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Part 25: WWW Story Bosses

Update #2: WWW Story Bosses

The video containing all of these are at the end of the post. They're just grouped up.

Overview: He attacks slowly and when he does, it's merely straight ahead, with the occassional move that homes or leaves trap. This was the first boss in the entire series, so it's pretty easygoing. Only 500 HP. Use anything. Even Cannons.

Top Tier

: Instantly deal a large chunk of damage with one chip? Yes please.

: He has an AquaTower, and his damage was slightly buffed in OSS.

: He goes into the front for his most basic attack (FireArm). Easy 300.


High-Average Tier

: A weaker version of the MegaChips, honestly. Still good.

: Slow, but it'll help lock down a row for easy 120/160/200 damage.

: You'll need to line it up and punch it, but that's a solid 400 damage if you can land it.

: This one targets up/down, so it works well against FireMan's FireArm.

: Same as Dynamite3.

Suck Tier

: Slow, even for FireMan. Only avoids the bottom tier due to a weakness.

: This is never a good chip, not even against him.

Debate & Discussion on Something Awful Forums Tier

: Do you...want to get hit?

: Get smacked. In fact, don't ever pick up this game again. Leave.

His FireArm pierces this. STOP.


Overview: He doesn't move. At all. Almost anything will work. I suppose if you have poor reaction time, it's possible to get hit by a random stone, but if you did, I'd hope you have the sense to bring an Invis chip. Throwing chips are super viable here. As are the TriArrow chips.

Top Tier

: The damage will just rack up with these.

: He won't be able to retaliate unless he summons his little stone minions, but even those take forever.

: These two do damage low enough so that he doesn't flinch, and will rack up quite fast if left alone. Note that will make him flinch instantly.

: Be a god.

High-Average Tier

: Perfect defense against StoneMan. It regenerates between his slow attacks and stays on for a long, long time.

: You'll need an AreaGrab, but given that StoneMan is so slow, these can shine.

: Just solid for this fight.

: A whopping 200 damage. Bring.

: No reason not to have for this, honestly.

: It's weak, but it's something.

Suck Tier

: Watch this snake not even hit him. Pitiful chip.

: Sure, you can time the rocks falling to get damage off, but it isn't worth it for him.

: Frankly, you're better off bringing

Twitter Tier

If you have a death wish, sure.

: Good job, idiot.

: no

: You're just being a shitty memer.

: You deserve to lose at this point.

: Nice shitpost.

: AreaGrabs don't even come in C!


Overview: Some people expressed difficulties fighting him when they were younger. I guess if all you did was bring Swords, then yeah, he'd be hard. It's still your fault for only bringing swords. Bring some throwing chips to get at him in the back.

Top Tier

: Cuts through his frontal defenses. Pretty good.

: Cuts around the instances and hits him directly. However, it was heavily nerfed in OSS.

: This chip is exactly what you need.

: Just throw down these and his main attacks won't hit you.

High-Average Tier

: He has a predictable moving pattern, so with prediction and timing, this can trap or damage him pretty badly.

: Pretty good! Prevents him and his statues from moving, making him even more of a joke.

: Anyone of these will work. But it should be a damage supplement.

: Same as above. Damage supplemental.

Suck Tier

: Risky. You're asking to get hit by a tower as this attack goes off.

: The rat bombs could very well hit a statue instead of him.

: Unless you have godly timing...this won't do anything.

: You do know he won't come out the back column, right?

Prog Fanatics Tier

: The clouds will aim for the statue first, so this is a waste.

: You're better off using Cannons.

: When you use this chip against this boss, you make a Fishy cry. Don't do this.

: You could very easily get hit as StarForce MegaMan.

: MissEchelon, your progs have shitty chips. Feel bad.

: You can put one down and stop one statue, but that's it. Frankly, a RockCube would be better.

: Hard chips to get. Useless on easy bosses? Sounds about right!


Overview: The only thing he has going for him is his damage output, which is irrelevant in terms of S-ranking. He has a move that heals him for 200 HP, but he only pulls this off at really low health. You should be more capable of finishing him before it actually goes off. There aren't many Wood-elemental chips, so while that may be an issue in other BN games, it isn't so here due to sheer damage output.

Top Tier

: What's there to say? Should be obvious.

As strong and has equivalent range potential to WoodMan2. I didn't have this, but it's still an obvious pick.

High-Average Tier

: A personal favorite of mine against this boss. He just loves walking into it.

: Nothing he does interferes with his side of the field, and he likes to move, so this could definitely work out.

Suck Tier

: Only reason this avoids the bottom tier is due to weakness potential. And * code in OSS. Otherwise, you're gonna have to pick your moments. 280/800 HP is still a lot, so go to town if you know how to hit with it.

: Just check the video. *sigh*

: If you choose to stay still, you will get punished. That's about the only thing I can say for ElecMan.

Slutty Anime Profile Pics Tier

: You're some special kind of stupid, ain't ya?

: This. Won't. Help. You.

: He multi-hits. Stop what you're doing.

: I just love the way you think. NOT AT ALL.


Overview: This boss is tanky as all get-out. No weakness and as much HP as the final boss. Fortunately, he doesn't move, so you're safe to knock him around with high damage options like CannonBall. You'll definitely want a barrier to tank the eventual Mine3 chip he lays down...unless you happen to good at positioning.

If you destroy all of his set bombs, he'll just summon another wave. The time until he kicks his bombs doesn't reset, so make sure you're familiar with the timing until he kicks. He also doesn't flinch unless he's hit with a move that deals more than 100 damage.

Top Tier

: Destroys the bombs and deals damage. This is exactly what you want.

: Destroys bombs and uses them against him. As a bonus, he won't flinch when hit with these. Combo time!

: Bomb clear and good damage. It's super fun to bully him with these.

: Efficient bomb usage and a whopping 15% of his HP all at once. Bring 5 of these.

High-Average Tier

: If only fire blew up the bombs in this game. IF ONLY.

: Just bring 5 of these and he is DEAD.

: Doesn't deal damage to the bombs, but it still cuts past them to deal good damage.

: He won't move, and you're free to damage him with other things.

Suck Tier

: He stands still, so if you had a quick AreaGrab, there's a chance.

: You'll need to bring StarForce MegaMan and clear out a bomb before you get an opening. There are more efficient options.

Live Service Video Games Tier

: The bombs draw the attention of the cloud, so this is effectively a dead draw.


: no

: You are a worthless person.

: You're never going to use this. At all.

: Prepare to get blocked.