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Part 10: Update X - What do you plan to do with these rare resources?

Update X - What do you plan to do with these rare resources?

Video: Chapter 4 Objective
Music: Hunter Base

We could really use him on our side. Nana, please...

Professor Gaudile was a central figure and lead reasercher[sic] at the giant Force Metal research lab that was here in Giga City. He's a renowned specialist in complex energy theories, and is also an accomplished engineer.

Where is he?

When the Rebellion Army caused the uprising, he retreated to the safety of his lab, and since then he has refusing any kind of contact with both the Army and the government.

Which means... We'll have to sneak into a lab that's heavily guarded against intruders.

That's true. But the Professor could help us strengthen the base as well as helping us with our preperations[sic] to fight the Rebellion Army!

We've gotta get the Prof on our side before the Rebellion Army does!

Welcome to the Gamecube version! Due to the issues with figures, I swapped over so I wouldn't have to completely cut those out. It also lets me cover the biggest version difference:

This is the battle pause screen on PS2.

And this is the battle pause screen on GC!

I think this is one of the most :psyduck: version changes I've ever seen.

Nah, I'm just messing with you.

What we're here for is the Treasure Radar.

Let me explain what it does and how to use it.

That's right, time to break out the old Game Boy Advance!

Or rather, time to follow a precise set of actions and/or sacrifice a few goats to get two separate emulators to link up.

And with that.


The radar will show things in the same zone. From here, we can see one reading in the computer room and another in the Air Bus station.

When you get close to one, it shows up as a shining light.

Each one gets us a Treasure Token, not to be confused with the Figure Tokens we've been getting so far. From this point going forward, assume the GBA screen is just off to the side almost 24/7. I'll show off where each token is.

Back to our regularly scheduled talking fest.

Another benefit of swapping to Gamecube is that the emulator I use, Dolphin, has support for custom graphics packs. I grabbed one here to improve menus and text.

Ask Nana if you need to use the teleport device. Hopefully Professor Gaudile will be willing to help us repair the base. But I hear the Professor is awfully stubborn, so we'll have to tread carefully...

Nana also gets us some more goodies. The Deployment Center is the same between versions.

You can use the Deployment Center to deploy friendly Mechaniloids to collect Zenny and Items. For a more detailed explanation, see the tutorial after you enter the Deployment Center. You can view items collected on deployment in the Sky Room. I connected the teleport device to the Sky Room, so just tell me when you want to go there.

Call the Deployment Center? >Yes/No

Opening dedicated deployment transmission circuit.

Music: Respond!

Deployment is simple. You have some bots, you send them to an area, they come back a bit later with loot. The loot can range from zenny, to Force Metal, even to key items like Tank Parts!

Each area we go to gets added to the list, and each has their own reward pool.

Distance determines how long it takes for a group to return. Zenny brings back money. Item covers key items, Force Metal, and Figure tokens. Disks contain things for the Sky Room. Ability+ gives a bonus to that stat for the search party.

There are three kinds of bots: red, yellow, and green. Each color corresponds to an area's zenny, item, and disk list, respectively.

We start off with 3 mechaniloids, and while you can send out only 1 at a time, it heavily cuts the odds of the trip getting anything at all.

So I take our three and send them off to Lagrano. In addition to the three searching stats, Vit increases the odds of units coming back intact, while Move decreases the time needed for them to return.

Teleport to Sky Room? >Yes/No

Teleporting to Sky Room.

Music: Talking Funk

The Sky Room is a hub for all the collectibles we'll be getting over the course of the game.

The cabinet on the left covers figures (of which this file at this moment), concept art, and documents.

Right now we have barely any art, but the majority of them will come from Deployments.

Files cover important information.

...the hell is an 'intellect-pulse'?

As well as story recaps.

To the right of the cabinet, we have a poster that we'll be able to change down the line.

Hold on, is that Aile with two legs back there?

The jukebox acts as a music player.

As well as a scene viewer.

To the right of the jukebox is this terminal. Challenges are small side goals that give more Sky Room goodies to look at.

One tab over, combat stats for all party members. Bizarrely, they label the highest damage dealt as 'MAX Attacks'.

We can also see exactly how much zenny we've earned, and what we spent it on.

As well as how many item crystals are in each area.

...Central Tower has a suspiciously high count, huh.

Customize lets X get his bling on.

He'll be rocking some extra blue for the next while.

Rather than clog up town updates with anything I get for the Sky Room, everything here will be put into a dedicated bonus update.

Music: Hunter Base

If it turns out they’re cooking up something nasty, we'll just have to ”borrow” it for a closer look!

You know what the tower looks like by now, so I'll just jump from person to person and save us all some time.

Token by the bed.

Well, I heard that professor is awfully stubborn. I don’t think he’ll agree to help that easily. Professor Gaudile is a fine engineer. Probably the best in Giga City. He's well versed in energy theories, and was a key researcher at the former Force Metal laboratory.

Did I really deserve to inherit this armor, along with the Massimo legacy? Wait a minute, I’ve worried long enough. I will become strong! I MUST become strong!

I like Massimo. What can I say? I'm a sucker for legacies inherited by an initially inferior successor.

Music: Recapture Hope

I went all the way from a Class 9 Soldier to a Class 6! Am I good, or what?!

(I wouldn't dare tell him that l was promoted to Class 1...)

At the rate this is going, X will come back from beating Epsilon only to find out that this lady took R's place. :allears:

A place for everything, and everything in its place!

It's important to take breaks, you know? X, don't forget to take an occasional break yourself, okay? Haste makes waste. as they say. I'm going to rest here awhile.

I wish I could lead a dangerous and daring life like that. I heard she only steals new technology! Come to think of it... Wonder what she does with all that stuff?

Gee, I wonder who our next party member could be.

What good does it do to keep a bunch of neat stuff for yourself? Better for everybody to enjoy it. You know, kind of a Robin Hood thing? Steal lotsa stuff from the bad guys, and share it with the poor... Still a thief’s a thief, eh! Don’t go trying any funny stuff, okay?

A complete and utter mystery, that.

Token near the data room, by an Eagle Eye crystal.

And another token right past where Spider flipped sides.

I checked this computer, and sure enough, the Rebellion left behind some data. The problem is it’s sealed with some tough encryption. It’ll take quite some time to crack. I'll keep at it, but I can't tell you exactly how long it will take to break. This encryption might be beyond my ability... But don't worry! I'll crack the code eventually! That much I can assure you of!

Surely we're more familiar with the workings of this base! For crying out loud! We're the reason this base functions in the first place. One extra engineer can’t possibly make that much of a difference! I don't think...

If he were here, he could really boost the functions of the base. After all, he was one of the main engineers in the Force Metal lab. His techniques are way beyond ours, you know?

What?! A burglary?! Yes. I see... So, why aren’t you out on the tail of the perpetrator?! You are a security guard, aren't you?! Oh, X, you're still here? I'm not finished with the transmission. Talk to me later, will ya?

We just need a few more pals, and the Rebellion will be easily dealt with! Wonder what kinda allies we'll find? I hope we can get some cute girls...


Resistance. We want to bring peace to Giga City as quickly as possible. X, we’re counting on you.

When you’re low on WE, often it’s best to slow down and wait a round.

Honestly, we've already hit a point where most Sub Weapons aren't really worth it. The majority of what we have deal straight damage, yet that eats into the WE needed for an AT, which would let us deal even higher damage in comparison. The only useful ones are support options like Item Capture or boosters like Power Charge.

This is enough work to make anybody lose their morale... Hmph! I'll just take a paid day off today.

A token on the opposite side from that guy.

Plus a token in the tunnel.

And finally grabbing this token by the Air Bus.

Music: Central Tower

Now for town.

Lately he seems to think that I'm that lady thief that everybody's been talking about. The lady thief is a red Reploid, but I'm green. What is he, colorblind or something?! I'm not the thief, dearie! Now, now. Just stop your barking!

I heard that the thief was red! She can’t slip my me, the rat! But, if she attacks me, what will I do?! A thief is bound to be awfully tough... Hmm... Guess I’ll keep my mouth shut...

The writers are a tad heavy handed with their foreshadowing. :v:

Sunbathing lets me get my mind off all the commotion of the city.

And now that figures render properly...

Five more to complete the series. Still plenty to go!

Four more to complete the series. Keep collecting!

Three more to complete the series. Halfway there.

Two more to complete the series. Almost done.

One more to complete the series. The goal is just around the corner.

I can show them off!

You can also see that Treasure Tokens show up alongside Figure Tokens.

Figures can be looked at in the menu, as well as in the Sky Room.

Time to shop.

X is starting to get tier-based upgrades now with the Guard Buster MKII. Massimo also gets access to the Protect Lance, which is stronger, slower, and reduces the chance of status effects landing.

I give X the Ice Buster we got from Silver Horn, while Spider gets a Queen of Clubs. Massimo sticks to his default weapon for a bit longer.

The Drill Missile is the only new Sub Weapon today, being the Armor-debuffing counterpart to the Melt Missile.

The item shop now stocks Coolers, I buy a few for later.

The force metal shop now stocks the +3 versions of stat FMs, as well as the Full Specs +1, which buffs all four stats.

But we aren't here for those, we're here for that Gain WE +5

WE Gain is, to put it simply, Command Mission's god stat. The more WE you get, the faster you can break out ATs, and the more damage you can do. Even with just one equipped, Massimo goes from needing three turns for his first Power Charged AT (45% -> 70% -> 95%) to two (50% -> 80%). And this will get faster and faster as we get better Gain WE versions. This is further compounded by Hyper Mode. With a single Gain WE +5 on, X jumps from 31% WE per turn to 37% while in Hyper. Massimo jumps from 37% to 45%. They have the highest Erosion of any generic FM we've seen at 10 each, but the benefits they give is well worth the cost.

I buy four. I can't even fit four across everyone just yet, that's how much I want them.

But once Massimo gets another point of Immunity, he's hitting 52% WE every single turn while using Glint Armor.

This isn't even his final form. :getin:

What part about me doesn't scream ”ordinary, everyday citizen”?! Surely this must be some mistake! What? You think this is a disguise? Are you out of your mind? Oh, whatever! Check me as much as you like!

Don't lie, or you'll just get in more trouble! Go on, admit it! Yes, you DO appear to be an average citizen... An excellent disguise! Now, it's about time you give yourself up and show yourself for who you really are!

We're all on alert over this thief business, so just keep quiet! Oh! I'm so sorry. He barks at anybody. I have to watch over him every instant. Now, listen to me! No more barking! Got it?

Remember when I said that this corridor will get something down the line? Well here it is!

The rewards for using the Treasure Radar!

The figures from these are completely unavailable on the PS2 version. Each category has 6 figures, same as the normal machine.

Since I only have 6 Treasure Tokens right now, I'll grab one from each.

That figure name makes me nervous. I'm half expecting a Nana, Prisoner figure to pop out at some point now.

We maintenance men have our own jobs to worry about. We’re plenty busy the way it is. We don’t have time to worry about this!

the thief is a woman. And what's more, your attitude is highly suspicious. You can’t hide the fact that you're the thief. Just admit it!

I'm a home-grown wrench-wielding fix-whatever-you-throw-at-me engineer! I ain’t no lowly thief, you hear me?! Can’t you see straight? Now get lost and come back when you’ve figured it out!

Just ignore her. She'll come out eventually. She only hides 'cause she's being stalked. you see? I just like to hang out and relax. They can call me when they find the thief.

It turns out that Goldbricker is an actual word, which surprised me.

A goldbricker is someone who puts on an appearance of doing work, while not actually doing anything.

I think I’ll keep quiet here until the dust settles. You saw what it was like in town, right? It's been like that for a while. They start saying the thief could be in disguise, and before you know it, nobody trusts anybody.

have gone through the roof. If I could meet that thief in person, I'd shake her hand.

Even in the future, capitalists gonna capitalist.

The hallway to Aile's room is still blocked.

There's a token on the ramp down.

Plus another token on the way to the other blocked door.

Which is also still blocked.

And done.

Teleport device destination set to 「Gaudile Laboratory」. Would you like to head to 「Gaudile Laboratory」? >Yes/No

There are many dangers in the laboratory. Please be careful.

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