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Part 32: Press LClick The Screen To Die

Bonus Update: Press LClick The Screen To Die

Time for Yeti's favorite update. HUMOR.


You can simply hit the tiny Mega Man Star Force window to see these conversations on your touchscreen.

O no we've been doxxed.

It's a setup! They knew you were after the rare chips.

That's the end of the joke. I get that they wanted MegaMan Star Force to do something "evul", but it would have been funnier if it was just some random innocent item.

I mean, I didn't read the joke before making the chip joke before, so... uh.

About time we got some damn recognition.

I wonder if it's awkward to hear these people talk about you.

...Alright. That was a decent Humor joke. I guess Lan wins the war against Omega-Xis.

I think Lan might have edited that textbook... Besides, everyone knows LanThrow is his strongest move.

Short, but simple. Thing is, by the time Geo is born, the idea of the 5th grade should have changed drastically with the technology if we're talking about science or physics. If we're talking about Literature class, then I get Geo's confusion, because that class is a snoozefest.

Also (for those of you who haven't played StarForce) his teacher is... a little lax when it comes to the curriculum. It's entirely possible Geo just didn't learn some stuff.

This joke had potential! But it really, really needed to end with Omega-Xis' line. The extra bit dragged it out and missed the comedic timing.

Comeding timing is hard, you know? I still don't have the hang of it. Neither does Giver.

That's surprisingly it. Boo. Boooooo.

Mediocre. Just... kids acting like kids.

Who needs Recov-chips when we had good old spit and SubChips.

Recov-chips are for the weak! Just jack out and jack back in, it's fine.

Where is the number, interns?

Leave them alone, they worked hard.

That line saved the joke.

Good job to Mega.

Pay no attention to the disappearing NPC.

I have mixed feelings on the quality on this one.

I do appreciate MegaMan.Exe's attempt at roaring.

Translation: Geo's Mom is a MILF

I guess even Battle Network had a Sigmund Freud. Netmund Freud?

Look at these dorks.

I admit. I laughed HARD.


A good one. Congratz.

I'm confused, but entertained. (Still better than puns)

This is also pretty good.

Oh no, big forehead Lan!

Lan is Yai under the bandanna. Confirmed.

The worst fate.

You see that? Serve me cake, Miss Echelon! Pronto!

Wait wait wait, we have PROGS?!


I'm proud of you, Hub.

: Yo, whaddap.

Oh, shit. Epic matchup, goons!

Taking bets, taking bets! Currently the odds are 2:1 in favor of THE Dex! Place your bets, no refunds, the house always wins!

SSSSH! We don't mention that!

Giver approves. Now I want Dex to actually use Omega-Xis at some point.

The language of beating the shit out of each other until you're friends.

There's a "ping!" sound effect in this joke when there is an empty textbox.

Not bad.


CX confirmed canon.

So, for any stragglers who still think Geo is related to Lan, then just show them this. And furthermore, mock them poorly for their idiotic assumptions.

Well, there's a non-zero chance Lan's kids and Great-great-great-grandpa Stelar's kids hooked up, so their idiotic assumptions aren't totally wrong.


Gok gok!

The best Navi in the game.

I love him.

Blinky. You're great.

I'm NOT doing this on purpose. It's my screenshot timing.

Gokgok, Yeti.

Hey, that's rude.

So, this joke is a bit special. You see, past the ClockMan scenario, it glitches and can never be viewed ever again. This is due to the RNG glitch that we discussed in the main update section. Sigh.

That moment when you realize the Simpsons will still be on 200 years from now.

Not gonna lie, I'd actually watch that show...

Also there were very few puns, I'm surprised and impressed!