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Part 19: Deja vu

Update #18: Deja vu

Heyyyy, we're back. Sorry for the break. Combination of holidays, then getting sick, then platinuming all the Kingdom Hearts games before the third mainline installment. Fucking Mysterious Figure

Good news is, we'll be hurrying through the rest of the game. There's not all that much left in the game. Unless Giver decides to do something stupid like get all the Humor quotes or something like that.

Well, Wily has a decent sense of aesthetic. Notice how the doors are sorta positioned like in Classic games. However, instead of a new stage to test all your powers at once, we'll just get dungeon re-runs.

Dungeon refight instead of robot master refights. It sets up the tradition for the rest of the games, at least.

Just showing this to convey that everything is bought out, bringing us to 720/1000 HP and Level 83. Yes, I'm going to buy out all the HP even though I don't need it.

Yes, flex some more, why don't you. (i'm not still mad you didn't stop at level 69, of course i'm not)

You know, you guys could probably work together to undo each other's knot-ah, screw it.

No they can't, they have the anime ropes around them.

Though, this raises the question of why didn't they go after Lan since Wily had the resources to track these 3 down.

It wouldn't be very sporting? Lan is a kid and Wily is arrogant enough to think that he won't be able to stop them again? Plot armor? Who knows

And you know what that means!

Ooh, it's been a while since some of the internet portion of this game. There was a lot of running around back and forth before this, though.

Much prefer the future games introducing new dungeon concepts in the end. Yeah, that's right. Screw you, Battle Network 6.

"Man, screw you guys. I'm defecting."

I wonder what would have happened in this series if Wily had been a good boss instead of a crazy megalomaniac.

A really good place to get some nice TimeBomb3's. Why hello Mr. BattleChip. Come into my pack; I have about 2000 friends for you to meet.

We have some G-R-I-N-D-I-N-G to do.

Ah, so THIS is why the update took so long.

And another one crossed off the list.

160 for every column in the enemy area. It's another Gaia, but it's welcome.

They're better in the later games when they hit the entire area at once instead of column by column, but 160 is still really good.

This is the only place in the game to meet Anaconda3 for your precious SnakeEgg3.

This anaconda don't want none unless you got chips, hun.

Decided to put in some IcePunch chips to one-shot that Anaconda fucker. Hooray for Starforce MegaMan's MegaAttack and these chip buffs.

And it worked. Eat shit, snuk.

Snek got snicker-snakked.

G for Giver
R for Remorselessly
I for Injuriously
N for Neutralizes
D for Deleterious
I for Intuitively
N for Nebulous
G for Games

F is for friends who do things together, U is for you and me~

And Froshell spawns here. The only opportunity to have to farm this virus will be here and in the next WWW Comp.

Went running around and found an encounter that contains a second virus.

Oddly enough, this virus drops all 5 codes of its chips at varying levels. Most viruses don't. Only other one I can think of that does this is Mole.

It's a late-game virus that only appears here. There's not really many opportunities to get it anywhere else, so it makes sense they'd give it all its drops.

This chip essentially functions like CurseShield in later games. You hold A, and it auto-attacks the nearest target for 100 damage. For those wondering why this chip never came back, then you just got your answer.

I'll be honest, I like the idea of CurseShield more than this one.



It's too late, it's on the internet and everything. Wonder if you've managed to get any more incorrect TvTropes updates.

Well, they're free.

GIVE THE MONEY. ALL OF IT. I am poor and I need HP memories.

It's always fun how you switch between hating Zenny and needing more of it in these games.

Curses, unsolvable puzzles. Wait, can't Lan slot-in some IceShot like he did before.

I of course mean this:

FireShot posted:

But then, what about Friendship?


Friendship has reared its ugly head. It was only a matter of time, really...

Dude just dispels the flames with his arms.


That's the power of rare chips, baby

Pew pew

And we jack out. No boss rematches in Battle Network 1. Just as well, they're straight trash in this game.

You can easily miss this. So make sure you don't.

It's a godsend for any new players (Roll in general is a very good chip when you don't understand the game at all). Plus, library completion and all that.

Roll3's damage has been buffed from 100 to 140 damage.

We're going to try and be light on screenshots, but you know me and enemy formations. And thanks to OSS, we can see this map looks like a weird man.

He's got noodle arms.

Honestly, thanks, game. This will cut down on my endgame Zenny farm.

If you wanted FireAura, then you have a better shot with the formations in Internet Area 15 (Undernet 11).

Good find. Flappy3's are somewhat rare in this game and they needed more spawns. This is why losing the ClockMan dungeon saddens me.

The yellow flappy boys drop great chips, and it's a little weird that they don't show up more often. They're pretty common later.


Huh, I just noticed that 'Hurricane' is misspelled. Translator error, or has it always like that?

Typical 8 char limit.

The lowest passcode you will ever see in this LP.

Silly game. In other BN games, this would be an early-level encounter. But because nothing in this game breaks defenses, it's considered lategame.

I mean, it's still not HARD.

Begone, ye weak pest.

Much appreciated, actually. Keep up the blue datas.

One off from 99. DAMN.

Does a 00 count as 0, or 100?

Can we slot in an Throwing chip to go above the door

I am, however, glad they got rid of the worst of Higsby's goon-ness and speech tics in the later games. Some things just... don't translate well.

One wonders why MegaMan couldn't MegaBuster the door. Don't ask questions.

Pew pew

After this, we cut to what looks like Wily's Missile Control Room.

You know, Wily: All it takes is one really good shot, and your so-called hacking rocket is blown to smithereens. I would imagine the missile debris would cause some harm, but since this missile is supposed to attack a satellite, you could conceivably wait until the missile is high that the pieces could burn up in the lower atmosphere. Just a thought.

I'm pretty sure that he's got ways to stop electronically-guided missiles, and nobody knows where the lair is to drop a manual warhead on his rocket.

Yeti pls, we have the address.

Sorry, but you're not cool enough to do a Thanos snap.

I survived the Thanos snap, so that means that statistically, Giver died. Math is a lie, clearly.

It's clear that the writers were setting up Wily's motivation since this game, but I really struggle to understand why we got almost none of it here.

Pokemon Version M: Ice Puzzle Redux



Why is this a screenshot? Well...

...They're just blatantly reusing map segments for these dungeons. My laziness senses are tingling.

I'll give them a pass on this one, they were new to this whole design thing.

Formations here are more forgiving than WWW Comp 2, so this is a good alternative to get some decent chips.

Good find. You don't actually have to give up those chips to that girl back in DenTown for a Recov300.

Giver Pls posted:

Only place to get Recov300 in the whole game, so you better do this trade.

Sometimes my posts age well. Other times, they do not.

Look, at least you're not tweeting about getting that Recov300 being a critical emergency.

Oh, god dammit, Capcom! It's the same code! Lazy!

...FireShot? No? Yeah, fine, I'm repeating myself. But Lan did literally use FireShot before.

It was a different type of ice, so it doesn't count.

You guys can't see it, but IceMan literally appeared a few pixel spots behind his foot. There was no jack-in. He appeared out of thin-air.

Look, we already know other Navis have teleportation magic, don't worry about it.

So IceMan sux

and we shootz

Pew pewz

and time to jackz

I'm okay with this reuse. Only because this dungeon is quite chill.

It's one of my favorite ones because you have all the information available to you and it's better than sliding ice puzzles.

New virus! That's the third Jelly virus. This is a tough formation to S-rank. Except not really.

We have slain thee and taken thine loot. Some call me Heartless. Others call me a plague. Yeti calls asshole.

I also call you a dick from time to time.


One of the rare times you may be forced to stop and think a bit. You want this to be blue at this point. So you'll have to finagle with the crossroad to get it to be so.

Really, just do loops until the problem goes away.


Goodie detected.

This is the highest number of unique BattleChips you can get before the postgame kicks in.

Leave me alone.

You have a PROBLEM

MegaMan proves unable to destroy rocks. Nevermind his Japanese name.

Rockman cannot destroy one of his own kind, don't be foolish.

That was honestly quite random. Just...a boulder. The rest of the dungeons had thematic obstructions.

StoneMan putting in some overtime, I guess?

Pew pew

Yeah, and why did no-one call in the army?

Gonna leave this in, since talking to your friend NPCs are pretty rare in this game.

So if you want to NetBattle Dex or Higsby, you'll have to do so here. Froid should be back at the Waterworks HQ after this.

Every other Navi you can fight is either a ghost or one of the NPCs we've seen already.

Oh? The Official Mailing List actually being useful?

Perish the thought! The grown-ups did something?!

Beautiful. "Punch really hard" is all I got from that.

Like, they TRIED for "LifeVirus has no weaknesses!" but like Sheer Heart Attack, that's wrong.

Apparently this is the one future out of over 14 million where the heroes took down Wily. But those textboxes do hint at Bass and his entrance to the series. Loving that GetAbility, huh?

It's neat that you could fight Bass before this, at least.

This door here is so random.... Why is it here? I know Battle Network is no stranger to unused map doors or sections, but this game is better about it. Plus, it's the final dungeon. Don't do this to me, Capcom.

Capcom, please.

The game makes you inspect this a second time. I'm curious as to why that's even needed.

If you were to hide a secret door, wouldn't you put it behind a painting of yourself? Man, they nailed Wily's egomania.

Personally I'd go for a tasteful bookshelf.

Final comp. At least we don't have to deal with the batteries again.

Yeah... I appreciate that, at least.

If you need another spot to get Remobit2, then this is a pretty easy area. Not that it should ever be a concern because those viruses have low HP totals.

This game is showering me with money. I promise, I'll give you a good finale to this LP.

We finally meet the virus that drops BubbleWrap3. But we bought this chip earlier, so this is mainly for code grinding.

Gotta get every variation of every chip, after all.

Nice. Jelly 3 only drops this badboy in H and Q code so this is welcome.

This is still a shit virus. Version 2 would have made this a deadly encounter. And it camps in the front for this formation. It's the easiest time you'll ever have.

And that about covers it.

Man, I don't have enough copies of random codes to go around. Be back in about 10 hours.


Thank you, fourth wall-breaking Prog!

Point of no return! Be careful.

This was added in the re-release to get around a potential bug. There was a glitch in Battle Network 1 where you could save on the cutscene trigger and be permanently stuck in the final sequence of the game.


That feels like a corner case, but I'm glad they fixed it.

I forgot that we still have the damn things.

Thanks, Blinky. "Huh. Weird. These things. I forgot where I got these."

They actually bothered to sprite Roll running. This is the only spot in the game when it comes up. They could have just made her jack in.

...It's the little things that keep me playing these games.

I think it's more your crippling addiction to chips.

The writers are definitely trying to get us to like these people. Trying is the key word.

Roll is trying her best.

Behold the puns, Yeti. LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT IT!

Ugh. I can already feel a headache coming.

...This bitch can make bridges!? Since when!? I'm flipping my shit over here.

I'm going to pretend she was just lighting up the path, that's all. Otherwise I will be very mad.

MegaMan, that was a short distance away. You could have just sniped it from your current position. Hell, Roll even has a bow and arrow that could conceivably hit it.

What is happening

Pew pew is happening.

"But I don't wanna! Girls are icky!"

Lan: Still an ungrateful brat.

I think this is the point in the series where Lan stops being snarky. Notice how leading up to this he's doing everything by himself. When he saved Mayl earlier, he even said "Geez, all the trouble I go through..." Now having been 'saved' multiple times by his friends, he learns he can't be that way. This is all well and good on paper, but it's Battle Network, so it's always muddled.

If you wanted to justify Lan's personality change between games, then this is your best opportunity.

He finally stopped trying to find excuses not to say thank you. There's still a little whining (he's still a kid) but he's actually admitting that he needed their help.

This is not the time to be crying! We are in enemy territory! "But Giver, they're 11." Aw, shaddap.

It's still a weird thing for her to be crying over. "The boy said thank you, waaaah!"

Honestly, Roll didn't even react to MagicMan's presence. The more I stare at it, the more it bugs me.

"Maybe if I don't look at him, he won't notice me"?

Wow. No pre-battle banter. We just jump right into a fight. That's pretty jarring for this series.

They already told you, you're past the point of no return. There's no stopping this train.

MegaMan, the naive idiot, turns his back on his opponent!

you idiot

Everyone, let's have a Gathering and observe The Magic that failed

I'm too tired to deal with your shitty puns, Giver.

Ouchie ouch.


Well, guys, we lost. We tried.

Should have remembered to double-tap the Navi. You idiot.