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Part 11: Defend the Base: Hittide Hottide

Extra Stage Thoughts

This is barely a stage, more an extended boss fight, and only on known terrain, but in reverse. You're forced into it after having completed five of the selectable missions; it's fortunately really simple. Later games in the series will also have this intermission setup, though they're going to be...less easy.
For being so straightforward on the surface, it does have quite a lot going for it, though. All damage Hittide Hottide () inflicts on the stage is there to stay, and will alter the appearance of the overworld until the end of the game. That's very neat, and you'll see it presented in the next (Screenshot) update. It's also kind of a butt in that you have to wait it out until the orange building gets halfway eaten through in order to reap all rewards, that includes not killing off the bat spawner too quickly. With a nice safe beforehand, it's not too big of a problem, though. And it isn't really that long a waiting period. All in all, you shouldn't really ever see the non-standard Game Over in this mission...which is why I included it for your viewing pleasure. Takes quite a lot of dicking around, even with the EX Skill's added phase.

Boss Comments

Three weak points which attack you in different way, one extra phase if you're on hard mode, is the entire level, not much more to say...I've tried jumping on top of it with the Rod like an idiot, but my skills aren't up to par in that department (or it's just plain impossible to dodge all the shit that's going to fly in your general direction, your call). Would be fun if you got it to work, though. If you get in front of it, the spikes are instant kill, so trail behind like a well-trained little puppy.


Definitely like how it's an entirely different approach to fighting bosses. It's pretty devoid of dick moves unless the mines get really nasty during the first part with the narrow spike-surrounded platforms, and very easy in general, but I give it full points for concept and bonus for the name .

Ranking High

Kill lots of bats. Don't get hit by the easy to avoid attacks, but it's cool a few (three) times. Only the grenades deal more than one point of damage. Not much to it, really.

Nothing new, though the escape from the lab music (Deadzone) is used as complete theme here, which really doesn't work all that well, in my opinion. The fight just isn't frantic enough, and it still takes too long to really support the kinda atonal danger feel.