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Part 16: Update XVI - I hid myself while I tried to repair myself.

Update XVI - I hid myself while I tried to repair myself.

Music: Unknown Energy

He must be strong to have done this. Still, no match for me, I'm sure.

But... I kind of feel bad for him... It looks like he was cut by a sharp saber—type weapon. I don't think I can do anything to help.

Saberl? X! Could this be...!

Yes, it must be! He’s... He's alive!

Video: Jentra
Music: The Rebellion's Fate

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

We're actually just a few rooms away from the end, which makes this the latest we've seen a chapter boss!

Who was Jentra talking too? Zero was at the far end of that hallway, it wouldn't have taken that long to cross it.

Music: Standby, Zero

Zero! So it was you! I'd heard you were dead...

Zero, you're starting to get uncomfortably meta.

Besides, I wouldn't feel right about dying without taking your boss with me!

Well, aren’t we peppy today! But you’ll never reach our leader. You’ll perish in this factory first!

Music: Unknown Energy

All of these dead Reploids have this description.

But at least Zero was polite enough to leave a Killer Mantis for X to salvage.

Obtained Force Metal 「Fire Guard」

A few of the guards also hold items. There's a Treasure Token next to this guy.

His buddy next to him has this.

A Build Shield, Hunter Missile, and Build Armor.

We can't take the door ahead.

So we take the unlocked door to the west.

We've already caught up to Zero!

Video: X and Zero Meet Again
Music: The Rebellion's Ambition

Unfortunately for Zero, being in an RPG means he no longer has access to Slash Dash Cancels, tanking his ability to solo bosses.

Hmph! Well, make your last wish!

In a complete reversal from X1, X bails Zero out from almost certain death.

Music: Courage - Strength - Success - Daring

Why you...!

May as well just beg us for mercy!


Jentra has an escape hole prepared just in case three Maverick Hunters corner him in his own lair.

Aw, man. We let him get away!

Good to see you too, buddy.

Hey, you two! Save the chat for later! We've gotta get down to business and go...

Axl gets no respect.

Music: Unknown Energy

A new alarm blares.

Now initializing Duboar. Repeat. Now initializing Duboar. Be advised that some subsystems may be temporarily shut down in order to secure initialization sequence energy.

Translation: That door from before is now unlocked.

What the heck is Duboar? What’s going on??

Whoever it was back there probably did something... The last announcement said that the facility functions were compromised. If we’re going to look for him, now's our chance.

Zero’s right. We’re going after Jentra!

Has Jentra's name even come up in-game yet?


Zero's gained some levels since Chapter 1, and now has two Heat Hazes. His Immunity is still trash, however.

Hilariously, he got two new Heat Hazes for this, leaving his original Chapter 1 Heat Haze to gather dust in my inventory. As there are only two Sub Weapon slots, and Heat Haze is exclusive to Zero, it physically cannot be used.

Jentra was polite enough to drop some items on his way out.

I should probably save before I fight Jentra.

There’s nothing worth looking at around here. We’d better turn back.

Or not, apparently.

You die against Jentra? You have to go through all those scenes again, plus any menuing you've done before the fight.

Off we go.

The game shows some pity for trapping us, at least. We get an extra Tank Energy 100 alongside the usual Tank Energy 100 and Gain Hyper.

Video: Battle with Jentra
Music: Mysterious Enemy

Jentra is having a bit of a giggle.

Oh giant machine, you're so funny.

Now, Duboar! Dismantle them!

It is all for the ideal!

Jentra comes into the fight with two Preons to back him up. He can have any mix of Soldiers, Shielders, and Tanks.

On top of the normal boss Sub Tank and weapon upgrade for X, Jentra also has a Twin Fire as a steal. The Twin Fire is an upgrade to the Fire Missile Sub Weapon, launching two missiles for 20 WE.

Much like Mad Nautilus, Jentra is a flying unit, which explains why he was able to body Zero so easily. Unlike Nautilus, however, Jentra will be grounded if he takes 1,000 damage in a single hit.

This makes having a good stock of Ultra Blizzards important, as it lets anyone ground him as well as chip away at his backup.

Although he'll get back up on his next turn.

You should know what the plan is by now.

If any Preons are dead, Jentra can summon more with Gentle Call.

Charge Shot takes a good chunk out of the Preons while grounding Jentra, but in hindsight I should have just used more Ultra Blizzards and saved the WE for an X Collider.

Massimo gets a bad start and doesn't a crit.

Trickstar, meanwhile, can always be relied upon for big hits.

Flames of Gehenna is a standard party attack.

Massimo's elemental weakness is really biting him here.

Leak WE is a mean attack, draining 50% WE from the entire party.

Shame he used it when two people were dry and the other was untouchable.

Do you remember me mentioning that Preon Soldier's have heals last time?

Because I sure didn't! :shepicide:

New plan, get these guys dead.

Jentra's list of backup is actually incredibly dangerous. A Shielder's Force Shield deals very high damage, and also punishes X's Charge Shot or Spider running Spades. The Tank can drop your Fire resistance and make Jentra's big moves hit even harder. The Soldier has the lowest damage output, but can also heal Jentra for 7,000 LE at will. No matter what, the Preons can do some serious work. And unlike Psyche's Needles, these guys have enough bulk that you need some dedicated effort to take them down.

Smash! is the usual auto-crit move.

At least it won't take long to get past that extra 7,000.

X Collider gets much better performance compared to Mad Nautilus.

X can only use X Fire for the AT, as his normal attacks are forced into Fire and will happily heal Jentra.

With Spider almost dead and out of Hyper turns, I give Zero some time in the spotlight.

This is a slightly better setup.


Oh thank god.

Our first look at Giga Fire isn't too impressive, but Zero has two Fire Guards on to mitigate the damage.

All those enemy exclusive attacks I talked about with the Fire Glob use the same animations as Mega and Ultra items.

The nice thing about the Lagrano Key is that I can throw these out freely. A full stack of one type only costs 5400z, which is rapidly becoming chump change.

Remember what I said about Heat Haze and Zero's Action Trigger, way back against Hippopressor?

It holds true for two of them.


That outdamaged X Collider.

Hilariously, Giga Fire is actually weaker than Flames of Gehenna.

But with a few more attacks...

Ugh, Maverick Hunters... too powerful...

Jentra doesn't explode.

But the fight is still over.

Axl gets Jentra's Flames of Gehenna, giving him an option for Fire damage.

Video: Duboar Berserk
Music: The Rebellion's Fate

Fools! If I die,

The latest Rebellion trick is installing a dead man's switch into your war bot factory.

Think you can handle a few hundred frenzied Mechaniloids? Hahahahaha-AUGH...!

RIP Mach Jentra, you had two scenes and died. You didn't even get the courtesy of an on-screen explosion.

Oh no, a Chaser.

Music: Dangerous - Machine - One - Hair

Despite the warning alert, this isn't actually a boss fight. Four waves of Preons and we're done. The first wave dies in a flash.

The second wave adds in some Shielders.

The third wave has something new.

The Preon Hybrid is a mishmash of a Chaser, a Spark, and a Shielder. They start the fight Berserked, and once that gets cleared up with an attack will follow up with Break Shield to boost their Power, as well as Wild Attack to gamble on crits.

As you can tell from their completely empty steal and drop list, the Hybrids only appear in this one fight.

Mach Jentra is great for taking a bite out of a wave, amusingly.

The final wave is four Hybrids.

Video: Axl Transforms
Music: The Rebellion's Mission

Even more Preons keep being made.

I'll mark these Chasers as a threat, if only because there's no end to them and they'll eventually win by attrition.

Axl jumps.

And transforms.

What is he up to?

Duboar! Cease the attack!

Strangely, Axl is using his own voice for this, while his introduction in X7 and his voice clips for his AT both show that he talks in the voice of whoever he's copying.

But apparently the Rebellion skimped on their voice recognition software, so it works.

The Preons start to chill.


And so, Duboar falls to a call back to Chapter 1.

Which has the side effect of making all the Preons explode.

Yup, glad you're here, too! Me, X... and Axl, back together... We'll be able to show the Rebellion Army a thing or two!

Okay Axl, Zero. Let's head to the base. I've got some introductions to make.

You notice how none of the new party members appeared in a cutscene with Zero?

Music: Memories of Gigantis

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