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Part 12: Update XII - Where did that energy come from?!

Update XII - Where did that energy come from?!

Music: Jungle Treasure

It looks like those Preons exploded into item crystals!

A decent haul. This is the first time we've seen a Build WE, which boosts initial WE by 1.

Now we have a longer chain of panels with two moving ones.

With another batch right after. The space between these ones is so small that dashing at the edge of the first will stop you on the second, forcing you to dash early.

Or you could just eat a fight and move on.

The next area has a few side paths that give loot. This batch consists of two Figure Tokens and a Queen of Hearts for Spider. There is exactly one more non-Club weapon he'll use, and this ain't it.

Plus another Treasure Token to the side.

This corner room on the way up holds a Tank Energy 50.

We also run into a Mettaur Commander. Compared to the Mettaurs we saw back in Central Tower, these guys open every fight with Power Virus to poison the entire party.

They also get knocked over like this when hit by a C attack, removing their S resistance if they were ducked under their helmet.

They're just stuck there waving their feet until they can get up next turn. :kimchi:

Another Treasure Token by the exit.

And further ahead, another Treasure Token plus 500z, 500z, and a Cure All.

And yet another Token up a ramp.

Past that, we find the good Professor himself.

I take the time to give Massimo his second Gain WE +5.

Video: Meeting Gaudile
Music: Talking Funk

Cinnamon... That blasted Psyche... He was after her from the start!

Strange how Psyche just left him here with no guards, but what could Gaudile do at this point? If he runs away he loses Cinnamon and the Generator, if he tries to stop them he gets stomped. All he can do is sit here.

Hey pops, calm down, will ya? Are Psyche and Cinnamon with them? ...with the Rebellion Army?

Who are you?!

Why does X have to keep introducing himself? You'd think the guy used as a blueprint for every Reploid in the world would be a bit more well known.

We’re fighting the Rebellion Army.

So you're... against them! Well, you should know that I won't help you or the Rebellion Army! I won't allow my inventions to be used to hurt anyone.

Well, let's talk about that later. For now, tell us what happened here.

Oh... Cinnamon! Psyche got Cinnamon! The Rebellion Army kidnapped her!

Professor, what exactly happened?

We're here to help, Professor!

Listen Prof, we’re not trying to earn favors, we just can't stand to watch the Rebellion Army mess with people!

Music: Jungle Treasure

Cinnamon is installed with a Force Metal Generator, which unlocks the potential of Force Metal! They want the generator, so they've come to take my Cinnamon!! She must not be put to evil use! Go through the door on the side and you’ll reach the room where Cinnamon is! PIease...Save her! Save Cinnamon!

More loot, with a Build Armor, Build Speed, and another Gain WE +5.

I will never, ever have enough WE boosters.

The room Cinnamon was in is right outside Gaudile's office.

Which makes everything even more hilarious, in hindsight. Marino had to sneak past Gaudile to get to Cinnamon! Psyche made a big show of fiddling with Gaudile's computer to find her when she was a short walk away the entire time. It would have taken Psyche, like, 10 seconds to run over there and stop her!

I guess we’re too late. Cinnamon is long gone.

We've got to do something before they get back to base, or we’ll lose them! They must be inside here somewhere! Hurry, everybody!

Video: Marino in a Tight Spot

Instead, it takes 30 seconds for him to catch up.

Marino has had better days.

Music: Grief - Sympathy - Pity - Pain I

See, this is what I mean! Look at her, she's traumatized!

Congratulations Gaudile, you saved money on construction expenses and will now have to spend that money on therapy instead.

Thought you could escape Dr. Psyche?!

Get her!

More explosions are heard while Cinnamon can do nothing but look on.

Cinnamon finally has enough and runs over.

Ma... Marino! Marino!

Music: Mystery of the Force Metal

Turns out the red cross wasn't for show, Cinnamon can bust out some powerful heals.

The healing sfx is constantly playing for the rest of this scene.

Psyche is, well, psyched.

So this is the power of the generator! We don't need Gaudile anymore.

So after Jango and Silver, our latest villain will instead indoctrinate and brainwash an innocent girl into a killing machine.

The Rebellion Army, everyone.

Music: Jungle Treasure

Back in Cinnamon's room, another token.

And another group of items, this time just two Figure Tokens.

Music: Dangerous - Machine - One - Hair

The path forks right and left many times to create a mass of branches. The right path is a shortcut to Cinnamon! The left is a long route. If it interests you, you can always come back later! For now. please hurry!

The door has locked behind us, there's no way out but forward.

The Eternal Forest is a mostly optional thing. As Gaudile said, this entire thing is a mess of forked paths. Taking the right path gives easier enemies and leads to the exit, taking the left gives progressively harder ones. Depending on the path you take, you get different rewards at the end.

In total, there are a whopping 21 paths in the Eternal Forest. While the earlier fights will be against enemies we've long outclassed, the far left path throws enemies from everywhere in the game at you, including the final dungeon!

Suffice to say, the party is nowhere near strong enough to deal with the entire Forest right now. I'll do an update dedicated to it once we get closer to the end of the game, but for now I have a precise route to follow.

So first, we go right.

Very well... A test for the one who seeks the exit...

'Weak Keeper' is a bit of an understatement.

After winning the fight, the guy vanishes and we can move on.

Up next is a left.

Very well... A test for the one who seeks the path of the strong...

Strong isn't much better.

Another left.

Seriously, this was the final fixed fight in Chapter 2, and X had to do that alone!

And one more left.

A bit better, but the Eternal Forest saves the real fights for later.

Music: Jungle Treasure

And done.

The left path is blocked off.

Please, take this.

Obtained Item 「Tank Energy 100」 Obtained Item 「Backup」

Looking forward to your next visit!

The door ahead leads to the end of the dungeon, while the locked door to the left will unlock on a revisit, and will send you back to the start of the Eternal Forest.

The Joker is the reason I took this route. Having a very good stat spread, the Joker is a gimmick weapon for Spider that trades out the 75% WE requirements and instead pulls a random suit effect on every attack.

I'll give it to him for the rest of the chapter.

We're near the end.

What is with the Rebellion Army and not killing people? First Jango shoved Spider in a closet for the self-destruct to finish off, now Psyche just walks away from the now healed Marino.

Oh wait, I know the answer. Because they're party members so they get plot armor.

Could that be... That Cinnamon that Professor Reploid was talking about?

In hindsight, Gaudile should have mentioned the overlapping kidnapping plots.

Video: Meeting Marino
Music: Cheerful Thief Marino

She'll be okay. She's breathing. Check it out! Sleeping Beauty awakes.

I like this scene just for Marino still being laid out in the background.

That's my line.

We’re from the Resistance. We’re after Psyche of the Rebellion Army.

Psyche! Well, well. So, you’re going to find Psyche and kick his butt? I'm Marino, the petty thief.

You tried to kidnap a girl installed with an incredibly powerful piece of gear, that goes far beyond petty theft.


Hey, if you’re going to get Psyche, take me with you!

You? A thief? Why?

Cuz they nearly killed her, X. Don't be dense.

I don't care who this Rebellion Army is. All I know is I'm not gonna stand by while they steal stuff I could be stealing!

Have you noticed how Massimo has had all of three lines this chapter?

This may become a trend.

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