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Part 31: (Don't!) Fuck This St-

Update #2: (Don't!) Fuck This St-
Subtitle: Await for the Full Game To See The Complete Title!

Due to contractual obligations, I'm required to post a link to the news post on TREZ about this. If you want to read up on it in greater detail as who to credit for it, or what tools was used, check it out.

Hey guys, I'm merely covering this for the Bonus section for posterity's sake. If this doesn't interest you, just move forward to see actual new game content. There were two Operate Shooting Star demos released before the game ever came out -- Nintendo Channel's and Tokyo Game Show's. We'll be taking a look at both since there is a slight difference.

I'm here as well, a rarity for the bonus updates!

Kudos to the translation team for being comprehensive enough to pick this up. Although, only like 4% of the readerbase will actually care.

Nerds, but thorough nerds.

Retconning himself into the series, M.Eguchi's self-insert character appears before his appearance in BN2.

It's neat that he shows up, in my opinion. Though it seems he's got his BN6 appearance, and not that weird mask thing?

: A NetBattle, huh... What do you think, Lan?

: Sounds like fun! You're on!

: But Lan, do you remember the controls for NetBattling?

: Ack, now that you mention it...Now I'm not so sure...

Uh oh, time to kill!

Proving that the 8 character limit is fake. FAAAAAKE.

Remember, press L and R to access the Custom Scorn in battle.

: Wow, he's thought of everything!

The explanation is text-based, and simply tells you that you can string along chips of the same code. There is actually unused text that specifys that "ADD" can give you +5 chips for 2 turns instead of 1.


Ain't that some shit?

Huh. Neat.

Your folder is quite a fair bit better than the Starter folder. We have Roll, GutsMan *, Z-Cannon1 Program Advance (Cannon A-B-C), a Ratton, some swords, and what you see in the picture. Our HP is 200 max and our buster is 1/1/2. This is only a single fight.

So they're giving you some okay stuff, but it's not great.

One curbstomp later...

C'mon, this is better than the starting folder, don't throw us up against FireMan.

I was never really sure why writing for children shows insist on using Solid Snake-esque dialogue. Someone help me out with this.

Help you out with this?

Eyyyyy. I still like that mugshot even if it's only a small edit.

I feel like Mr.Famous is expecting some big shock or surprise sort of thing, but Geo just no-sells it.

Pictured: What haters of StarForce say.

This is a more understandable version of Solid Snake dialogue since A) shows they're in sync and B) it is a far-out claim.

I mean, come on. If some random guy came up to you and said "Here's the guy someone named after you from the future!"

: ...So the future MegaMan is our next opponent?

: Lan...If he's a hero, he must be really tough.

: Getting cold feet, MegaMan? C'mon! The two of us together can't lose to anyone, not even some hero from the future!

: ...You're right, Lan! Let's show him what we've got!

Punch him out!

I like how the implication was that Lan is a bloodthirsty NetBattler. Mr.Famous never said to fight.

Wha- damn it!

: I have this weird feeling I'm going to hate what happens.

Hey, Blinky's here to co-commentate too.

...Find out next time on Dragonball Z!

So that's it. That was the Nintendo Channel demo.

Well that... sucked.

Let's go back and hold Select as we choose New Game. This will unlock the Tokyo Game Show demo. Thanks to Prof for combining these in one file for convenience.

The TGS demo is largely the same as the previous up until FireMan. From here on out, a video is all we need.

Yeah, they saw fit to let us fight MegaMan Star Force this time. It's the exact same one you fight after ElecMan. Meaning, you can get one-shotted by Omega-Xis and two shotted by his Sword options. But again, he only ever attacks straight, so feel bad if you somehow suck at a game made for kids.

It's not that big a deal, but I kinda wish they upgraded your folder a little bit before the SF fight. It just seems to take a long time to beat him with the crappy cards.

Does this mean the developers consider MegaMan SF to be that easy? Makes you wonder.

Alternatively, they wanted to give the player a challenge, since this was a demo and all that.