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Original Thread: Holy Balls You Can Play as Zero - Let's Play Mega Man X3 [VLP]




Episode 01 - Cheesing the Buffalo

Episode 02 - Mistakes Were Made

Episode 03 - Tactical Tigers

Episode 04 - Battle Body

Episode 05 - Satardar

Episode 06 - Fish Stank

Episode 07 - Ceiling Spikes

Episode 08 - Beam Sabre

Episode 09 (finale) - Bots N' Babes

Super Bonus - Symantec Sword

The Story So Far...

After years of war and struggle mankind finally ushered in a new era of peace. A scientist named Dr. Doppler developed a method of suppressing maverick behavior thus preventing any reploids from going maverick. His efforts were praised across the world and his admirers even gathered to found "Dopple Town", a utopia where reploid and human could live in peace.

Just as mankind grew to accept this new era, disaster struck. All the reploids that had supposedly been suppressed by Dr. Doppler suddenly went maverick and it was discovered that none other than Dr. Doppler himself was behind the attack. The call went out to X and Zero to once again take arms and fight against the maverick threat...


The Heroes

X, the protagonist and titular character of the game, was all too eager to accept the peace that Dr. Doppler offered, which made his ultimate betrayal that much more bitter. Despite wishing for peace, X finds that he must once again destroy his own kind and fight yet another war.

After his revival during the events of Mega Man X2, Zero returned to active duty among the maverick hunters. He quickly distinguished himself, proving that if anything he was more capable now than before his defeat at the hands of Vile. Mega Man X3 marks the first time that Zero was made a playable character, and my 9 year-old self could not have been more excited. Mechanically Zero plays very similarly to X, except that he starts with a full health bar and an upgraded buster, as well as his beam sabre (later known as the Z-sabre). Because Zero is much stronger than X from the start, he can only be played for half of a level, and there is only one very specific instance he can be used during a boss fight (which I will be showcasing).

The Villains

Dr. Doppler once promised a world of peace, where the threat of mavericks was completely eradicated. He actually accomplished the exact opposite of what he claimed, discovering a way to turn fully functional reploids into mavericks. Now, Dr. Doppler has gathered an army and unleashed it upon the world, but his actions seem to be guided by an as of yet unseen hand...

Bit and Byte are reploids created by Dr. Doppler to sow chaos and turn reploids into mavericks. They are members of what is known as the "Nightmare Police". There's... really not much more to these guys.

This mysterious maverick was apparently recovered by Dr. Doppler and rebuilt, improving his already formidable strength. He seems to have a grudge to settle with X and Zero, and is willing to work with Dr. Doppler so long as he can get his revenge.
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