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Part 16: Supplementary 4

The last bit of Resistance base dialogue you have to scroll past and completely ignore! Huzzah!


Hey all, and welcome back to the boring area we've seen 3 times before! Beating the Neo Arcadian Temple (and watching their commander go nuts) makes all the Resistance members decide to pack it in and leave everything up to Zero, so most of this is just them wishing us luck.

It's the last bit of dialogue and most of it is superfluous stuff I'll be skipping, but if you want to see 15 identical sprites telling Zero to go to his thing then knock yourselves out and watch that video.

- Good luck, Zero...Only you can stop Elpizo...Zero...

- I hope you can do it...Good luck, Zero.

It's all basically variants of this, so I'm just going to pick & choose the tender bits...

Music: Momentary peace.

- of Neo Arcadia.

...and also this. I only post this because it's Dande's last appearance in the series; he's inexplicably absent in the next game, replaced by a clone of Faucon, so say your goodbyes now.

- Zero, when will my Baby Elves be back?

- Zero...I feel lonely...

- has respect for you. You might hate to listen to me, but good luck!

And suddenly Pic is being somewhat normal. I'll never get what this guy's deal is.

- legendary hero. I feel so...

- There will be many difficulties, but you will be able to do it. Good luck, young man.

You can kinda tell the writers were throwing in the towel at this point As for the other soldiers, only two stand out.

- But it appears to be impossible to transfer all of us simultaneously.

A plot excuse, and a bit of advice. One of the other 2nd-floor soldiers also brings up the brainwashing thing, guess it made a bit of an impression.

- I respect you because you're always trying your best.

- die...If you die, there are many people who will be very sad!

Woah hey flattery from the terrible two. First Pic, now this, what is going on. You'll make Zero blush.

- were dangerous elves...Ciel believes that she can improve the energy shortage, but...Anyway, I'm glad that Ciel is doing well.

- The power of the elves will destroy even Neo Arcadia...The arbitrary action of a commander reploid is...The change in Elpizo is...It is in many ways similar to the record of the one Reploid, who caused the Maverick Wars...Please, please stop Elpizo, or it will be too late!

And then, in the middle of all the ego stroking, you get this plopped on you. It's super easy to miss, but incredibly significant. In case you're not familiar with Mega Man lore, this is the dude Perroquiet's talking about :

That would be Sigma, the main antagonist of the X-series games. He was the Commander of the Maverick hunters back in the early days, and, like Elpizo, turned Maverick himself shortly after coming into close contact with Zero. He found himself steadily corrupted by the Maverick virus, before finally leading a band of robots in an uprising against humankind.

The similarities are immediately obvious, ranging from their positions to their weaponry to the fact that both were/are being corrupted by a dark and ominous force, and this totally foreshadows some of the later developments with the Dark Elf. It's cool as heck that they acknowledge it, and I recommend keeping it in mind. For now, though, we only have the bit of base to the right of the command room to check out.

- We're very proud of the weapons we made. So, you'd better believe in yourself.

- That means that I will do any hard studies and tests for you. Just please promise me that you will come back alive.

- Good luck, Zero.

And that's the last we'll be hearing from any of those chumps. Only one last thing to do: Check out the PC.

Music: Labo.

- Boot complete. Do you want to know? ~Y/N~


- Request accepted. What do you want? ~Dark Elf/Elpizo~


- Elpizo once worked for Neo Arcadia. Then he rebelled against Neo Arcadia and built up the Resistance Base. Presently, he has abandoned the Resistance Base because he has become enchanted by the power of the Dark Elf...His location is unknown...

Here's where you learn how exactly some prettyboy in fancy clothes managed to worm his way into Neo Arcadia if you don't buy drama tracks and/or are not Japanese. It doesn't go into much detail, but at least you get to know that he's been there before. As for the Dark Elf, maybe this computer will finally tell us what the thing does after all the hyping the game's been doing.

- What do you want? ~Dark Elf/Elpizo~

>>-Dark Elf-

- The Dark Elf is a special type of Cyber-elf created to bring the Maverick wars to an end...X used it and the wars quickly ended...After that, it was stolen by someone, and then the Dark Elf brought about the Elf Wars. Dark Elf...Power Unknown...Unknown...Unknown...Unknown...ERROR: Termination commencing...

Oh dear we broke it. Couple big names dropped in there, along with the first mention of the "Elf Wars". HMMMMM I WONDER.

As for its ability to bring the Maverick wars to an end, well that's very simple. You see, it's actually...


Whoops guess that's the end. If you're bored of the base by now (you are) and skipped reading this (you did) the only really interesting things were Perroquiet pointing out the similarities between Elpizo and Sigma, and the exposition machine cranking out some new info we didn't have before.