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Part 24: Update XXIV - Gahahahah! Welcome to my silly, silly stage!

Update XXIV - Gahahahah! Welcome to my silly, silly stage!

Music: Desert of Confusion

Let's move on and put those laser puzzles out of our minds forever.

Video: Battle with Botos
Music: Talking Funk

Boy, oh, boy!

On the other hand, maybe not! Since you're about to meet your end by my hands!

Just wanted to point out that the party walked away from Botos when getting off the elevator.

I am Botos. A Cadre of the Rebellion Army, who fight for the hopes of all Reploids.

Enough with the PR. Let us by if you know what's good for you.

Nice to see Zero doesn't fall for the misunderstood honorable warrior BS.

Bit hard to see due to the glow, but Supra-Force Metal uses the same model as regular Force Metal.

Know what this is? Supra—Force Metal!

So that's what it is!

That’s right, gentlemen! This tiny little bit of Supra—Force Metal...

And with this power, I'll crush you feeble hunters to pieces!

Time for a little lesson in agony!

Music: Executive Battle (we get a new boss music, too!)

Botos always opens with Botos Trio to bring out his helpers.

The Q-bits are much more limited than Psyche's Needles or Jentra's Preons, only having Mega Fire, Death Gravity, and Gain Life 25. They also have an inexplicable angel design.

As an extra Fuck You to the laser puzzle, Botos' items obsolete the Combat and Shot Absorbers even if you've never found the Lagrano Key, gets you another Fire Resist, and has another type of Stella for Marino, making the entire thing even more worthless!

Taking a page out of Cinnamon's book, his normal attack is just him slapping someone.

Showtime, his signature move, is a standard party attack.

Bizarrely, he also has Battle Rhapsody, which is another party attack. No added status effects or anything, it just hits harder than Showtime.

If he has two Q-bits on the field, he can use Battle Allegro, Battle Forte, Battle Andante, or Cradle Song to buff his side's Speed or Power, or debuff your side's Speed and Armor/Shield, respectively.

Normally, this would be a major issue, as if you give him too many turns to set up things can easily snowball as he racks up stat buffs. The problem with that is he can only use them if two Bits are on the field. Even if you can only take out one, that sets his AI to choose between a basic attack, Showtime, Battle Rhapsody, and Botos Trio. Killing both will force his next action to Botos Trio. Except the Q-bits only have 2,000 LE, which ranges from matching (Preon Tank) to being extremely below (Preon Soldier) Jentra's summons. And with two chapters worth of levels since then, keeping both Q-bits dead and Botos locked into a neverending chain of Botos Trio isn't that hard.

And that's all without an early Rafflesian. With?




It just dawned on me that the last boss to die in their defeat animation was Psyche way back in Chapter 4.

Music: Boss Victory Jingle + Trajectory of Battle II

Axl gets nothing from this. In fact, he'll get nothing from all the Rebellion Cadres, the poor guy.

On the plus side, Cinnamon is level 29. Gain WE +10 unlocks at level 30. :getin:

To show how little of a threat Botos is, a stock cartoon SFX plays during his roll.

...kinda a let down after Incentas got Spider killed, huh?

In a complete reversal from the beginning of the game, now we're the ones knocking Key Items from people's pockets. The days of Aile's ID getting knocked to the ground from a stiff breeze are no more!

The precious Supra-Force Metal, that Epsilon gave me!

Shucks! Looks like I’ve been beaten.

Botos hops on a teleporter and bails. No one tries to stop him. :byewhore:

Cool! We've shut down the device!

Music: Respond!

The interference is gone!

Yup, we took care of it. Communication shouldn’t be a problem now.

Good work, X!

Yeah, and...

Supra-Force Metal?! You've really done it this time, X! If we analyze that, we can determine what they’re up to! Come back quickly, X! We’ll get prepared for the analysis!

Music: Memories of Gigantis

Next ti-

You know what? This update is short as hell, let's do something a bit different.

No, Spider hasn't come back from the dead. It turns out that I missed a ton of base chats up till now, so I cheated up a new file to rush through and get all of it!

Chapter 3 - After Massimo's recruitment

But he doesn't look like much of a legend to me. I mean, for crying out loud! I'd doubt if the guy has a backbone. Anyway, this is no time to worry about Massimo’s hero status. We're up against the Rebellion. We can use all the help we can get. Not like I've got my house together, either, so maybe I should zip my lips.

That's right! I'm Steel Massimo! Hah hah hah, hah hah! Okay! Let’s get back to the mission! Steel Massimo’s ready!

It's like a dream come true! With Massimo the Brave around, nobody’ll dare disturb the peace! I can't wait to see what else Massimo the Brave has in store!

We can't thank him enough! I've got to try harder! I can't let Massimo the Brave have all the glory!

And that means it won't be long before we save Nana and the other prisoners! To think the day has come when we can fight alongside the legendary Massimo the Brave.

Thank goodness! Now I'm sure we can turn the tide! What? Massimo the Brave calls himself Steel Massimo now? I see! Steel Massimo, huh?! A perfect name for him!

If I had to guess, Massimo the Brave is True Massimo's title, while Steel Massimo was his actual name, fitting the (adjective) (name) format of most Reploids. It also makes sense for our Massimo to drop the title, seeing as right now he's the exact opposite of brave.

I know!! I'm going to train until I can lift it! I wonder how Massimo got so strong... Could the secret be in his armor? Naw, it couldn't be that! All right, time for some serious training!

Sure, we've been liberated from the Rebellion, but we can't take this many supplies! We'll go bankrupt! Let me do some calculations... Two, four, six, eight, ten......?! Hiyaah! We’re in big trouble! We have to sell all of these, or we'll be out a full 100,000 Zenny!

Now we just have to wait for the supplies to arrive. But don’t you think it’s strange? We've waited quite a while and not a single thing has come... I wonder if the Rebellion is up to no good again? I wish they would just get lost, once and for all.

Not a soul would be hurt, and the city would be full of people with smiling faces. (sigh) Is the dream of peace really that difficult to achieve? If we achieved peace, we could stop working and just gaze at the sky... Take a long nap... Gaze at the blue skies... Sleep again when the sky goes dark... What? Even if the world were at peace, life wouldn't be like that? Ah, you're just a cynic.

I'll give you a reward if you can catch me! C’mon, there you go!

But even with an extra step. I'm still miles away... (sigh)... I’m such a loser... No! I’m no loser! I've got to be brave and try talking to her! Shoot... That’s what I always say, but I never actually go through with it... Easier said than done, I guess...

I'm sure he can handle it, but it worries me, knowing that he's all alone.

I don’t know what they're trying to accomplish, but they have no business trashing our town!

Now that sight has been burned into my memory, and my knees won't quit knocking!

Eh?! Whoa! It's Spider, right there! It's an honor to meet you here! I truly believe this may be fate. What's that? You always came through here with X? Impossible... How could I have missed you all those times? I don't believe it!

X's party exists in a Schrodinger's Cat situation where they both follow and don't follow X into town, depending on which NPC is looking at him.

But there's that business about the intruder, which is scary, too...

Chapter 3 - After Massimo heads to find True Massimo, but before you reunite with him

There are no actual dialogue changes for this, but the game does remember to remove Massimo from his spot for this one segment.

Chapter 4 - After Marino's recruitment

It can be used to repair damage, but if misused, could become a very potent weapon of destruction. In other words, it all depends on the Reploid that uses it... Will Cinnamon use its power for good... or evil?

Well, next we go save Miss Force Metal Generator, then convince the Professor to come to our side.

I'll become strong enough to bear the Massimo name with pride... Then do you think Marino might like me? Yes/No


Yeah! I thought so! I've got the looks. Now all I need is strength! Then I'll be every woman’s dream! Hah hah hah!


I figured as much. I guess I'm just a worthless fake.

I think this is the only bit of branching dialogue in the entire game! Granted, if you ever say no you're a horrible monster. :colbert:

I'm only here because I can’t stand it when people snatch treasure out from under my nose. I couldn’t care less about the Rebellion. Politics don't interest me much. Let's hurry up and waste that Psyche creep... And go help... I mean... steal back the girl!

(Her heart is mine, no doubt about it! She’ll melt like butter in my arms.) Soon I'll be enough of a man for you.

(What would he do if I told him I'm slated for promotion to Leader soon? I’d better just keep quiet...)

By the way. You’ll never guess who I saw upstairs a second ago. A real looker! Today was the first time I’ve seen her. I wonder who she could be? What?! She’s the thief. Marino?! No way! I don't believe it! Why would a model—type like that become a thief?! There must be quite a story behind that one.

You don't bother to head back to base after getting Marino? (which requires going to the save point just before Psyche, leaving, and going through the entire dungeon a second time) You'll never get another word about Marino robbing the entire town blind.

At least we finally get some backstory on her. She's a model that turned to thievery. Why she ditched being a model will never come up, naturally.

X. I heard that you got a new team member. What is she like? Oh, she's named Marino, you say? Well, I certainly would love to meet her. Wait! Marino, as in that thief that’s been the talk of the town?! Well, isn’t this a surprise. I'll stop by to meet her later.

Isn’t that a little risky? Letting a thief inside the base and all? You think she can resist the temptation? Well, I guess we don’t have much here at the base worth stealing anyhow...

Because, she's on the upper floor! I could hardly believe it. Marino sure is cool, isn’t she? I wish I could be like her.

If he doesn’t have an owner, maybe I could take him home? There you are, little sweetie. Be a good boy and come on over here.

Well, kind of a gut feeling, I guess... I'll tell it to her face! Just watch me. You... You're the... The... um... you know, the... Thi... (mumble)... Aren’t you?! Did you see that! Boy, did I tell her! What? You couldn't hear me? Well, she got the message, loud and clear!

the big deal? Just chill out, folks.


See, it’s just like I said! It wasn't me all along! Whg don’t you trust me for once? You're awful.

And I thought your behavior seemed suspicious... I’m really terribly sorry. I'll be careful not to judge people by their appearance in the future.

Look at him... I think he's sulking... Sitting there in protest like that. I'm so sorry! I won't get mad at you anymore. So don’t look so glum!

But you're partly to blame, as well! Speaking with that tone of voice is bound to put people on edge! Please be more careful next time!

And don't be goofing things up the next time!

Chapter 5 - After Axl's recruitment

Yes, it is true that much research was carried out in Giga City to develop Reploids with all kinds of abilities. That ability of his may just have some connection with this island.

She wants to use it for thieving! With Marino I'm not worried, but I hate to imagine what might happen if that ability got into the wrong hands!

He could morph into an enemy, infiltrate their ranks, and destroy them from the inside out. If an enemy did the same thing to us, we'd be in big trouble. I'm just glad Axl's on our side.

Funnily enough, that's exactly what Axl did in X7's first cutscene. :v:

I'd heard of research into an ability that let the user copy a Reploid’s shape and abilities. But I didn't think it was perfected. Axl must be one of a very limited number of prototypes.

More proof that X8 never happened in this timeline.

They’re both Maverick Hunters like X, right? It must be unusual for Maverick Hunters to fight alongside bounty hunters and thieves! But, wow, that chameleon ability of Axl’s is really incredible! When he transforms into somebody, is there any way to tell the imitation from the real thing?

I used to be on the lookout for one that I could steal, but I never did track any down. You wouldn't believe how much an ability like that would make my job easier. Perfect for a thief, that’s for sure! I really could use that chameleon ability... Maybe I'll go hunt for it in my free time.

Don’t worry! It's a tough job, but I know you can do it, X! And besides, I'm here to help! Huh? You mean the chameleon ability? It's true that my chameleon chip was made on this island... But as for Spider’s theory, I can't really say. I don't remember a thing about my birth.

Aww, who cares! I'll protect you! That's all I can do! No matter the mission, my feelings for you won’t change!

You'll never be alone again!

And these two get a fitting end to their subplot right before Zero kicks them off the helipad. :kimchi:

If he shows any aggression toward us we're prepared to face him. Of course, if possible, we want to avoid a fight with such a powerful Reploid.

This should make our Resistance activities go much smoother, that's for sure. And not only Resistance activities, but the security of New Hope as well.

Please repair it as quickly as you can. Thanks! Now, what am I going to do while they're repairing the bed?

This maintenance bed is our lifeline! Just leave it to me to keep it in tip-top shape! It'll take some more time to finish up... Could you let me concentrate?

Wowza! I'm so lucky to be an Air Bus engineer! Remember the three C’s! Convenience, Comfort and Cute attendants!

I wonder if that Reploid I saw before was the Maverick Hunter? But people say the Maverick Hunter's not red, so I guess it must have been someone else... I wonder who it could have been?

Isn't he just a fox? And a Class S Hunter to boot. Can you believe it? Wait, is that Axl over there? He’s always just so cute! I’m rooting for you. Axl! Hooray!

But the guy I met was totally different. He was bright red. He was just about as tall as you.

I didn't do anything! I'm just making a secret transmission to my pal! Would I lie to you?! I'm innocent. Just... Just leave me alone!

But in the real world, there are no heroes. I guess our only hope is to wait for Federation Hunters. Couldn't everybody just talk things out and achieve peace without bloodshed?

But where’s Zero? From what I’ve heard, you guys always fight together with Zero. Did something happen to him?

Wow! I got to meet X, and now Axl, too! Axl! Could you please be my friend?! When I grow up, I'm going to be a Maverick Hunter!

researched shape—changing abilities. But no one knows where it was or what kind of experiments they did. And it's all hearsay, anyway. I'd take it with a grain of salt.

He has a chameleon ability that allows him to transform into defeated Rebellion Cadres. When he transforms into one of those monsters, he must be super strong. And if nothing else, he's a Class S Hunter just like you, X. We're blessed to have another powerful warrior join the Resistance lineup.

Cin... Cinnamon... I'm almost... there... I want to meet Cinnamon. but I can't move... Somebody... Please... Take me to Cinnamon!

Spider and Axl have been acknowledged by NPCs, yet for this guy X is just on his lonesome.

I thought my strategic brown-nosing could lower my training load... But boy, did that one backfire... She made me do twice as much as the next guy... I should’ve just kept my mouth shut, then it would’ve just been the regular training regimen...

I realize once again how amazing you all are. I mean, you went through this kind of training, right? It's truly incredible!

scrap, you didn’t do half bad! Now go get plenty of rest so you'll be ready bright and early tomorrow morning! And don't think you've seen the last of my special training regimen!

Chapter 6 - After Zero's recruitment

He started out as an enemy, but that bounty hunter Spider is a full—fledged Resistance fighter now! I think we have Aile to thank for showing Spider the way. X, Zero, and now Spider. We are blessed with such good friends!

But sometimes I wonder if I really should've played hero... Ouch! Run a check? I'll have no such thing. I can’t stand having anybody mess with my parts. Let’s just get back to the mission, people. I'm in this for the long haul.

But wait a minute... What happened to Spider's arm? We told him to get it repaired, but he won't listen! X, you tell him!

Well, it brought Zero back to us, so I shouldn’t complain. Now that I think about it, Spider’s been on this island for a long time, huh? He sure keeps quiet about it. If he knows anything about the chameleon ability. I sure hope he'd tell me.

I could learn a thing or two from him! Yeah! I, Steel Massimo, will fight to the very last breath! Ho—ho!

That's just... Totally cool! No, seriously! I guess friends really are important.

But I'd been led astray. I forgot that you had the power to bring people with the same beliefs together. Spider... He was your true friend! And starting now, I’m your true friend, too! X, let me fight with you! Let’s join forces! That Shadow... What a pity. I don't care how powerful Supra—Force Metal is... How could he sell out on a Hunter for it? But the true enemy is the Rebellion... And Epsilon! I cannot forgive what he’s done.

What? You got injured protecting Zero?! Well, you need to get repaired right away! What?! You're just going to continue your mission? That's too dangerous!

This makes me even more worried about the reploids working at the Gimialla Mine. In any case, Spider should stay behind at the base.

This is unbelievable... To be able to equip that... There's never been a reploid able to safely equip Booster Parts. You appear fine now. but you'd better take it off right away if you sense any strange effects.

Oh, thank goodness! One less thing for me to worry about! Hey, why is Spider hiding his arm like that?

Despite what Gaudile said during Chapter 7's base chat, he doesn't actually mention Spider here. He just keeps chipping away at the Rebellion data.

I guess that actually did happen offscreen?

”We are more than friends, we are comrades, bound together by our common goal to defeat the Rebellion.” Friends, comrades, it’s all the same to me! I'm happy as long as Zero is back with us. You know what? Marino said that the reason Zero always has that stone-cold glare... Zero, is that true? That’s so sweet!

I'm sorry, Gong. I won’t forget about you again.

What's more, he's still fighting, even though his wounds haven't healed yet. He should know better than that. What will happen if his condition worsens?

I hope they repair him quickly and get back to their full potential. He’s brave to continue fighting with his injuries.

Theg use special tools designed specifically for mining. I don’t know what kinds of tools the Mechaniloids use, but... I heard that if they don't have their own tools, they won’t work hard.

Christ, even the trading chain is getting hinted at.

Like, Massimo getting hinted at way back at the start of Chapter 3 was good, because you had the contrast between everyone in town hyping him up and the man himself freaking out in his introduction and being level 1. But the writers can't seem to stop themselves from talking about any plot points that haven't come up yet.

There are three guardian deities in the Gimialla Mine. They're standing guard over an important room down there! You didn't know about the three deities until I told you, huh?! Heh! I knew it, I knew it!

Thank goodness. I was very worried when I heard you’d gone off on your own! I'm so glad to see you're alright. Oh? Is he wounded? What's that?! You were hurt protecting Zero?! You're so brave!

But... Now one of you is injured. If he’s not careful, he may not come back alive next time. You don't know how many times I've seen guys overextend themselves and pay the ultimate price for it. You must repair yourself completely before fighting again.

Even Spider's impending doom is getting talked about!

This is awful! You must be treated immediately! What?! You say you’ll be fine? Don't be foolish! In this state, you won't be able to raise your arm fully. Be careful!

And some figures are impossible to obtain from a normal vending machine. But the problem is, information on the passwords isn’t available here. Isn't that strange? I wonder where the passwords can be found?

The world may never know...

You don't know how many times I've seen guys lose their lives trying to fight without repairing their wounds. Don't become a statistic! You’re going to go in that condition? Well, I have nothing more to say.

can trust. And friends who understand you even without explanation. You should treat your friends well. We all need people to depend on in our times of need. That's what friends are for.

Does it mean they faced a tough enemy, or that the guy who was injured just went out on a limb? Even the strongest warriors are vulnerable to defeat. You can never be too cautious.

It was the bounty hunter, Spider. We may have the upper hand in the war but hearing that stuff worries me.

And with that, we're all caught up. Every dialogue trigger has been from a party member joining, so there shouldn't be any more mid-dungeon trips from now on.

Next time: