flash their bottoms to blind me. They drop Flicker Kick, which somehow let MegaMan kick random targets without actually getting in their face.

Harp Note will be standing around in every area.

This fog seems to be made of EM waves. If we get lost here, we'll short out lots of electronic devices.

I think the implication is that planes were crashing because Harp Note was accidentally jumping into their systems?

You OK, Mega?

I AM an electronic device! What do you think!?

He probably meant "I live in".

Taking a wrong exit will either take me back in the maze or lead me to this room. If I move forwards,

viruses attack.

At the end, the game will go full fuck you and throw in a maze MegaMan can not possibly navigate fast enough to keep up with the guide.

The next puzzle is a series of riddles.

Listen to the colors the top screen indicates to move forwards.

Oh, and even though they're not needed anymore the pink clouds come back just to be a piss-off.

This somewhat clever puzzle has all four hertzes be the color on the top screen. All four tell you to be patient,

and if I stand here long enough the way forward is revealed.

There's an intermission area before the last part of the maze.

In it is a guide who'll warp me to here from the entrance if I give him a card. He speaks in english because.

The final area features more complex riddles,

and a plain old fuck you. The hertzes in this room rapidly teleport all over the place, and when you combine that with the pink clouds you get complete frustration.

Eventually Geo runs into another black spot.

And subsequently one last maze segment.

At the end is a staircase.

Sonia guesses that at this spot, way under the sea, is what Vega is looking for. Lyra adds that she feels a powerful presence nearby. So does Mega.

But he knows where, or rather who it's coming from.

I think he's snared us in his little trap.

You were too slow to notice...

Hollow warps in.

Thanks to your abilities we are finally able to come here...

What is this...

That which we were looking for is trapped here... That thing is... the continent of Mu!

...!! The continent of Mu? It really does exist!

And the key to releasing Mu...

This kind of makes sense in this version, since the people of Mu could have feasibly been familiar with relics from the Saurian. It makes absolutely no sense in Ninja or Zerker.

Hmm. Now it makes sense. I finally get what these guys were trying to do.

Yes, everything is as I planned...

Hollow informs Sonia that he didn't recruit her just because she could find Mu. He also wanted to use her as bait to draw in MegaMan. Now all he has to do is finish the duo off, and he will be able to fulfill Vega's wishes and raise Mu.

Stay back, Sonia...

Sonia obliges, even though you'd think she'd want to help. I think you're supposed to assume she's injured from that earlier fight.

You used her and hurt her... You toyed with our Link Power...

Geo is pissed. Too bad he sucks at one liners.

Very well... Do not hold back when you fight me, MegaMan...

Watch me sic Luna on someone!


Hollow is an annoying fight.

And the reason why are these special panels.

As long as they exist, Hollow can summon viruses onto them. And while these guys have shit for HP, they make the battle incredibly annoying since they'll often inadvertently act as living shields. And if MegaMan's in a Tribe, Hollow will solely summon a virus of the element he's weak against.

While Hollow can restore these panels if you override them, he'll take a while to do it so it's a good idea to set MegaMan's buster to change panel types. Or just throw some Green Carpets in your folder, that works too.

Hollow's final trick is this barrier. He'll raise it up immediately after moving, so trying to hit him in between attacks can be risky.


By himself, Hollow's kind of eh. He can shoot a yellow beam of lightning down a column,

or a purple beam that has a splash radius. Both will paralyze.


He can also drop lightning bolts on the 2x3 area closest to the player (MegaMan's row and the row in front of it). Hilariously, hard mode speeds up this animation so much that he can only drop one bolt.

There's a purple version of this attack too. This one will hit the target area twice.

If you manage to neutralize the virus panels, Hollow is a joke. Not only do his attacks have a huge charge-up, but if you hit him while he's doing that you'll score a Counter Hit. Or you could just do what I did and drop some Wood nukes on him.


I cannot afford the loss of anymore power...

Hollow warps away. Don't ask me how he did that while exploding.

He got away...

Geo! Are you OK?

Yeah, I think so.

Good... This was all my fault, Geo... And if you had been hurt because of me... *Sniffle*


The cheery mood is interrupted by the screen darkening.

I sense something...!

You know what that means.

Yeah... No doubt about it. It's him!

How did he even know to come here?



Solo Wave Changes.

Geo, you should get out of here!

Are you crazy!?

Yeah, I'm still at full health.

I'm not gonna leave you!

That too.

He's much more powerful than before... Even the two of us together have no chance!

Sonia, I just got on your case about you not trusting Ge-

God damn it Sonia.


Early designs for Hollow. For once, I think I like the final version more.