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Part 41: Sky Room Resource Page

Sky Room Info Page

This will be updated between Chapters, there will be spoilers for anyone who isn't fully caught up.


Origin of Force Metal posted:

In the year 22XX, a meteor landed in the Pacific Ocean. Its fragments yielded Force Metal, a mysterious mineral that does not exist on Earth and which has the power to strengthen Reploids and amplify their intellect-pulses.

Building Giga City posted:

The government was intrigued by Force Metal potential, and built Giga City on the ocean near the meteor site for the explicit purpose of mining Force Metal. Soon R&D efforts were devoted toward creation of advanced Reploids that used Force Metal.

Turning Maverick posted:

Force Metal infusions amplified the intellect-pulses of Reploids and heightened their physical prowess. However, it was soon pointed out that over-amplification could become a burden and even lead to Maverick symptoms.

Birth of Epsilon posted:

Most of the trial models for advanced Force-Metal infused Reploids ended in failure. ”Epsilon” was a rare example of success - this Reploid boasted excellent physical prowess and heightened intelligence.

Epsilon's Uprising posted:

One day, Epsilon, after declaring himself Commander, announced the independence of Giga City. He banished all humans from the island, and demanded that the government recognize Giga City as an independent Reploid state.

The Task Force posted:

In response to the Epsilon Uprising, the government immediately formed the Task Force, with Colonel Redips at the helm. Under Redips' command, numerous agents were sent to Giga City.

But most agents who infiltrated Giga City were never heard from again. It is thought that some of these agents went Maverick and became Epsilon sympathizers.

Searching Giga City posted:

The data from later probe missions suggested that the Force Metal that exists across Giga City was causing Reploids to go Maverick.

For the next covert operation into Giga City, they needed high-performance Reploids that did not use Force Metal, so they chose X and Zero.

About Giga City posted:

Giga City is a man-made island built on the Pacific Ocean to mine Force Metal and carry out research and development on its properties and uses. The layout of Giga City consists of a collection of research facthies.

Lagrano Ruins posted:

The lighthouse-shaped building in the center of the island is what is left of a Reploid laboratory. When Epsilon went berserk, it was destroyed, and now only its ruins remain. Cut off from the rest of Giga City, these ruins are unknown to the main populace.

Central Tower posted:

This is the administrative sector of Giga City. From here, humans once oversaw the operations of the city. After the Uprising, Epsilon abandoned this sector, calling it "a symbol of human arrogance.”

Tianna Camp posted:

There are several abandoned plates which have been mined dry of their Force Metal. The largest abandoned plate is called the Lost Mine. In it, a giant drill still sits, pointing idly toward the depths of the sea. Inside the drill are the abandoned quarters of the laborers. Now, the rebellion has turned the facility into a POW camp.

Gaudile Laboratory posted:

There were plans to revive nature in this sector using Force Metal Of course, ”nature” refers not to ordinary plants, but to man—made mechaplants. Mechaplants produce oxygen through photo—synthesis, and absorb polluted air. After Epsilon’s uprising, research on these was halted and the area was abandoned. Gaudile is making use of the area as his research laboratory.

Ulfat Factory posted:

This is a Mechaniloid production factory. It was used to design Reploids for mining and other tasks until the Rebellion uprising, after which it switched to producing combat Reploids.

The drill is used to extract magma instead of Force Metal. This magma is what powers the factory.

Gimialla Mine posted:

This pile of rocks was brought to replenish the Energen ore, the power source of reploids.

But eventually the increased usage of Force Metal made Energen ore obsolete, and the cavity inside was turned into a Force Metal laboratory. Since Epsilon's Uprising the laboratory has come under the control of the Rebellion.

Vanallia Desert posted:

The Onovan Desert region is constantly plagued by sandstorms and tornadoes. It was originally a dome-shaped plate designed to test the specifications of reploids by placing them in various environmental conditions.

However, when the environment control device went berserk, it turned into a barren desert. The surface is sand, and the underground facility was built to observe test runs.

Melda Ore Plant posted:

Force Metal mined in Giga City is brought here for refining and to be converted for use in generators. It traverses the surface of the sea to collect the Force Metal from each of the plates.

The temperature of the refinery itself is kept low to absorb the heat given off when Force Metal is refined.

Grave Ruins Base posted:

This sector is used to test the abilities and durability of Reploids designed in Giga City. It is possible to create a variety of scenarios through application of extreme heat, cold, or dry conditions.

At the time of the Rebellion uprising, Epsilon made this his headquarters. There is a rumor that when this test plant was used to assess prototype Reploids, many of those who failed to make the grade were destroyed.


Chapter 1-1 posted:

In gear 22XX, the mysterious mineral "Force Metal” is discovered from the remains of a meteor which landed in the Pacific Ocean.

In order to mine and collect the precious Force Metal, which revolutionized Reploid engineering, the giant man-made island of Giga City was constructed.

Chapter 1-2 posted:

One day, the Reploids in one area of the island suddenly went berserk. The government deemed these Reploids Maverick, and deployed teams of agents to Giga City to gather information and to solve the crisis.

However, the investigation teams fail as fast as they can be sent in. Eventually, the government's final hope rests on the Maverick Hunters X, Zero, and Shadow.

Chapter 1-3 posted:

X and his friends successfully infiltrate Giga City. In search of a makeshift base, they enter a building, and suddenly come under attack.

Theg face the suspected leader of the uprising, Epsilon, who tells X of his vision, in hopes of persuading him and his companions to join the cause...

Chapter 1-4 posted:

X and friends are betrayed by Shadow, and find themselves in grave danger. Zero attempts an attack, and soon faces the overwhelming might of the Rebellion Cadres.

What is the fate of the lost Zero? Is he dead or alive? X is damaged and loses consciousness.

Chapter 2-1 posted:

Betrayed by Shadow and unaware of Zero’s fate, X awakens angry, and with a renewed determination to get to the bottom of things.

But when X reaches the city of New Hope, he finds that he is wanted on charges of illegal entry.

Chapter 2-2 posted:

X continues his mission, but is suddenly attacked by the bounty hunter, Spider. He manages to fight him off, but realizes the many difficulties that he faces by going it alone.

Then, X meets Aile, a member of a group called the Resistance. who pleads for his help.

Chapter 2-3 posted:

Aile asks X to rescue the Resistance leader, Chief R. He entrusts X with his ID, which is the key to R's cell. Then, he sacrifices himself to hold back incoming enemy forces, giving X a chance to escape.

Chapter 2-4 posted:

Although Spider worked for the Rebellion as a bounty hunter, when he sees X holding Aile’s ID, he has a change of heart. Aile was Spider's former partner.

Thanks to the fleeting chance created by Aile’s self-sacrifice, X and Spider join forces and successfully rescue Chief R.

Chapter 3-1 posted:

X and friends regain control of their base after rescuing Chief R. However, the functions of the base cannot be restored without the help of Nana, the operator. X's group heads to the Tianna POW Camp to rescue Nana.

Chapter 3-2 posted:

X meets Steel Massimo in the mine-turned-POW camp. Massimo is an unrivaled warrior and anti-Rebellion hero. Massimo tells X that he has come to the camp in search of someone.

Chapter 3-3 posted:

X and friends rescue Nana, who was held deep within the POW camp. During the escape, Massimo disappears without warning, and Nana notices something strange about the info on Massimo in the database. Just who is this Massimo character?

Chapter 3-4 posted:

The Reploid who called himself Massimo was not who he claimed to be. Massimo meets the real Massimo again, this time in the underground reaches of the POW camp, where he has nearly met his end at the hands of Silver Horn.

Massimo becomes true heir to the will of Massimo, and amazingly defeats Silver Horn. Massimo has become the heir to the heroic legacy and is an imposter no more.

Chapter 4-1 posted:

The help of Professor Gaudile was needed to strengthen the base in preparation for the coming battle with the Rebellion. However, the pacifist professor has isolated himself in the comfort of his laboratory. X goes to enlist his help.

Chapter 4-2 posted:

At the same time, the Rebellion sends Dr. Psyche to coerce Professor Gaudile into cooperating. X, who has also come to persuade Gaudile, now must face Psyche. Moreover, it seems that yet another visitor has arrived at the lab...

It is Marino, the thief who has her eyes on one of the Professor's creations. X, Psyche, and the thief... The three confront one another in the laboratory. But just what has Marino discovered in the far reaches of the lab?

Chapter 4-3 posted:

Dr. Psyche captures Gaudile's precious female Reploid, Cinnamon. And it is she who is in fact the Professor’s greatest creation.

Marino, who had her prize stolen out from under her nose by Psyche, agrees to help X rescue Cinnamon.

Chapter 4-4 posted:

Cinnamon is determined to no longer be a burden and instead help X and friends fight. Her resolve not only inspires Gaudile, who refused to accept the need to fight, but Marino, the normally ice—cold thief, as well.

Here X makes many new friends: Cinnamon, Gaudile, and Marino.

Chapter 5-1 posted:

Thanks to X's new ally, Gaudile, the transmitter function of the base is restored. X contacts Colonel Redips, who tells X that Zero may still be alive.

X and friends immediately head for the Rebellion weapons factory where Zero’s signal was last picked up.

Chapter 5-2 posted:

X heads to the factory on the trail of Zero, but instead meets an old comrade, Axl. Axl says that he came to Giga City in an attempt to uncover the secret of his own creation.

Chapter 5-3 posted:

Inside the factory, X finds Zero challenging Mach Jentra on his own. X and Axl both chase down Zero. The Class S Hunters are now reunited.

Chapter 5-4 posted:

The Class S Hunters work together to shut down the out-of—control factory. The three are happy about their reunion, but it appears that Zero, who was already once betrayed by Shadow, is having doubts about the meaning of friendship.

Chapter 6-1 posted:

Zero becomes unable to trust the Reploids of Giga City. He rejects his Resistance allies and storms out of the base alone. Then, X receives a transmission from Colonel Redips, who tells them about the Rebellion's secret laboratory.

Chapter 6-2 posted:

X finds the traitor, Shadow, awaiting him in the secret laboratory. Shadow, whose power is boosted by Supra—Force Metal, gives X a run for his money.

Zero comes running to the scene, and just when they think they have defeated Shadow for good, Zero is hit with a final surprise strike.

Spider unexpectedly takes the hit for Zero. Zero is taken aback by what Spider did for him, despite the fact that Zero never recognized him as a friend.

Chapter 6-3 posted:

The secret laboratory was all a set up. X and friends are trapped in a room by the Rebellion Cadre, Incentas. The room is set to self-destruct.

Just when all seems lost, Spider makes the decision to sacrifice his own life to save his friends.

Chapter 6-4 posted:

Zero, after seeing the heroic sacrifice made by Spider to save his friends, understands the gravity of the Resistance cause, and agrees to fight along with them. Zero solemnly swears never to rest untH the Rebellion is defeated.

Chapter 7-1 posted:

A Rebellion radar jammer completely cuts off transmissions with Colonel Redips. In order to shut down the jammer, X and friends must face the pernicious dangers of the barren desert.

Chapter 7-2 posted:

On the way to the desert facility, X and friends come up against the Rebellion Cadre, Ferham. They are caught off guard and sucked down into the sand.

Chapter 7-3 posted:

X’s party takes the underground passages to the jammer facility. The RebeHion Cadre, Botos, awaits them in the room containing the jammer.

Chapter 7-4 posted:

The insolent Botos flees in desperation. The Resistance fighters almost catch him, but instead only manage to obtain some Supra-Force Metal. This is a vital clue to the Rebellion’s plans, but just what is this Supra-Force Metal?

Chapter 8-1 posted:

Analysis reveals that Supra—Force Metal contains incredibly high energy levels. X and friends, who now suspect that the Rebellion is refining Supra—Force Metal, head straight to the Refinement Plant.

Chapter 8-2 posted:

At the heavily-guarded Refinement Plant, X finds a missile armed with a Supra—Force Metal warhead.

X realizes that if the Supra-Force Metal warhead is detonated, Reploids across the world could turn Maverick. In order to stop the Rebellion's dastardly plan, X and friends attempt to confiscate the Supra—Force Metal.

Chapter 8-3 posted:

After finding out that in order to access the Supra-Force Metal, they'll need the keys from the Cadres, X and friends engage Ferham in a heated battle.

However, when they defeat Ferham and she tumbles to the Lower Section of the Missile Silo Base, they find that the key was already removed from her body. What is Botos planning to do with the forbidden key?

Chapter 8-4 posted:

Using both keys, Botos is able to obtain the Supra-Force Metal. With such power at his disposal. Botos begins to plot against even the Commander himself, but he is suddenly attacked and toppled by an unknown enemy, and the Metal is snatched away.

Who could this be? X shudders to think.

Chapter 9-1 posted:

With the Supra-Force Metal stolen by an unknown enemy, the mystery around this incident grows ever deeper. But X has no time to sleuth— suddenly, the base comes under attack.

Chapter 9-2 posted:

The Rebellion Cadre, Scarface, is the perpetrator of the assault on the base. He claims that he has come to reclaim the Supra-Force Metal. Fortunately, X manages to fend him off.

Chapter 9-3 posted:

By tracking Scarface's route of retreat, the Resistance is able to locate a building which they suspect is the Rebellion base. X and friends storm the location in order to face Epsilon.

Chapter 9-4 posted:

Soon, X and his friends locate Epsilon. During the fight, Epsilon describes the ideals that he is fighting for. His conviction nearly makes X doubt his own actions, but in the end the fearsome Epsilon is put to rest.

Epsilon's uprising is finally put down. Finally, our heroes feel that they have reached the end of their long journey.

Chapter 10-1 posted:

As if to signal the end of the entire incident, a government vessel flies in. X thinks for sure that it has arrived to take them home. But the plane begins firing on the Resistance fighters who had gathered for the welcome!

The plane was there to ”erase" X and his allies. But why?! X and friends manage to escape, and they head to the Defense Department to seek out the truth.

Chapter 10-2 posted:

On the top floor of the Defense Department, X meets Colonel Redips, the highest ranking military commander. And in Redips’ hand is the missing Supra-Force Metal.

Everything was a set—up orchestrated by Redips. In order to steal the Supra—Force Metal from Epsilon, Redips changed form and infiltrated Giga City, all the while manipulating X and his friends.

Chapter 10-3 posted:

This was a betrayal that X could not forgive. X shows his anger at Redips, who betrayed the very friends who gave him their trust. But with the Supra—Force Metal in hand. Redips declares himself Great Redips, and the Resistance fighters are powerless against him.

It seems that our heroes have nary a chance in this final confrontation, until Ferham suddenly appears, catching Redips off guard and snatching the Force Metal away from him.

Chapter 10-4 posted:

Ferham expresses her wish for the disposal of the remaining Supra-Force Metal. She says that Epsilon did not mean for the Supra-Force Metal to be abused by the likes of Redips. Ferham throws herself into space along with the Supra-Force Metal.

X’s fight is finally over. The government declares Redips a Maverick. But determination of Maverick status for Epsilon is deferred.

Part 1 - Shadow's Betrayal

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Note: This is an error, the Super Tripuffer appears in Chapter 5.

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Part 5 - Transform! Go Axl

Note: This is an error, the Tripuffer appears in Chapter 3.

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Deluxe - Giga City Islands

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002 - Scarf Design

003 - X Ninja Version

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005 - X's Armor

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007 - X's Weapons

008 - Zero's Weapons

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017 - Nana

018 - Nana Sketch

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020 - R Sketch

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022 - Mouse Mech

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025 - Gaudile

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028 - Marino Sketch

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031 - Head of Security

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033 - Killer Mantis

034 - Hippopressor

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041 - Dr. Psyche

042 - Axl Expressions

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046 - Scarface

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048 - Evil Shadow

049 - Flying Mechs

050 - Real Massimo

051 - Marino Design 1

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053 - Epsilon

054 - Great Redips

055 - Mega Man?

056 - Duckbill Mole

057 - Depth Dragoon

058 - Tails Front

059 - Tails Back

060 - Command Center

061 - Undersea Tunnel

062 - Undersea Passage

063 - Water Curtain

064 - POW Camp Passage

065 - Guard Room

066 - Guard Room 2

067 - Undersea Cell

068 - Tree Trunk Room

069 - Glass Passageway

070 - EV Laboratory

071 - Outside Lab

072 - Lab Passageway

073 - Dug Out Passage

074 - Laboratory Room

075 - Laboratory Sketch

076 - Control Device

077 - Control Room

078 - Smelting Room

079 - Mine Passageway

080 - Desert Entrance

081 - Plant Passageway

082 - Plant Hallway

083 - Supra-FM Missile

084 - Supra-FM Warhead

085 - Ruins Passageway

086 - Display Device

087 - Coliseum

088 - Ruins

089 - Giga City

090 - Containership

091 - Save Process

092 - Force Metals

093 - Monitor Room

094 - The Chair

095 - Transforming Mech

096 - Force Metal Ore

097 - Cmd Rm Design

098 - Base Design

099 - Teleport Device

100 - Market


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