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Part 34: Update XXXIV - None of that matters now.

Update XXXIV - None of that matters now.

Video: The Federation Arrives
Music: Peace - Preference - Order - Beginning

It's been a long road, dear readers, and we're finally about to reach the end.

Hell, even the new guys get to show up for this!

The Federation sent over a giant whale ship. We've actually seen this design for a while, they're in the Swarming Armada poster in the Sky Room!

That's all that matters, right?

Yeah, I guess, but what are we gonna do about the rest of the Supra—Force Metal?

Well, from what Epsilon told us, it seems that the Rebellion Army hadn't yet retrieved the Supra-Force Metal for the warhead. So I don't think we need to worry about that thing going off for the time being.

Well, with the Rebellion Army finished, and the Federation Army able to operate here,

Chief R waves it down.

Music: Stops


A betrayal, at the last moment.

And they aren't done yet.

Music: The Rebellion's Mission

Cinnamon is, understandably, freaking the fuck out while the deployed Mechaniloids fire at her. However, her divine grace stops any shots from actually connecting.

Massimo is a bro and grabs her anyways.

X and Axl return fire.

But more keep dropping.

And the ship keeps firing.

And Cinnamon need therapy.

How will our heroes get out of this mess? :iiam:

Music: Resistance Line

led by X, who conspired with the Rebellion Army for Supra—Force Metal. My followers, peace has prevailed! Peace for all Reploids like us!

Welp, looks like Redips wasn't on the up and up after all!

Of course, his plan to get us out of the way is to declare X and Zero, who have been fighting for humanity for their entire lives, traitors. I have no idea how he plans to make that stick.

We're still on Command Mission writing, folks. Some things never change.

Ah, our heroes got out of that mess by teleporting somewhere else between scenes. :ms:

All I know for sure... Is that Colonel Redips has betrayed us!

Redips is obviously planning to do something with the Supra-Force Metal.

And it's not like we can actually walk up and ask him what he’s up to or anything...

That blasted Redips! Just what on earth is he up to?!

That's absolutely terrible! How could he call X a traitor?! After all the things X did for Giga City...

That's the way suits operate. Once you're no longer useful, they toss you out like so much garbage. But more importantly, X... We're not going to just sit back and take this, are we? Let’s go get the truth out of him!

Yeah... Everybody, please! Lend me your strength!

Music: Chapter Title

Music: Judgement of the Truth

Quick show of hands, how many of you bought me going on about us being at the end? Because we ain't done yet. :getin:

As Massimo said, we've gone from Central Tower all the way to Far East HQ. Don't ask how they got from the top of there, out of Giga City entirely, and over to here while being marked as public enemy #1. I'm almost certain one of the cut chapters would have covered it, because the cut from there to here is just jarring.

No wandering off, we have to keep moving forward.

After an entire game of cramped corridors and barebones exteriors, the Far East HQ is huge.

The General Store guy tagged along.

But he's still the General Store, so his only real use is to restock on consumables.

I used Dolphin's freecam to show off just how packed this place is. That tiny blue speck in the middle is X.

But don't be fooled.

Because we're right back to rooms and corridors.

I've brought plenty of items. I can share with you whatever you need.

The three sisters are using normal shop inventory, not their Secret Shop lists.

And rest assured, my weapons will give you a bang, all right!

The weapon Shop has the Comet series of weapons for Marino, which deal 6 hits with three elemental varieties. Beyond that, it has the Manhunter for Axl, which gives a bonus vs Human enemies (as in humanoids, not actual humans), and also has the Divine Hand, Axl Bullets 3, Shock Lance Beta, and Beam Miracle S for upgrades.

All of these were in stock back at Central Tower, but I intentionally held off then to try and sell the deception a bit better.

Feel free to blow every last Zenny on our fine stock of goodies.

The FM shop has the usual stuff, plus all three Resists.

Gotta move forward.

There are several of these giant elevators throughout the dungeon.

You can see that night is starting to fall outside.

Probably why you can't backtrack, actually. Stops you from flipping between skyboxes.

Just ahead is a familiar face.

Rrr! Roar!

I mean, come on, this is Mega Man. You can't have a Mega Man game without a set of boss refights! :v:

You have a death wish!?

Music: Final Battle

Jango V2 is just Jango with more stats.

The boss refights are unique in that they're the only place where Build items drop with a 100% chance.

I'm not even doing videos for these, you've already seen the fight.

I just pop Hyper and go to town.

They were threats during their original fight because I was severely limited in how many tools I had.

But now my power has skyrocketed, and the bosses just haven't been scaled up nearly enough to compensate for it.

At least I get a decent bit of EXP from these.

Video: Intruders Detected
Music: Resistance Line

Intruders have breached the building!

Hmph! Remnants of the Rebellion Army?! No matter. Surely just some Mavericks. Do not hesitate to destroy them! Soon... Very soon... my power will be infinite! Then... no one can stop me!

Music: The Rebellion's Fate

Someone used a chameleon ability like mine, and copied Jango’s abilities.

But... Why an Army Cadre imposter here?

So, what we know is that somebody with a copy ability was in Giga City...

Hmm, something fishy’s going on here. This could be bigger than we thought.

Let's start by capturing Redips.

Redips wasn't kidding. Until this point, all random encounters have been disabled, but now they're back in force, and boy are there a lot of them.

Music: Irregular Battle II

The B Blader is a staple of the X series. Here, it has a handful of status moves, a single target and party attack, All L Gain 25, and Breed Ball, which summons...

Deerballs, which do nothing but hit you. They get 25% LE regen while the Blader is alive, but killing it first causes the Deerballs to give less EXP.

The Red Stinger can buff their own side, as well as attack with Virus and a mix of C and S-type attacks.

The Cannon Driver hits hard and can cut the party's LE in half with Hell Gravity. They also have a one-hit barrier against both C and S-type attacks, which refreshes on their turn.

The X Buster MKIII is X's strongest weapon based on pure Power, but has a bit of Weight, so going for it or the lighter Turbo Buster is a matter of preference. I grab one off-screen because, honestly, at this point losing a bit of Speed won't hurt me.

The Metaroid is literally too fast to grab an Analyze shot before it uses Parasite to fully buff an enemy. In fact, the Metaroid is the only thing in the game that hits the speed cap of 200! There is an FMG-exclusive FM that gives the user first strike, and using it to kill a Metaroid will give you a chance at getting a Brave Buster, a weapon for X that deals more damage as his LE drops.

And finally, the Redips Guard, which has access to DOA, Tera Thunder, a Fire attack that hits the party with Heat Needle, as well as SOS to drag out a fight.

The B Blader, Deerball, Redips Guard, and Red Stinger all showed up at the Eternal Forest.

In fact, the Redips Guard is the entire reason I ended up redacting enemies in the Eternal Forest. Everything else I could have passed off as 'oh ho, I wonder if there's a bonus dungeon or something????', but the Redips Guard's mere name kinda tips you off that he's going to try something. Not mentioning their name at all also would have been suspicious as hell, what with my trend of going over enemies whenever they show up. So my only real option was to black out everything so no one suspects a thing.

And yes, this does mean the 11th hour plot twist gets spoiled by the game itself, much like everything else. :v: They didn't even have to use them! Swap out the Guards for a Cannon Driver and everything would have been fine!

Anyways, we have another elevator.

These elevators are actually treated as a cutscene, giving you the option of skipping them, which is a good sign of how far each one goes.

Music: Judgement of the Truth

The Teleport Terminal will be our home for the next bit.

To the right is an inactive teleporter.

While to the left is a nurse, the General Store, and a save point.

The nurse heals and refills Sub Tanks.

He still has normal General Store stock, by the way, so if you wanted some of the new weapons from the three sisters you're entirely SOL.

Now, what could need so much support?

Well, we have four branches, each with this purple field over them.

Waiting a moment causes an image to pop up. That's Dr. Psyche! Our next four refights are Silver Horn, Dr. Psyche, Mach Jentra, and Incentas.

Shadow is not a cool dude, so he does not get a refight.

Let's do them in order, and there's something I want to try with Silver Horn.

You rat, Silver Horn!! Even you’re here?! I'm not weak like before! Now I... am Steel Massimo!! Prepare yourself, Silver Horn!!

Ready to be destroyed!?

Music: Final Battle

For once, I use Boost items without unknowingly negating them with Hyper Mode.

Two Boost Powers gives Massimo +50% Power, double Glint Armor's bonus.

Unlock Limiters are separate from Boost items, so they can be used together.

This gives Massimo +100% Power, four times as much as Glint Armor.

Combine that with a double Power Charge...

As well as a capped out Berserk Charge...

Silver Horn V2 has 73K LE.

Between the initial hit and Multistage, Massimo just did over 60K. :fuckoff:

Eat shit, Silver Horn.

Having annihilated Silver Horn, Massimo heads back to the bench.

The door ahead is locked.

So I have to take the entry teleporter back.

Which sends me to teleporter in the Terminal.

Leaving four more refights.

Next time: