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Part 6: Giver's Playground

Update 6: Giver's Playground

This will be a long update, people. But it's exactly what I'm known to do. There are only two ways to play Battle Network 1: Beat it in an hour, or go to the postgame areas the second you get /Sal. Guess which one we're doing?

We're going deeper

This is the first time we can meet Billys. They were honestly deadly in this game compared to, say, Battle Network 4 because their attacks still causes damage after you move for a bit. The developers did a small change: you gain a moment of flinch-time after you're shocked. This way you don't eat damage quite as fast.


Thunder1(BN1): A E G H S
Thunder1(OSS) A G H S *

Even in the original game, A code superiority. The asterisk is just icing on the cake.

CrossBomb is a decent step-up from my LilBomb chips, but I'm not gonna be getting these here. Just you wait, people.

Looks like the main spot to find some Canodumb2's. I need all 5 codes to form a Program Advance, so I'll be back later.

And the mystery data says?

Only way to get this code. Also, that's a shop. You'll notice the filenames of the images are out of order. The reason for that is pacing.

See this is what you get for taking screenshots while you play.

Again, you'll need those last two chips for 2 Program Advances.

Program Advances are weird in this game. LifeSword is probably the most well-known, and here it's just two slashes of each sword.

This is a fixed reward. Taking this screen because I'll need Yeti to verify if they changed any of these drops since Battle Network 1. They obviously changed the non-fixed ones, so maybe they changed some more. Fixed rewards also mean one-time rewards. Don't forget.

Wow, this selection sucks. I don't even want the Hammer I. I'm going to flat-out leave this for much later. I have a very good reason to save my money anyway.

I do appreciate that they're letting you buy Hammer I immediately after Hammer A, when the A code is so much better.

I spy with my little eye a very suspicious

You can see in the video that there's glitched chip code text when you use it in a Program Advance. I've reported it to the translators, so hopefully it'll get fixed. If doesn't get fixed, I won't know what codes I'm using in a Program Advance!

You grinded too hard and broke the game. Clearly this is just the game fighting back.

You can see that they nerfed GutsShoot. It now deals 400 instead of 500. Fair, that was warranted. This is also a good time to bring up that they changed the NaviChip limitations. Whereas before you could fit 5 of any NaviChip, and 10 total NaviChips, you are now restricted to 5 maximum NaviChips and only one of each NaviChip. So, no more loading your folder full of 5 StoneMan3 and going to town on viruses.

This is... a weird decision. Giver and I talked about it, and it's roughly akin to BN2's total chip limitation, combined with BN3-5's total Navi limitation. Strange. (It also means you can't break the game with a million GutsShoot, though you still get 3)

Undernet 5. ...Yep. We're that deep-in just from going past that area. This is the best part about Battle Network 1, honestly. Uncontested.

I like the freedom, but it's a lot less linear than the other games, that's for certain. I'm not certain that's a good thing in terms of design, to be entirely honest. It makes navigating past Internet 3 a pain. At least you have a map.

We can't go left. That's for waaaay farther in the story.

Thanks, HeelNavi, you're very believable.

Oh boy, strong viruses. We're already seeing the Level 2 versions of Twisty. Megalian's chip will be hard to acquire, as even if I'll get a high rank, I'll most likely get Zenny. Remember that you can score a double hit when they attack, since both their launched heads and body have hitboxes. that Dash chip in the image can do the same thing.

Fishy2 and Popper1. If you guys decide to come here, good luck! Fishy2 are easy anyway

Easy to get an S-rank, honestly. Even with these relatively crappy chips.

It helps that almost every chip you get in this area is going to be miles above what you currently have.

This chip got buffed considerably as well. It went from 100 to 180, localized by the translators to Burner, and it's code changed as well.

BodyBurn(BN1): E F K M N
BodyBurn(OSS): E F K M *


Gaia1's are stupid. While they're greyed out, they take only 1 damage from everything, until they reach the front row of their area. The only way to deal real damage is to wait until they're about to attack. When there are two of them, they don't open themselves up fast enough for an S-rank. So if you see a fight with two of them, just aim for Rank 10.

Sigh. I really don't like how some encounters can't be S-ranked in this game.

Another example of the game's mechanics not quite meshing together very well. They get better about this in the other games.

Another one for the Library.

Remobit2(BN1): B D E H I
Remobit2(OSS): B D E I *

Now you can have all 5 codes of Cannon for the Omega-level Program Advance.

Like in all games, the Program Advance part of the Library is the most annoying to fill out. At least once you finish off the library you usually have all the pieces you need.

Recov150(BN1): A C E G L
Recvo150(OSS): D K L M O

Wow they really changed these. Normally it's just replacing one of the codes with asterisk.

Moving on.

Fixed reward. Do your thing Yeti. This chip hasn't changed from the original game at all.

We're gonna trek all the way to the end. But this area marks the first time you'll have to abide by certain conditions to make it through. This one is simple: don't escape from any fights.

Are we cowards who would run from fights?! No! We are not!

Game, do you want to explain this bullshit?

This chip in particular is really rare. It's literally a 1/32 chance.

This is a fixed reward. I'm willing to bet this wasn't updated either. Damn you, developers!

I feel like they might have set up the fixed rewards first and then adjusted the random drops later to help with balance. Or maybe they just really want you to use the S-Sword Program Advance.

We haven't even found Satella1's yet. And look, polar bear.

Destroy it with fire.

Fucking great. Ratty2's in this area drop the same code as found in the datas. Boo.

However, Ratton2 did get a +10 increase in power. From 100 to 110. Yay?

At least the rewards are consistent?

Ammonicule2's. They can be kind of annoying? Basically when you pop their bubble, they'll move around and regenerate the bubble. At this level, that shield can take about 50 HP in punishment.

MINE. Not that I'm gonna use it anyway.

It's a useful chip for a cheap barrier, at least.

Why would you put weak trash like this in here? Why?

This is a place where you can't run if you want to progress, maybe they though they were being kind.

Jesus, these prices. M-Cannon L...again. Anyway, I get 2 AreaGrab A after grinding for 500 more Zenny. I really want the PowerUps, but chips come first.

More shops!

A fantastic chip I was able to score after I got the AreaGrabs. It does 15 a pop and once it locks onto an enemy, it hits over 10 times. If only the developers added Attack+10.

The best strategy - give a boost to multi-hit chips. Man, Silver Bullet was so busted in BN5.

Jumping straight to 9, this area wants us to win at least 10 chips in battle from enemies in this area. Ahahahahaha, you think that's supposed to challenge me? I've been getting S-ranks with trash chips. This'll be FUN.

At least the game knows how to reward you for having fun, I guess. First you 'have' to kill and kill and kill, and then you 'have' to get goodies?

Moles are probably the hardest thing to earn chips from in this area, given that if you don't hit them in a certain timeframe, they'll just run away.

Eat shit.

Alright, this is dangerous. Those Beetank3s do a whopping 140 damage, and hit your area in a 3x3. Yeah, I really shouldn't be here.

The Undernet is a dangerous place. At least it'll trivialize the next few story scenarios.

Like I care, though.

Canodumb3's. This formation is kinda cute. Keep in mind that in most cases, I'm using the buster and it takes me 2 turns to kill everything. So I'm not always getting high ranks. Though I still get Zenny, it isn't as if you need 10 consecutive chip drops, so I can stay in here as much as I like.

Since this game doesn't have the consistent HP through battles (you start with full HP every time) survival is success.

Like so. In fact, before I forget:

IceCube(BN1): A C I L M
IceCube(OSS): A C I M *

This is the only encounter in this area that contains a Spooky3. With that, coupled with my weak chips, it's a lot of RNG that I don't feel like dealing with.

I'll settle for this for now.

Why are you putting Level 1's in Undernet 9? Honestly.

What's wrong? Gotta make easy encounters for the weak players to pass the requirement? Bitch please.

I'm fine with the Swordy encounter but this is just sad.

Damn right. But let's check out the datas before we leave.

Now we're talking. Gimme that money.

This is amazing

Oh, sweet Jesus. YES.Yet again, a 1/32 chance.

Fixed reward.

Fixed rew--- SWEET.

Hey, that's a lot of shinies. You can almost afford a third of a PowerUp.

All right, Undernet 10. This area's requirement is to stay out of virus battles. If you encounter more than 6, you failed and have to retry. Nooooo. Not my virus fights!

This is my favorite one, just for how mad it makes Giver

Oh fuck you, game.

There's 10/20/30 Zenny in this area. Why isn't there a fourth Zenny drop like all the others? Well...there's supposed to be, and it's supposed to be 5,000z. In BN1, it was originally 10,000, so the team nerfed this drop for some reason. As for why I can't get the 5,000z drop, well, just...wait.

Ahahaha. "You can't get in fights but you're still running around? Here, have

Again with M-Cannon N?

Very nice.

Tri-Lance M is a damn good chip, too.

That's a chip I don't have yet. Noooo, I want to grind! PLEASE GAME.

Just get it on your first encounter. There, problem solved.

Stop. Please.

I can't help myself.

BARELY passed.

Not sure how RNG plays into Dexterity, but sure, whatever.

This isn't the non-fixed 5,000 Zenny reward I was talking about. This is a fixed one. Is it confusing? Sure, but please be patient. All in due time.

Fuck you, I'll do what I want.

Actually yes we do, there are good rewards here. Except the Zenny.

Twisty3's. Now we've seen the whole family.


Two-thirds of this family was met this update. The Undernet in this game is bonkers.

And just like that, a weight has fallen off my shoulders.

SnakeEgg1(BN1): B E G M N
SnakeEgg1(OSS): B E M N *

I'll get that asterisk later once I've gotten a better folder. Consistency and all that.


There is only one of 2 encounters in the entire game to see Cloudy3. No way in hell am I fighting that RNG right now.

Damn. Anaconda2 already? This encounter is kinda rare.

I got lucky.

SnakeEgg2(BN1): C E H N P
SnakeEgg2(OSS): C E N P *

Given that it's a rare, I'll be back for that asterisk, just like the first one.



And it has 250 HP.


Yeaaaaah, I'm gonna come back for this one, too.

Yeah no thanks. 250 HP that can only be hit a little bit at a time, against a virus that can kill you in only a few shots.

In here, your busting level has to be above 4 in every fight until you reach the gate. You know what, I'm gonna grind, then select the gate, just to give the game a fair chance.

I need to come up with a catchphrase, because FIXED

I don't know, I think your unbridled arrogance and condescension counts as a pretty good catchphrase.

Another Recov150? Game, can you make these drops more interesting? Seriously.

Recov120(BN1): A C E G L
Recov120(OSS): F H L R *

Where is that *? I WANT IT.

Did you notice that was only 3 chip drops? If you did, you get a cookie because we have a problem. No, I'm not talking about it, yet.

Giver toying with the audience like this is some shitty "Who's going to get kicked out next" reality TV show.

Oh. Yeah, this fight is easy, despite having the same HP as Popper2, thanks to the double hitbox weakness.

It's got the same issues as Popper viruses (i.e. they can't be hit for certain periods of time) except this barrier can go down briefly if you deal enough damage at once, the vulnerability period is much longer, and fuck Popper.

Fuck off, game. You put them in situations where they can't be S-ranked and yet I still get the highest rank possible. And you only give me Zenny.

Eat a dick.

I love whenever this happens. Such wonderful schadenfreude.

Popper3 has 120 HP. That's not a typo. He has 5 Recov120 chips to make up for the HP loss, making him the Support variant of the bunch.

Popper3's only drop their chip in B code. As for the effect, it's basically PopUp, which is basically an Invis chip, so

I do appreciate you have DropDown and PopUp as chips.

Candle2's. Honestly the most deadly part of these viruses is their attacks taking forever to pass over a row.

Their chip has good healing, too.

Candle is a weird family of chips.

These are Fanner3's. They deal 180 damage, but their attacks only go 3 squares ahead. And they don't move. Yes, they suck.

Easiest thing imaginable.

Dangerous on the front line, pointless literally anywhere else. Yeesh.

Mosqurito3's deal 200 damage, whereupon they heal exactly that amount. Unfortunately, they're way slow. In terms of attack range, they're essentially a Fishy.

I actually do like this chip, despite it's limited use. It timestops and dashes along the row, so it can replace my DashAttacks. Only it heals 90 HP from enemy it hits.

Plus it comes in A code, so hooray, more A code.

The only way to get on the left side over there? Pass under the bridge. No, I'm not kidding. Lazy Capcom devs, I swear.

At least you have a map.

100k...? Really!? Are you fucking kidding me?

Better go grind those 30 Zenny GMDs I guess.

Who the fuck puts Dash G here anyway? This is the furthest Internet shop in the game and you're giving me this!?

I buy 3 Wave A's, since they can hit enemies in each row, and they go with my A code majority.

"Satisfactory"? Pfft.

"I guess that was good enough. jesus how many viruses you did kill again?"

The deepest Net Area in the game. In the original Battle Network 1, there was a non-fixed drop of 10,000Z, but much like Undernet 10, that drop was nerfed to 5,000Z. That means there are 3,000/4,000/5,000/5,000 Zenny drops. However, once again, that last 5k RNG slot doesn't drop.

Time for the big reveal!

Look, there were a few bugs in the original Battle Network 1 that prevented some non-fixed drops from spawning. They were:

CannonBall(Howitzer) A in Undernet 11 -- Fuck you for this since A code is good to start with.

and another 10,000Z in Undernet 12. Laughable, since you changed it to 5,000, which you already had in the area to begin with. You guys really weren't looking, were you? These drops were all roughly 1/32 chance in the first place, so you can imagine my pain. It took me 3,102 resets to eventually get this information. You're welcome.

The team added a new bug: by lowering the droprate of the 5000z drop in Undernet 10 (was 10,000 in Battle Network 1), it created a bug whereby it doesn't spawn at all.

I'll let Prof explain in the thread why this happened in a more technical manner. But suffice to say...fuck this RNG.

Time for the big reveal in like a post or two!

This fixed drop eased my pain.

Now this is what I came here for. I'm damn sure this fixed drop didn't change Yeti. No need.

Oh good, I don't have to go fetch it.

Recov200(BN1): A C E G L
Recov200(OSS): I J L N Q

A +10 increase, from 120 to 130. ...Yay.

God tier drop, right here. 150 in a spread formation that's farmable? YES PLEASE

And our power skyrockets. We're going to begin the slow transition over to C code.



That's one of the easier encounters.

Well, shit. Honestly, we'll need WoodAura F for a trade later. It's one of the harder chips to get, so maybe later on I'll detail the easy ways to break down this encounter ala BN3.

Gaia3's were the most damaging virus enemy in the series in the original. They dealt a whopping 400 damage without armor, 200 with. In OSS they only deal 200 damage, so it seems like the developers cut back on the damage values. Even still, we can get 2-shotted, so we really, really shouldn't be here. But you know me.

That's like every playthrough of BN1, to be fair. Risking one's Navi's life unnecessarily for UNLIMITED POWER.

Fuck you. With the biggest cactus you can find.

Ahahahaha. You showed this to me on Discord already, and it's still just as funny.

IronBody only drops at low ranks. And hey, C-code.

Begone, ye pest!

I love the Gaia chips. They hit everything on the field, but one column at a time. I farmed up 3 of them for my folder.

A code is the most blatant about it in early game, but there's a lot of good chips in a bunch of the codes.

Well at least I got AquaAura.

Alright, well, let's head back to Undernet 6 and take the other path.

Yes, this is a long update, but we just want to get all of Undernet done right here and now. That way we don't have to worry about spelunking again.

Much like Undernet 11, they want us to stay above a certain Busting Level. This time, 3. Please.

Hahahahaha, fucking garbage. This was offered in the Undernet 11 shop for 3k.

That's 3k you can save for PowerUps and HPMemory, though.

New chip, I'll take it.

Now, those are Mosqurito 2's. Yes, they have the same HP as their 3rd variant. But they deal only 100 damage but attack much faster.

Battle Network 1, I don't understand you sometimes.

I don't think the devs understood Battle Network 1. (though more accurately the dev's bosses, devs just do what they're told, etc etc.)

Piranha2 chip, gotten.

This fixed reward almost makes up for the earlier shenanigans.

Almost. I still appreciate the 10/20/30.

Very good. In fact, senior-level NetBattlers used this in tournaments.

Being able to just drop an obstacle is pretty powerful.


Mine2(BN1): C E G J L
Mine2(OSS): C E J L *

No, Miney2 doesn't drop Mine2 * unfortunately.


Oh, fucking perfect.

Don't mind me, I'm just showing off my rare chip collection, ala Higsby.

Everyone will be glad when this update's over and you can stop flexing for like thirty seconds.

Yeah, don't put virus busting gates in front of me. It never works.

Better. At least there are some new chips here for our Library.

Geddon1(BN1): F H J L N
Geddon1(OSS): H J L N *

Geddon2(BN1): A B E I K
Geddon2(OSS): A B E K Q

IcePunch got a considerable buff, going from 80 to 150. It's M code, so you can combo it with IceCube if you somehow can't get the * code.

Nothing is more satisfying than punching an IceCube straight into an enemy's face. It just feels good.

I see you have returned in this area, too, Anaconda.

S-ranking complete.

PanlOut1! Hey, remember those? No, of course you don't, they're awful.

Jesus Christ, STOP with this. That's the 3rd fucking time we can get M-Cannon L. Worse yet, it's free in infinite quantities! Why would I ever pay 10,000 for this chip when I can farm it!? A waste of a slot. This could have been a new chip.

Pretty positive this fixed reward doesn't change either.

At least it's a good chip. Not something like M-Cannon L for the fourth time.

And that's the entire Miney family. Talk about accelerated powercreep.

That was the point of the gates, to be fair. They wanted to slow down players that couldn't handle these things.

Good code, but I'm only sticking to Gaia3.

Poitton 2's are quite strong, dealing 180 damage. Fanner2's are somehow more deadly than Fanner 3 since their attack reaches 5 panels and can home in on you. I really have to admit that this formation is quite strong.

Fortunately, I'm a pro anyway.

By all means, please, continue. I don't think the thread knows how highly you think of yourself yet.

A multi-hit move, but there's no hitstun in this game, so it's not nearly as good.

200 damage. But it can't S-rank, so it's more for bosses than anything.

Phew. we're done with all that.

Time to go right back in!

It never ends.


Stay classy, Capcom.

It never ends...