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Part 4: Supplementary 2

Welcome to supplementary post #2!

…Warning you right now, this one’s a doozy. After beating the first mission (no matter what you choose), the resistance base opens up entirely, and a BUNCH of new people show up. I guess word of Zero’s return upped recruitment numbers?
Regardless, here we go!


Welcome back to the Resistance Base! We'll start our journey by going right this time. Taking new routes stimulates the mind!

Music: Momentary peace.

And it pays off immediately!

- Um? You must be Zero. My name is Doigt. As Cerveau told me, you're so well-designed that I can't believe you're an old-type Reploid. I want to see your insides, so do you mind if I rip you apart? Ha ha ha. I'm kidding. No really, I'm just kidding. Don't look at me like that.

- By the way, Cerveau is so very interesting...Once he gets deep into research, he does not hear anything. It seems there is no way I will ever be a match for him.

Doigt is basically Cerveau's understudy; he assists with whatever R&D he happens to be doing at the time. As such, his name means "finger" in french. Because he uses them to work with machines! Oh Capcom, your naming never ceases to astound.
I like him, he reminds me of that one uncle who makes good-natured but off-color jokes that illicit an awkward silence afterwards.

Regardless, Cerveau actually has something worthwhile to say this time so we'll see him too.

- Can you use your weapons well? By the way... I wanted to tell you one thing that I noticed while watching seem to have a secret potential ability...For example, if you defeat a boss enemy while your level is high, you will learn how to use their ability...And...If you use only Busters, the attack power of the bullets will increase...If you defeat many enemies with your shield, your defense power will increase. It seems that there are more abilities inside you...It's really amazing...You are a Reploid that was created a long time ago, but you have such incredible abilities...

JEEBUS. That is a lot of ellipses. While it's not quite as offensive as the first game (which literally had entire text boxes filled with nothing but dot after dot), the localization for flavor text can still come off as really stilted.
Incidentally, this is how the game expects you to figure out how to get EX skills and forms. They're not bad hints, but when it comes to finding forms you usually have to just go for trial and error. Or buy the official strategy guide!

There's the other Cyber-elf we just liberated from the Forest of Dysis chillin' in the tank. They're sentient, but they're also just babies at the moment so they can't do much of anything except float around. We'll hear more on them later. Until then...

- Are you ok, Zero? I wonder why Elpizo is bothering you with these very hard orders...If there is a very difficult mission, I will help you. Please tell me if you need the power of the Cyber-elf.

- And, I just remembered! The computer at the entrance has the data that I have studied. Please take a look at it when you have time.

Bit late on the uptake there, Ciel. We've already seen all there is to see! (I thought I told you to update that darn thing, grumblegrumble...)

Rocinolle tells us to go speak to Andrew here, because maybe he'll give us some sweet loot if we do? Soldier's dialogue hasn't changed though, bleh.

- How are you doing in the new Resistance base? I was told not to go to the other room, so I'm talking with it here. It is getting worse, so I want Ciel to fix it...But Ciel is busy...boring!

Unattributed pronouns! This is about as bad as the writing gets; you might've noticed some weird grammatical things already. Based on context, as well as certain info in something I'll be linking shortly after THIS VERY POST, I believe she's referring to her doll here. Meaning it's capable of speech? Grammar is important kiddies!

- Ciel showed me a very pretty Baby Elf in her room...I wonder how it will look when it grows up...? I named the elf Crea! Ciel said this is a good name!

This'll also be elaborated on in the SPECIAL THING. Stay tuned, it's super .

Anyway, we haven't explored further on this floor yet, so let's head in the door there.

- Ha ha ha. You're doing very well, new comer. Now you must defeat me to move on.

- No, no, I was only kidding!

Aw, boooo

- Do you know Ciel? I don't think she should be a human being. The reason why is because humans age and grow old. But, there is a Reploid who purposely asked to look like an old one...That's funny.

- What? Is there anything more you want to tell me? I wanted you to tell me everything you can.

This guy's name is Pic, seeing as he doesn't have the decency to tell us straight off. As for his character, I really can't figure out what his point is. All his comments are totally random, he doesn't really SAY anything with his words; I mean, he doesn't even appear to do anything for the Resistance. His name might be short for Pic Bois, which seems to be a type of woodpecker? Iunno, this guy's just weird.

Bit further to the left, and we come the the end of floor 4. I really dig this vantage point; it gives a feel for where the Resistance is situated. Rockin' the secret mountainside lair, baby!

- Hey Zero! No one would believe me, but I'll tell you anyway. I saw green wind blow in the sky for a moment, just as you were being carried here. Ha ha ha...or maybe I was seeing an illusion?

...or maybe not so secret? This lair is brand-new, how the heck did Harpuia know where it was? You guys should probably be at least a LITTLE concerned about the fact that your enemy knows exactly where you're headquartered.

- Hey, Zero! You know what? Inside the bushes in the forest, you can find various things...You will also find a ruin when you progress, which has many secrets. They are from the mystery of the Maverick wars.

Nope we'll definitely not be going back there no Siree.
Mr. Helpful here is named Hirondelle, a french word meaning "Swallow." He's the Resistance lookout, and as such gets the nice mountainside view. If they're not gonna buy what he tells them, though, I don't really see the point of having one. Anyway, that's it for this floor.

Elevator's fixed, wooo! Goin' UP!

Like the other floors, floor #5 branches both left and right. We'll go left first because this game is Japanese and that's the way things work over there.
Two things to call attention to here: firstly, the shells in the background. The Zero games have a lot of fun little background details in them you can easily miss; looks like the Resistance is packin' some serious heat.
Secondly, Zero's looking mighty smug there about his magnetic (?) hands. Ladders are for losers, it's true.

HOLY MOTHER OF...well I guess now we know what those shells were for! This base really IS a step up from the ratty old place.

- Mr. Zero, leave this area to me. I'll take care of any enemies by myself.

- I just shot down an enemy minnow Mechaniloid.

Gosh, a whole minnow? With that dinky gun? Great job!
Anyway muscleman doesn't get a name until a later game, but I'll give it to you now. His name's Faucon, french for "falcon". Sadly, we can't play with his cannon, so we'll just jump down a story (having robotic legs is super useful) and head over to the right.


Jeez, not just one, but TWO artillery cannon towers? How do they afford this stuff???

- Oh, Mr. Zero! I found a lost Cyber-elf earlier. Can you take this? I think this Cyber-elf would be happier with other the Cyber-elves[sic].

This is one of a few Cyber-elves that make 100% completion a pain. Unless you go around talking to random resistance members, you'll miss out on freebies like this, and seeing as dialogue changes depending on where in the game you are, you'll likely miss this one your first time through. Thankfully, the Zero games have New Game+ features, so you're never completely boned.

- Well, the scenery from here is outstanding...I can't help but forget about the fact that we are here on a mission.

As for this fine chap, his name's Dande. He was in the first game, and Ciel gave him his name; originally, it was ONB6, seeing as Neo Arcadia's suppression includes referring to Reploids by their serial numbers. Dinde means "Turkey" in french; it's likely just a translation thing.

Again, no shooty the gun, so back to the elevator we go.

And up to the roof!

Once outside, we're able to walljump up the exterior of the turrets. That symbol you see there is the official Resistance insignia; you can see it on the Resistance member's hats and in the trans server room, among other places. Damn if I know what it means, though.

And, after falling through the gun barrel, we come to a nicely hidden Cyber-elf box.

Close-up box! These things were in the last game too, though who knows where they come from. Poor Cyber-elves must hate being cooped up in there, though.


Aaaaaaaand captivity again. +1 elf!

There's no hidden junk past the other turret, so we'll just head down again. This base is super spacious!
Might as well take Rocinolle up on her previous tip.

- Are you doing well? When I was new, I used to cause everyone problems because I couldn't learn things quickly. But you're working very hard without complaining about anything...good luck, young man.

Andrew's pretty cool with his support, even if he doesn't always recognize us. Let's just talk to him one more time...

- Zero...If you have time, I will tell you about my younger days. Want to listen? ~Y/N~

HOOOOOOO BOY. Here it comes. Y'see, in the last game, Andrew gave us much the same choice; upon electing to listen to his story, he regaled us with a long tale about his past love and how he came to look the way he does. Basically, these are (comparatively) super-extended character development sections for those who want to know more about Andrew, which are cool but take a bit of patience to sit through. In other words,


- Are you busy...? How cold recent Reploids are...

Hey buddy, Zero's neither recent nor a Reploid. Get your act together. Seriously though...


- Oh! You want to listen!

- I was working for a bread factory in a small village...There was a clean and beautiful creek near the factory. The location was the best for making bread. All the bread we made sold very well.
And the bread which sold the best was...Wait, I know I can remember this...Yes, it was buns with jam...No, no, no, buns with cream was our best seller. Some people came to buy our bread from far away places because they heard such good things about our bread. I used to work hard and not rest at all because I was happy to see the smiles of those who ate our bread. I had very happy days as a baker...But...who expected that incident...I feel sad to remember...Sorry, I can't tell you anymore. I'm just so sad now...

That's it for now. It's not that bad, admittedly, but it's most definitely the most wordy anyone's been up till now.
Anyway, we're gonna head right now, seeing as we haven't stuck our noses in there yet.

Hey, it's one of those guys from the forest!

- I would have been killed by the monster like a snake without you. Thank you, Zero.

Yep, you're able to get some gratitude out of the resistance soldiers you saved from the forest of Dysis. It's a very nice touch, though it gets even better...

This is what awaits us through the door. MORE DOORS. Their labels correspond to the floor (3) and the door order (a-d). As for the resistance mook...

- Without you, I wouldn't be here. Thank you, Zero.

...He really doesn't have anything of value to say. You guys could at least fork over some E-crystals, what with me saving your butts. We'll give them one more chance; into door 03-A!

- You saved my life, Zero. Thank you very much.

Yeah, screw you too then. Each of these rooms has another soldier in it; it's pretty clearly meant to be the base's barracks. Cool thing is, if you neglected to save any of these guys, they won't be present in the room. Other than your ranking taking a hit and the indelible guilt upon your conscience, though, it really doesn't affect anything. The other quips are all variants of the same "Wow gee thanks for saving me Zero you go gurl", so not even gonna bother with them. Down another floor!

- commander's room is taken by an advance team who used very impressive spy techniques. It must have been very risky to take the pictures.

I made reference to this at the very bottom of the first part, but if you didn't catch it, here it is again. I really like how Inti Creates felt they had to justify the robot pictures after all these years. It's pretty cool.
Incidentally, the "Hall" room here is the one of the few ones that remain empty; both doors lead to the same long, boring area that looks basically identical to the other rooms. Maybe it's supposed to be the mess hall? (I love the thought of a bunch of robots sitting down at a dinner table and shoving E-crystal capsules into their abdomens)

Area to the right is literally identical to the barracks a floor up, except it's just as empty as the other one was a mission ago. FORESHADOWING, PERHAPS?
Anyway this means that we're just gonna head down to the bottom floor. What secrets could possibly await us???



- Zero!! I worried about you very much! I must hurry! I must hurry!! I must hurry!!! I have been working so hard these days in order to please Elpizo. I wish I could do operations in that control room...

You, responsible for transporting me safely to missions? Over my dead body!

- I must hurry! I must hurry!! I must hurry!!! I think I am the hardest worker in this base. Zero, if you meet Elpizo, tell him that I'm working hard!

UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. Ok, for those not in the know, this guy is Hibou (french: owl), and he is truly horrid. In the last game, he existed as nothing more than a fatass roadblock keeping us from one specific Cyber-elf, and would only move out of the way after cramming 250 E-crystals down his maw. While he appears to have turned over something of a new leaf, he's still intolerably sycophantic and just all-around grating. As such:

There. Here, at least, his pain will be unending. Some crimes ARE unforgivable, my friend; you do NOT cross Zero.

Justice served, let us head into the nearby doorway.

MUCH better. I'll take this size extreme any day.

- Nice to meet you, Zero. My name is Perroquiet. I came here to help Ciel locate data, but there are just too many here...However, I think the data on Baby Elves that Ciel wants is not here...

- It will take a month to check all the data here. I understand she wants to study and test it as soon as possible, but this schedule is too difficult to accomplish. By the way, I've never seen such a beautiful elf...

He's got the whole thing goin on. Perroquiet (Perroquet is parrot in french, we're nearing the end I swear) is to Ciel what Doigt is to Cerveau. He's also kinda similar to Alouette in terms of age. Fittingly, he also gets a character in the ZX series that's assumed to be him: Fleuve. All in all he's a pretty nice guy, even WITH the animu glasses.
Back right, then.

Tall guy in the storage room. Fitting, I guess. Far more interesting is the cyber-elf slightly beyond him.

Yoink! Ok, you may now speak.

- Hello, Mr. Zero. My name is Autruche. I'm ashamed to say this...I'm tall but I'm not good at heavy work. In spite of the fact, I have to carry goods in storage...I don't know who decided the assignment but they do not have any knowledge of aptitude. Oh, I'm sorry...I really shouldn't complain.

- Keep up the good work, Mr. Zero. I also hang in there...somehow...

...maybe not so fitting after all? Autruche (ostrich, hold on!) is basically everyman Smith in the resistance base. He is the one co-worker we all know who hates his job, but continues on in silent despair due to having no other alternative. Unlike Hibou, he is to be pitied, not hated, for he is but a broken shell of a Reploid. Tragic.

Not much we can do for him, though, so back out and to the right. that the end I see? Oh joy! All that's left is to speak with this delightful young scamp!

- Hiya! My name is Menart! I'm not liked by everyone just because I always blow off my work!

- Don't work so hard, because you won't defeat Neo Arcadia!

Good lord, what is WITH these floor-one robots? Is this where they throw the ones no one can stand? Man, I feel bad for Perroquiet.
Apparantly Menart's name is some kind of botched translation for a bird called the "Mynah" bird; look it up if you're that curious. Thankfully, he's the last Resistance member we have to deal with, because a little bit further right...

...Is this! How did the Resistance manage waterfront property? This is actually legit kinda nice.
Oh, and if you were wondering, you can't fall off of either this ledge or the one by Hirondelle because of invisible walls. Suicide is not a Resistance-sanctioned activity, folks!

And on that cheery note, it's back up for us...

...and back where we belong. Thanks for staying with me for that, and see you next time!

Character bios!



We’ve now seen and interacted with the resistance in its entirety, so here’s a group shot of the lot of them, save for the operators and Elpizo. Their personalities are many and varied, but for good or ill they’re all very distinct, and committed to the resistance as a whole. The lady reploid standing next to Rocinolle is named Naomi; She doesn’t appear in this game, but she was seen frequently in Zero one, both standing guard and captured in a secret Neo Arcadian base.
They serve to add a great amount of personality to the series, and make it distinct from other Megaman games where other characters were rarely, if ever, mentioned. It really makes you care about your fights.


Doigt (Finger in French) is Cerveau’s assistant, helping with his projects and experiments when needed, and otherwise simply fetching things for him. He has a weird sense of humor, making slightly awkward jokes then wondering why his audience isn’t laughing.
Design-wise, he looks more like a mechanic than Cerveau, who’s closer to the intellectual type. I could see this guy working in a car shop in some anime.


Pic (Pic bois is a type of woodpecker) is…strange. Like, even for a Resistance member.
He spends his time sitting alone on a box in some room, and challenges Zero to “defeat him so he can move on”. Pretty much every one of his lines is varying shades of random chatter, and he doesn’t appear to have any sort of definite role within the resistance either. I kinda figure he just wandered in one day and set up shop without anyone noticing.


Hirondelle gets an actual full body image! Hey, blame the artists, not me.
His name’s French for “Swallow”, and he’s actually a pretty chill dude. He serves as both the Resistance’s lookout and, on occasion, scout, which mean he’s often full of little tidbits of information to share with us. He’s also got a penchant for poetry, odd considering he’s a Reploid. All in all, probably one of the more sympathetic soldiers.


French for “Falcon”, Faucon does his name proud by being the left turret gunner for the Resistance. Airborne foes, beware the bird of prey!
Beyond that though, there’s really not much depth to his character. He’s definitely the most soldier-like of the Resistance, what with the rippling muscles and scruffy facial hair. Which, come to think of it, probably needs to be manually grown rather than trimmed. Robots are weird.


Dande’s a returning member of Resistance classic, with a name meaning “Turkey”. Well, Dinde means Turkey in French, it’s close enough. Localizing is hard, guys!
Ciel gave him his name, as she did Alouette’s. In fact, given that Neo Arcadia degradingly refers to Reploids by their serial numbers, it can be presumed that she gave nearly all the Resistance members names as they joined up. Kinda makes sense why they all respect her, if true.
Dande’s really nothing special though; the most distinctive aspect of him is his constant politeness, never failing to refer to us as “Mr. Zero”. He’s been made the right cannon gunner for the resistance, but so far they haven’t seen any large-scale conflict at headquarters so it’s not overly important.


Hibou was truly horrible in the last game. He was fat, lazy, made excuses, and MOST UNFORGIVABLY, blocked our way to a cyber-elf. To get him to move, we had to give him 250 E-crystals, because he apparently needs more energy than everyone else. It’s not his fault, he was “built that way!”

In this game, he’s improved slightly and become a little more hard-working, but he’s also gained an annoying habit of fishing for favor with Elpizo, so it’s still highly suggested you hate his guts. His name means "Owl" in french.


Perroquiet is a tiny little nerd with anime glasses and a kitty face. He’s young, though, so it’s obviously adorable.
Perroquet means “parrot” in French, and he’s the lab assistant to Ciel. This basically means he’s forced to work in the basement data room, shifting through musty old files to try to find anything that might be useful to Ciel’s energy research. To add insult to injury, he has to deal with being right next to Hibou all day! Poor Perroquiet. Luckily for him, it’s assumed he gets to hop series, becoming a scientist named Fleuve in the ZX games.


Autruche’s is a tale of tragedy. Built tall and thin, he was quickly delegated to grunt work in the storage room to take advantage of his great height. But he’s bad at lifting heavy things!
Unfortunately he’s also really meek so all he does is complain about his station without ever doing anything to fix it. Woe be him, for the daily grind has sapped all feeling from his tired bones(Alloy rods?). His name means "Ostrich".


Good lord, did they just dump all the intolerables on the ground floor and call it a day?
Menart’s the troublemaker around base, getting everywhere he’s not supposed to, terrorizing Alouette, and not doing the work that needs to be done. Think Calvin, if Calvin wasn’t the protagonist and instead a super annoying downer robot. He even claims that Zero won’t manage to beat Neo Arcadia! He does not have a good grasp of what’s in his best interests. He's the...Mynah bird? Yeah, I don't know either.

*Secret special thing* will be posted tomorrow, probably. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!