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Part 39: Post-Game 3 - Foxhound

Post-Game 3 - Foxhound

Music: Recapture Hope

The Special Sealed Area will be our home for the next while.

It has a green crystal right off the bat, but this is a special green crystal, for a Special Sealed Area.

As the Deployment Center doesn't get any new areas for Chapters 9 and 10, all the Sky Room bits for them are found here instead!

Just past the crystal is a guy.

Video: Battle with Onetail

Unlike Rafflesian and Duckbill Mole, he has nothing to say, and walking up to him instantly starts a fight.

Music: Sure Win! Ninetails

I challenge you to a fight.

Our first fight of the day is against the aptly-named Onetail, starting us off with 72K LE and a 50% regen. His steals are mundane, but the big rewards are from his drops. We'll be getting the final few tokens and Tank Parts we need by the end of this.

His normal attack is a quick one-two punch.

Or he can ruin your day with Annihilator Hadoken. In a nod to X1 requiring full HP to use a Hadoken, the Annihilator's damage scales with the user's LE. The more health he has, the harder he can hit, but it'll lose a lot of bite once you can land some solid hits.

Puncture Arrows deals a bit of damage while draining your WE.

And, to ease you in to this whole 'bonus boss'-thing, he can use Regeneration if only one person is alive to revive the party.

Beyond that, he has all three Tera skills.

With as much health as Great Redips, backed by 50% regen, Onetail is a damage race. If you can outpace his regen, you win, if you can't, you lose as he slowly grinds you down.

Unfortunately for him, damage races are what I excel at.

One turn in, and he's already down to 22K LE.

Onetail is a warmup, if you can't beat him, you have no chance of dealing with the others.

Music: Victory Jingle + Trajectory of Battle I

Just past him is two crystals. Each time you beat a boss, you get a few Sky Room goodies before the next.

And speaking of the next, here he is!

I think you get what the trend of this place is.

I challenge you to a fight.

Video: Battle with Twotails
Music: Sure Win! Ninetails

This time, we're up against two Twotails. Each has 72K LE (putting us at double what the final boss had), but no regen to balance it out.

Every Tail has access to Puncture Arrows and Annihilator Hadoken (Regeneration doesn't come standard, however), but changes up the rest of their kit.

These guys use Incentas' element swapping trick from Chapter 6. Unlike Incentas, Twotails has no visual tell for what element is active, but Analyze still works.

Their current element is added to their normal attack, and they also have all Ultra Giga skills to go with it.

As each Tail has their own drops, we get two tokens from this.

...hold on, 200% Water damage?


It hurts, unsurprisingly. If I got better RNG and got more Water attacks, I could have pushed him into FS range in one attack!

X finishes him off.

I then forgot the order the swap goes in, use Zero's AT while the remaining Twotails was in Water. At the very least, the only damage on him was a bit of chip damage from X.


Cinnamon may not be flashy, but the SFM β gives her a sizable boost. 10K damage every round is nothing to sneeze at.

He then shifted back to Fire.

It went poorly for him.

Say goodbye to the last new boss with elemental weaknesses in the game. The only ones left are the boss refights and Depth Dragoon on a Chapter 10 revisit.

These guys give a ton of XP, which makes it easy to keep pushing forward while using levels to heal up, instead of heading back to restock between every fight.

Three more Sky Room items.

And another boss.

Video: Battle with Threetails

I challenge you to a fight.

On top of the Tails standard moveset, the three Threetails all have Ultra Giga Blizzard, Deep Impact, Hell Gravity, and all status moves aside from Codebreaker.

Each one has 55K LE, but they also have Life Gain 25. If you can't burst one down in one round, they'll all heal your target and leave you back at square one.

Gee, it's almost like I'm really good at burst damage! :v:

Cinnamon's AT is getting a lot of use patching up damage here and there.

But it does leave me just shy of killing the second Threetails.

Which slows me down a bit.

...a bit fair amount.

...a bit fair amount a lot.

But he falls eventually.

Three boss fights in a row leads to my first forced Cooldown in ages.

But the last falls shortly after, so it doesn't matter.

This is the largest Build Hyper haul in the entire game! Cinnamon and Zero also restock Hyper thanks to a well timed level.

X, Cinnamon, and Zero all get one, bringing them to 7 turns. X takes a Gain Hyper to top off his count.

Four Sky Room bits.

And yet another boss.

Video: Battle with Fourtails

I challenge you to a fight.

In Japan, the number 4 is considering unlucky, as one pronunciation of it is a homonym of 'death'.

To go along with that, Fourtails breaks the trend the previous Tails have set, and fights alone, but in exchange...

He hits like a truck, with the second highest Power of all bosses in the game.

This is through SFM β's +100 Armor, by the way.

He killed Cinnamon before I could even move!

With a massive 121K LE (albeit with no regen), 380 Power, and 120 Speed, Fourtails will hit hard, hit often, and will have more than enough time to make the most of it all. On top of the usual Tails moves, he has Codebreaker, Deep Impact, and Ultra Giga Thunder.

He also has another Build Hyper, as well as Zero's ultimate weapon.

Marino gets Cinnamon back up, then steals the wrong thing.

And if his stats weren't enough, he also has Scarface's counter stance. At least he counters with Puncture Arrows, which is the least threatening move he has.

She gets it on her second try.

At which point the fight turns into a slugfest.

Cinnamon can't attack without swapping stances, so she just stands there and looks cute.

Of course, he can't really do much once I'm actually able to set up. Between Zero and Cinnamon's LE boosts, and X's passive defense, a lot of his bite goes out the window.

Even a Hadoken tickles more than anything, especially once he's taken a few hits.

Combine that with Cinnamon having nothing to do but heal, as well as 900% Sub Tank capacity on top of that, and his first few turns are the only ones that matter.

Even he can't delay the inevitable.

The Red Lotus Saber is Zero's ultimate weapon, and has a bonus effect of pushing all his defensive stats into Power. While this turns him into the most fragile glass cannon around, he'll hit like a freight train to compensate. It also has Fire elemental properties, but that only matters when he isn't in Absolute Zero.

I really wish Zero had the Immunity to use SFM β, by the way. If I combined the two, it would effectively give Zero +300 Power!

Up next is a new area.

Welcome to the new area. Same as the old area, but now with different lighting! We're also back to one crystal before a boss.

But now, we're getting Sky Room stuff for Chapter 10.

There's also another fox, if you can believe it!

Video: Battle with Fivetails

I challenge you to a fight.

Zero's zeroed out defenses immediately bite him in the ass.

No, I will not change him back.

Seriously, look at that sword!

Each Fivetails only has 26K LE, but they have access to SOS to drag out the fight.

The only other new move they have is Self-Destruct, which pairs nicely with SOS.

Marino brings Zero back, then bails because there's no point in stealing Boost items.

Cinnamon alone can bring one down to half health.

While Ultimate Armor's AT is handy for weakening several at once.

Shame muscle memory made me kill one with a Final Strike before I remembered my plan.

Cinnamon brings the other to FS range.

While Zero does the same to the third.

Fivetails took pity on me and never used Self-Destruct here.

Which is good. A practice run had one use it turn 1 and vaporize Cinnamon with 23K damage.

With everything set up, X is able to kill one and finish another with a Final Strike.

Even if the last one uses SOS, I'll have time to kill them both before a third could be brought in.

But he didn't, so Cinnamon was able to finish him off.

Cinnamon hits 40 with this, reaching her final milestone for FMG requirements.

But this update is getting a bit lengthy, so that, and the rest of the bonus bosses, will have to wait for another day.

Next time: