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Part 33: Update XXXIII - It's time I made my escape.

Update XXXIII - It's time I made my escape.

Music: Hunter Base

This is it, the final base chat.

We opposed the Rebellion, and so formed the Resistance to fight back. But to be honest, without your help, we never would have made it this far. Thank you, X! You are the greatest Maverick Hunter ever! Aile, Spider, and so many other friends... In order that their sacrifices, their faith in us. not be in vain, we must build peace from the ground up. X, I suspect there are many other important missions awaiting you. But even after you have left us, we will always remember you... As the hero who brought peace to Giga City. Thank you, X.

Thank you, Chief R.

With no mission, we can finally have a normal talk with Nana. The teleporter is only used to head to the Sky Room now.

I guess I'm happy that I never have to watch you march off to battle anymore... But I feel kind of sad, too...

Thank you, Nana.

We still have a few rewards to get from Deployments, but that can wait till postgame.

X, I always hated the thought of getting pulled into the war... But now I realize that there are some situations that must be faced head—on. I'm proud... that my knowledge was of some use.

Thank you, Gaudile.

X, did I change? After fighting along with everybody? I think I did. I've become stronger. And I have you to thank, X! If anybody else tries anything like what the Rebellion did, you can bet I'll try and stop them, if I can!

Honestly, Cinnamon, at this point you're the perfect Rebellion Resistance warrior. This run wouldn't have been anywhere near as smooth without you.

Well, it wasn’t all my mission, but I think I helped out at least a little, right? I wonder what I should do... Part of me wants to stay for a while and look into the chameleon ability... But I guess I should report to HQ.

Thanks for warming the bench, Axl, I guess.

Proud to have inherited this armor! I did it! I, Steel Massimo, did it! Thank you, X... I never would have come this far without you fighting by my side... Then, farewell! With our hearts full of pride in our victory, farewell!

Thank you, Massimo, I never used you as a kid, but a bit of outside the box thinking turned you into an absolute powerhouse from start to finish.

By the way... I've been checking on that chameleon ability... And I found out that a long time ago, Spider was at a place where they researched copy abilities. Guess he wanted to become a shape—changing bounty hunter, right? The ol' fool... I guess the next time we meet it'll be as Maverick Hunter and robber, huh...? Hey. don't get mad. I'm just joking! I'm through with the sticky—finger business, okay?! Well, maybe just on the weekends...

Thanks for stealing anything that wasn't nailed down, Marino.

Shame this didn't sell well enough to get a sequel. I would have loved to see where a Command Mission 2 would have gone with these dangling plot threads.

Music: Recapture Hope

We've been through plenty of battles together, but this one was different... Friends, huh... Well, it's about time to leave. Have you said your goodbyes?

You shared bench warming duty with Axl for a while, Zero, but you stole the show once you got Absolute Zero. Thank you.

Entering the Helipad is the trigger for the Federation plane to arrive, by the way, which is why Zero got moved into the hallway.

Soon enough, they will all be back to their former, healthy selves. If it weren’t for you, they could have been completely wiped out. Thank you so much for all that you have done! I’m sure you have more battles awaiting you, so always be careful!

Goodbye, nurse.

the city is once again at peace! Now it's our job to keep the peace for ever more! We will protect the peace at New Hope so your efforts will not be in vain!

Goodbye, security guard.

to its former glory in no time! And we owe it all to you! Thanks, X! You must stop by Giga City again some time! We’ll all be waiting for you!

Goodbye, lady.

We're rebuilding all across Giga City to show our appreciation! It's sad to see you go, but I'm sure we can meet again someday!

Goodbye, squad leader.

Oh, and listen to this! My work on the firewalls got me promoted to Intelligence Team Leader! I'm going to keep giving it my best! You stay well, okay?

Thank you, computer girl.

This was probably only one battle of many for you, but for us, it was the fight of our lives! Until we meet again!

Goodbye, soldier.

They said there's no time for goodbyes. They're going to rebuild so much you won’t recognize Giga City next time! They were totally fired up, let me tell you. Well. I've gotta do my part, too! Can’t let them get ahead of me!

Goodbye, mechanic.

Because you defeated the Rebellion for us! Thank you so much!

Goodbye, volunteer guy.

Still, you did an excellent job! You’ve ushered in an age of peace!

Goodbye, weapon lady.

I'm planning on changing my ways, and actually getting some work done! I guess you guys are going back to your old jobs. Good luck for the future!

Goodbye, lazy guy.

We’re busy as usual. But not busy with fighting; busy rebuilding Giga City. We shall never forget you... You who brought an end to the long war!

Goodbye, other nurse.

And that's it. No more ramps every Chapter to see what people have to say.

I never have to come down here again.

Just a bit more left.

Music: Central Tower

The Rebellion is gone... Which means the war is over! Freedom is finally here! We are free! Thanks to you and your friends!

This is the best! It's like a dream come true! I owe my life to you! Thank you for everything!

The mood in town is understandably festive.

And it’s thanks to all your efforts. Come to Giga City any time you please. Every last citizen will welcome you.

Now I can play outside any time I want! Mommy says it's all thanks to you, X!

Chapter 9 had a massive haul worth of tokens.

So many, in fact, that I completely clear out this vending machine, and I still have 8 tokens left!

Thank you, weapon shop guy, even if you were completely outclassed by the Secret Shop.

Thank you, item shop guy, and your creepy as hell smile.

Thank you, general shop guy, even if I never actually touched your wares.

Thank you, teleport lady, for helping me with all my unfinished business at old places.

Thank you, Force Metal shop lady, even if your existance rendered the FMG mostly redundant.

Everyone is so thankful that you defeated the Rebellion. I hope you'll all come back again sometime. We shall await your return. You're always welcome here!

Oh, X... You'll be leaving us now, won’t you? I feel like I've only just met you. It's very sad to have to part so soon. I hope we'll meet again some day. Do come back and say hi.

Has it really been five months since I started this LP? Man, how time flies. Shame Capcom hasn't done some form of Legacy Collection 3 for the offshoot games like Extreme or Command Mission. I may have had my gripes about the story, but I honestly really enjoyed my time here.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for fighting for us. I shall stay and pray here. For everlasting peace...

For everlasting peace.

When I grow up, I'm going to become a Maverick Hunter like you! And I'm gonna teach the bad guys a lesson! Promise to fight with me if I become a Maverick Hunter.

Depending on if the timeline for Command Mission still leads into the Zero games, the Elf Wars might happen during your lifetime, kid.

You might want to think about an alternate career choice.

The last sets of Gamecube figures still haven't arrived.

As long as there are citizens in this town to watch over, I can never rest in my job as a security guard! We will protect the gift of peace you have given us. That’s our new mission.

We'll have no more patients with war wounds now. There is no way to really express my feelings... But let me just say, thanks for everything.

I'm going to make useful gadgets that will improve living standards. Come back some time and see my new inventions!

Guess you're going back home soon? Well, leave the rebuilding of Giga City to us, and go get some rest! Come back to see the new Giga City when it's finished!

Despite my complaints about how the Rebellion ended on a wet fart, I do find this entire segment neat. Most other games would have thrown you into the credits after beating the big bad, but here you have a chance to go around and talk to everyone and see what their plans are now that they don't have to fear a war dropping on their heads.

I never imagined that the work I used to think was so dull could be so exciting! Now it's our turn to contribute! And time for you to get some rest.

Well, we’re too busy to see you off, but do take care of yourself! Have fun when you get back home! We’ll always be on your side!

Once Giga City is rebuilt, I want to make it a green island that reuses all resources... Rebuilding will take time, and it won't be easy.

Oh, it’s you guys. I heard you're heading home today? You must have a lot to do! I can't be there for the big sendoff, but take good care of yourselves!

Hopefully someone is planning on finally fixing the route to where we met Aile, all those Chapters ago.

The room where X woke up after Lagrano is also still blocked.

And we still don't have the key to this door.

But that's it.

No more checking up on the computer girl.

No more ranting about blatant foreshadowing.

All that's left... to go home.

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