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Part 17: Just :effort:

Update #16:

"R u a www member guy"

He is in deep disguise, that's all.

I'm really surprised Wily didn't invalidate their access codes when they defected from the World 3, honestly.

But don't be silly, there's no reason to deactivate their access, they'd never be able to get through the gauntlet of tough viruses.

Pfft "defeat". One of them just wants your Standard Library to have at least 60 unique chips, and the other to be at least Level...35 I wanna say. I'm unsure.

And no, the game still doesn't give you anymore hints besides "DenCity" and this textbox. Useless, because DenCity could mean any real world location in the game.

I don't know why they thought that saying "They're in the game!" was a good hint.

I do quizzes for chips, for chip collecting is more fun than NPC collecting. Note: no rebutting.

I rebut.

Boy, I hope you guys remember that one, because it's surprisingly challenging.

Good news is, everyone knows the correct way to do these quizzes - guess, and then remember which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong.

And then you go to this. What?

Or, you could just remember basic facts about the game you played. This isn't exactly trivia, forehead boy. You stole that forehead from Yai, give it back.

Can you believe the Japanese voice acting always saying "Transmission!" almost made me choose the wrong option?

Game playing dirty tricks.

...Alright, it WAS the first game, after all.

Yeah, that's not a tough question.

The only spot in the game to get Ratton1 E for all you people wanting to do a 5-chip Program Advance...for some reason.

Time for more PA grinding?

"R u a www member lady". Also, she'll require that you need 60 unique chips to get her memo. Mine is over 150, so...

I kinda wonder how it looks to everyone else, this grade-school kid asking everyone if they're horrible terrorists.

Ms. Yuri longingly approves of MegaMan.exe.

Blinky, whyyyyy

Ms. Yuri takes one look at my chip-collecting skills and is deeply impressed concerned with my ability to manipulate the game's formulas to my advantage. Who knew gaming skills could scare women.

: You spend way too much time on this, don't you?

fuckin' nerd

Wow, she's an A-rank!? Holy shit, that's the same level as Ms. Madd.

That's actually pretty neat. Yuri was really high up in rank - or at least, a subcontractor.

Wily, you exploitative bastard.

Ahahaha, that's kinda hilarious.

"R u a www member guy". Seriously, how does Lan know? Does he just go around asking what I wrote in quotations?

"Old man on the street, are you a terrorist?"

This is the Level check, of which I forget the exact requirements, but I'm only Level 67, so it's probably pretty reasonable.

The game isn't too awful about its grinding requirements, which is good. They want you to be semi-leveled, but not enough to make regular kids stop playing.

S-level? Old man's got connections! Maybe he and Wily played Bingo together.

That was one of the prizes, I think. It was denture cream, access to a terrorist's inner circle, and a home ski-ball machine.

Uh-oh. The game is teasing its backstory that it won't touch on for 2 and 4 more games later!

Friendly reminder that BN 3 has a good story and 5... has a story.

Actually unchanged from BN1. So, it still does 140/160/180 on the first column with an enemy on it. The niche thing about ProtoMan is that it will always slash a column in the center. Compare this to Rogue who does 180 on the column with the first enemy and 60 to columns behind it. The only thing ProtoMan has over Rogue is the consistent 180 to a column -- Rogue can sometimes move up or down and target an enemy.



where E is Enemy. ProtoMan would hit both, but Rogue would pick the top enemy and completely miss the bottom. They both share the same code, so, aside from that...Rogue is a better chip than ProtoMan. To be fair, Rogue IS an event chip, so I suppose it's to be expected.

They want you to be using the new chip, so... I guess that's fair.

Time to scavenge everything!

Not terrible thanks to the welcome buffs.

Okay, that's just lazy.

This fixed data isn't much better, either.

Ahahaha. Here, have a single chip of something you already probably have a million of.

And that's the last WWW Pin door in the whole game. A shame it's already over. Get to checking, Yeti.


I need more money thanks to my 200,000 Zenny splurge yesterday.

Just fight some viruses, you'll be fine.

The viruses in here are nothing that we haven't seen, sadly.

This is actually the last powerup in the game. Unfortunately, I'm short by about 4,000 Zenny. Time to go bust viruses for like an hour.

We maxed boys.

Man, look at that level number. Nice.

"through there, you can't get back! Sheesh!"

Luckily, we have all the memos, so we're fine.

We opened that gateway. It at least makes ghost hunting in the Undernet a tad more convenient.

This weird shortcut makes no sense to me. Why not just give us Yuri's homepage or something like that? It'd even be thematic, with her being an ex-WWW member and all; she'd need to have a Navi of her own, so why not? Even if we don't fight her.

But enough of that, let's progress through Undernet 1 into Undernet 2.

The viruses in here aren't much to write about...and damn it Capcom! Make this RockCube *, seriously! Come to think of it, there isn't a RockCube * in this game. Terrible.

That's actually a really weird choice. RockCube * is a staple.

Where the fuck are my riches?

Wh... what are these rewards?

And my bitches?

Jokes aside, since each shop has 3 copies of a chip in this game, I'm gonna need to farm a lot later. I'm buying out everything, even if I don't need it. Yes. I know the shop's options suck.

Buying out the shop is a pretty good thing to do. It's such a good way to flex on the game.

Fixed rewards sometimes eases Giver's pain.

Boo. Please, continue suffering.

This thing hits every enemy on the field from what I remember, so it's a solid NaviChip. That attack at the end ElecMan tried to do will heal him for 200 HP. Yeah, uh, he should realistically never pull that off.

We must go deeper.

Always even deeper.

Nope, still nothing we haven't seen. Sigh. Also, that end-of-area- arrow clearly runs into a road if you look at the map.

I'm so glad green datas(non-fixed) were better in other games.

They'll get better at this, which is good. Progress is positive.

Only place in the game to get Remobit1 N, and it's definitely fixed.

While I do like having to go into a dangerous area to get a rare item as part of average player progression, I have to wonder if the spacing on the Undernet is too lop-sided and sudden.

This is the last real area of the game, though. I think it just suffers from the rest of the Internet being so small.

Fucking sweet.

Finally, decent stuff (except the Ratton1).

10k data that's fixed? Oh, baby! Come to Giver. GIVE HIM MONEY.

No, this isn't fair! Giver can't be happy at all!

You can find Piranha1's in here, too, if you somehow don't have it. But their chips drop for free in the previous area's non-fixed. Game, please. This was the opportunity to make the distribution better in this game, and it's all the same.

Look, the interns were busy making sure that Roll got kidnapped for no adequate reason, they couldn't fix all the drops.

It's time for the Navi who reminds me of the shitty Dolan meme.

They didn't remove this line. YES.

I'm torn, because at least it's a unique way of writing dialogue... but the way of writing dialogue SUCKS.

Yes, tell the bad guy your intentions, why don't you.

"Mr. Terrorist, I'm here to invade the terrorist base!"

This dialouge is honestly emoji-fied.

"Gimme the gorbage." "No U" "Fuck 'im up, MegaMan!"

Towards the end, I performed a new PA (which I also stalled for, sorry).

Yep, same combination, just swap Rogue for a 50 damage improvement. ProtoMan is completely outclassed.

Thread User posted:

I like that they added a new PA for the re-release. Even though it's mainly just a reskinned Double Hero, Double Hero is still super stylish.

If I could, I would make the title of this thread: but since I can't, you'll just get it as the title instead.

That was a pretty bombastic fight, Yeti.

If you're trying to make a joke, you're blowing it.

It's almost like hitting a bomb is a terrible idea. Who knew?

Finally, a load-bearing boss that makes sense.

Somehow, BombMan is able to blow up the giant path behind him, but not affect the area he's standing on, otherwise.


It's made of Netonium, a much firmer material. Alternatively, the program was designed specifically to sever the connection.

What do we do when we're in trouble?

Bug dear old Dad. It's fine, Dad, really! I'm just fighting an evil criminal organization by myself!

I beat up Chaud, then I beat up a bomb. Please help.

Yeti, stop being mean to me.

I refuse.

I almost think Chaud works closely with Dr. Hikari with how much Dad gets along with him. What, is Chaud a step-brother or something? such a kid answer it's almost comical.

Some of the writers were pretty good, at least.

Yuichiro is kinda starting to realize that withholding the truth is just going to make Lan make rasher and rasher decisions regarding his brother. Welp.

Especially because Lan doesn't know about his brother yet.

Just give it up, man.

I don't think Yuichiro is being unreasonable, of course. Even if Lan will eventually become a six-time world saviour, Yuichiro will still treat Lan like he can't handle anything. That's just how parents are.

Also, right now, his son is just a kid with no credentials under his belt. Yuichiro is extremely in the right here for not enabling his son to go off and get himself killed. He's already lost one son, I can't imagine he's in a rush to lose the second.

: I'M the one who defeated the WWW! And with the MegaMan program that YOU created!! Please, let us help finish the job!

Dang. Lan's trying to be a man, right here.

Props to Lan for at least coming up with a semi-cogent argument (though, uh, poor MegaMan.)

Well, that was easy.

: Daaaaad, can I potentially die fighting the WWW? I can? SWEET!

Eh, they're going to declare war regardless. May as well strike first. Peace through strength. I'm not a fascist, I swear.

You're just a bloodthirsty monster.

Gee, I don't know. We might not be able to handle it.

I do like that we get to choose Yuichiro's response here.

Sorry, Yeti. But in all that's fair and reasonable, we're only 11. We can't possibly just-


Well that was easy.

We'll end the update on final boss.

SharkMan2's damage has been increased from 110 to 130
SharkMan3's damage has been increased from 130 to 150

Don't be so tired, MegaMan. More grinding tomorrow!

Hooray, more grinding...