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Part 25: Anime and manga


“Anime and Manga!?!”

Did you know that the Zero games got short animated commercials in Japan? I did! They’re pretty cool!
And seeing as the Zero games never really attained the popularity of, say, the classic series or the battle network games, it’s the closest you’re gonna get to a Zero anime.

First one HERE. Notable things: early Pantheon design with them toting hand-held guns rather than built-in ones, and a rather stylized version of Zero’s awakening.

Second one HERE. Notable things: A stupidly huge version of Panter Flauclaws (complete with mouthcannon), an early look at some resistance members (like Alouette, Rocinolle and Pic), and the introduction of both the chain rod and the form system.

Did you also know that the Zero games got a couple manga volumes printed *loosely* based on the story? And that they are hilariously terrible? You should go read th-


Zero reimagined as a long-haired wuss only capable of getting anything done when he’s in mortal danger!
The not-at-all annoying pintsized sidekick of Zero named Lito!
A psychotic Ciel!
Harpuia as Cyber-elf Hitler! (all of them end up dead.)
Phantom as a Naruto extra! Also, he didn’t lose!
Passy as a not-dead character! Who flies in and out of Zero to make him not suck!
Panty shots! Super-sexy, pro click!
Ciel’s even MORE evil twin, Cial! The leader of Neo Arcadia!
Copy X as a fusion of the guardians! Laying a much-deserved beatdown on Lito!
Zero reimagined AGAIN as a not-as-pathetic, even more ambiguously gendered new robot created by an old Lito! Obsessed with heroic-themed theatrics!
…Uh...Um…Hm. This guy…really wants the dark elf…?

There you go! Now don’t ever read this series!

Like, seriously, it’s complete trash, avoid like the plague.

These have ab-so-lutely no relevance to the game proper, but they're silly extras that I figure you should be able to look at if you want. Knock yourselves out.