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Part 11: Supplementary 3

Was tempted to put Smokey Bear as the pic/boss but that's too cheesy even for me.


Hey all, and welcome back to the Resistance base! We haven't explored it for a while due to everone being boring and having nothing of value to say, but once you've completed a mission from the second set everyone suddenly decides to change the topic simultaneously.

We've already explored the structure, and baring a SUCCESSFUL air strike it's not likely to change, so this time 'round we can skip a bit of the fluff and go straight for the juicy dialogue. We'll start with the right side of the command room again.

Music: Momentary peace.

- It's all thanks to the Weapons that Cerveau developed! ...Well, I shouldn't say that because you might get mad.

- Cerveau and I are making weapons for all the resistance soldiers. But, it's just too much work for the two of us...

Just a bit of worldbuilding, not at all necessary but I find this kinda thing interesting so YOU GET IT TOO. Speaking of Cerveau...

- happening? ...What? Elpizo? He is dangerous. He should be the first person you locate!

- Zero, catch Elpizo as soon as possible. Before it is too late...

This is another one of those "interesting" things. You'd expect the topic of Elpizo's sudden absence to be all the rage in the base, and for the most part it is, but everyone has different opinions on the matter that help flesh out exactly how well-recieved he was. Cerveau, being Ciel's right-hand man, is more perturbed by the potential danger he represents...

- Things are getting terrible, Zero... I am very worried about Elpizo. It's important to find out where he is right now...

Ciel's worried about the dude personally...

- I think that Master Elpizo is thinking something very important. And that is why he is acting like this. I don't think we have to worry about him.

...and the soldiers remain steadfast in their faith, on top of referring to him as "Master" Elpizo. I've always thought it was cool how Ciel's band from the first game tends to stick with her, whilst Elpizo made a very strong positive impression on the resistance fighting forces. Like last time, the soldiers all say roughly the same thing, so I'm gonna skip em, save for one more.

- Master Elpizo is interested in the little elves. They must have some amazing power.

We DID see him lugging those baby elves around in the Forest of Notus, so they must have some significance. Let's go back to Ciel's lab to make sure they're truly gone...

Music: Labo.

Ayup, they're definitely gone. Alouette's gonna be sad about that
First, though, let's check the computer just in case Ciel's added something.

- Boot complete. Do you want to know? ~Y/N~


- Request accepted. What do you want? ~X/Four Guardians~


- X is...A Reploid who was a famous Maverick Hunter. After he ended the Maverick wars, he created Neo Arcadia in hope of creating a lasting peace. However, he went missing and his location is still unknown...If cyber-elf X is real...Then the body of the original X should still exist somewhere.

This time, rather than define terms, it's giving us info on some of the characters. Would be useful if I wasn't already providing you with their bios

- What do you want? ~X/Four Guardians~

>>-Four Guardians-

- The Four Guardians are Harpuia, Fefnir, Leviathan and Phantom. They are designed based upon parts of the original X. Three of the Guardians have attributes like Thunder, Flame, or Ice. However, Phantom blew himself up in a fight against Zero a year ago.

And there's the Guardians. Phantom was a cool ninja dude and I wish he hadn't blown up so we could've seen him here again, but them's the breaks. Gonna go back and check on Alouette now.

- What became of Elpizo? No one tells me anything about him...

- You know, I found a new Baby Elf in Ciel's room. But it has gone somewhere with Crea...I wanted to name it Prea...Umm, well...Anyway do you think that they will be back? ~Yes.../No...~

...well, I don't want to lie to her...probably not.


- Why do you say that! I hate you!

No no abort abortttt. Worst part about that is she doesn't let you choose again. Relatively certain that this doesn't change anything, but still...


- Yahoo! I think they will be back, too!

-I want Ciel to show me the Baby Elves again!

Weirdo Pic in the room over there has nothing of value to contribute so we're skipping him. Going for Hirondelle next.

- You know what? In the center part of Neo Arcadia, there is a very huge tree, which I have never seen anywhere else. Behind its root, you may find something important. However, it's not easy for you to get there. Due to the fact that the area is protected by many buildings. Actually, this is just a rumor that I heard from someone else. So I guess it just depends on your belief in rumors...

This might seem like a random hint for goodies (like his last one about things being hidden in forest foliage), but this is actually rather significant and I'd recommend remembering it. The tree he's referring to, for the record, is named Yggdrassil, because mythological names are tight even when they're misspelled.

- What's up, Zero? Did you already find Elpizo? I can't understand what he wants...

Speaking of his previous hint, I'm actually gonna take a break in the dialogue-ing and go to the Forest of Dysis to nab those goodies.

- Transfer start!

Music: Sand Triangle.

One teleportation later and we're back in the forest. The high energy cost is of no object when compared with the import of 100% completion. Also of no object: the foliage.

There are a couple platforms hidden in the trees, which of course we have to follow. There's also some large E-crystals on the way, and at the end...

A cyber elf! YOINK. (For the record this one's one of four that permanently increase your health by a few notches, so it's actually kinda worth it)

That's all we really needed from the Forest. Back to the base!

Only a couple more important people to speak to. We'll start with Andrew.

- Did I tell you about my long and interesting past? ~Y/N~

Well I don't remember it being all that interesting but


- Oh, really...Do you remember it? ~Y/N~

I don't like where this is going.


- It is the dull story of an old man...No need to remember...

Well now I just feel bad. Fine let's play along.


- Is that true?! I will test you to make sure you're not lying...

Aaaaaaand now we get a quiz on his little story from before. There are four questions in total, they don't change, and you can take the quiz over and over again to brute force it, but where's the fun in that? Here's the questions before I give the answers, so you, too, can take the ANDREW CHALLENGE.

Question 1: Where did I work? ~Tv station/Bread factory~

Answer: Bread factory. Correct! But everyone answers that one correctly. So, the next question...

Question 2: Can you name the location of the factory? ~Near a creek/Near a pond~

Answer: Near a creek. Oh, you are correct! Then, how about this question?

Question 3: Can you name the bread that sold the best in our factory? ~Bun with jam/Bun with cream~

Answer: Bun with cream. That's right!

Question 4: Then, when did I feel happiest? Can you answer? ~People smiling/Become famous~

Answer: People smiling.

- Young must realize that some day...the smiles of people will represent the sign of peace. Thank you for listening to my long story. Here is a gift for answering my questions correctly. Take this Cyber-elf with you.

Actually kind of heartwarming. The cyber-elf he gives you is also rather useful; It's one of four hacker elves that set your rank to "A" for the current mission. What this means is, even if you suck at the game and can't get by without using elves, you can still pick up a couple of the EX skills from bosses. Quite fun. I'll probably show off the elves in more detail at a later date, by the way.

Now then, last and most DEFINITELY least, let's go visit the dudes on the first floor to see if they've improved any.

- Ah, you're looking for Elpizo...But he isn't here!

- Zero...When you finish your job, help me tidy up this shelf. I can't reach the higher place...I had hoped that Autruche in the storage room would have to do this instead of me...

Well gee Perroquiet I'll go ask him for y-

- Have you come to listen to my complaints?

Nope nevermind you're on your own here. Sorry bud!

- Oh, you shouldn't do that...It will just make you feel blue...

- Even for me, I don't have so much complaining. Well, if I force myself...The amount of Energy Crystal I get a day is the same as Perroquet. That doesn't make sense.

I only post his blathering to point out that they misspelled Perroquiet's name here, spelling it instead as...the actual proper french spelling for parrot, like it should have been. Heh. As for the other two:

- Zero! How about Elpizo? Elpizo...if he resigns from commander, I want to succeed to him. Being an operator is good, but being a commander is the best!

- Hey, Zero! It must be so difficult. Once I met him, I immediately felt that there was something wrong with him. Therefore, I don't want to work under him!

Why do they even keep these guys around.

Well, at any rate, that's the end of this round of socializing. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

No new characters or music, nor any drama tracks this time. Which means I'm spared another hour of writing! WOOOOOO