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Part 20: School's Out

Now that all that's taken care of, let's run up into the Studio and definitely save the students right away, no getting distracted at all.

Nonsense. We can't have priorities in our LPs.

The lower half of the EM road is a bunch of end points for a warp, and then a bunch of start points on the left side.

The arrows on the right lead to a small loop with nothing of interest on there. That may change later.

The far-left arrow takes us to actual new stuff in the area.

Like this. Hey, I said 'new', not 'useful' or 'good'.

Yeah. Not high-damaging, but it's free para and something to help with Cancer Bubble 10-second S-ranks which you are definitely doing, Yeti.

This, on the other hand, is very welcome.

I immediately put it in my folder because hell yes I want more damage on a Gatling.

At 100 damage it's definitely welcome. How many attack+10's you got?

: ...but the roads are so complicated. I don't know how to get back. Ah, what should I do now?

It's really not that complicated. There's only so many places he can go at this point, and they all lead back to the exit.

Pictured: Bitchmade NPC that represents most of the directionally-challenged players.

The wavehole I opened up on my first visit is also here, so let's hop on in.

Notably, the VCR Comp has a good supply of Melalizards, the tier 2 virus form of Melamander.


Their card is also way better than TailBurnr1, so I swap them out too.

One thing about codes in MMBN was that you could find yourself using lower tier chips more often due to pure code synergy. In this, it's a little more simple. Which, I guess aligns with the future? Streamline everything? It's a little too streamlined if you ask me: power creep negates the purpose of a lot of weaker cards


At least that's 4 digits.

From the VCR comp, that's a split in the path; an arrow to the left and an arrow going down. Taking the down arrow launches us to this little segment that leads back to the main road. A GMW also gives me this card, which. Hey, remember the Colonel Cannon from BN5? This is that.

But it's fire so you can take advantage of elements. Guess what element the next boss is.

To get to this point, take the left arrow from the VCR comp and then you're here.

Finally! It's been two chapters, but we're finally back in one of the dungeons. These are always fun for me, even if objectively they're not very good.

Fuck you, Yeti. The god damn music makes it worth it despite your complaints.

No, seriously. Listen.

: Time to hit the books!

So, SchoolComp. I'll talk about the encounters in a bit, but let's go over the dungeon's gimmick first. As we're going around the Comp, you'll see these calculators laid out in your path.

As expected, this is where the main challenge comes in. While we're on the calculator road we won't be attacked by random encounters.

Instead, while going down the straight path (they never have branches or offshoots, it's just go forward until you reach the end) you'll get attacked by homework demons. Each time they collide with you, you get asked a simple question and you have to answer it in the time limit. You get to tap the answer!

(or, if you don't want to engage with touch controls, you can just use the D-pad to highlight the answer)

If you're wrong, then you lose 10 HP. Not a big penalty, but just enough that powering through isn't usually a good idea; you're probably going to have to answer about five to six questions.

It should have been 20. These are EZ problems.

These proctors are at the end of each path and all you have to do is touch them to blow them up. And that's the dungeon gimmick. Neat.

The upper path just loops back to the start, so we'll head south. But first, the new encounters:

StreamCancro are the sources of ChainBubble that we've been looking for all this time. They've got the exact same attack as CancerBubble, where they walk back and forth and launch bubbles down the column. Their counter timing is also the same, so shoot them just as they start moving.

Rocky are the ones that drop the FireBazooka chip we found in a GMW outside here. They're exactly what you'd expect; they don't move, and then every now and then they'll fire a bazooka shot directly in front of them that explodes against the back column. Their counter timing is right before they fire.

No S. Leave.

Their chips. We've already seen them before.

Another one of these. I want to phase the one in my folder out already, I'm not putting another in.

There's really only one direction we can go, so on to the next lightning-round quiz section.


The questions aren't any harder on this one. They'll get a little more obnoxious later, but still not harder.

Like usual, you can't exit until all the minigames have been played.

No sequence breaking. Do your minigames before you get your progress.

C'mon, let me just reach over, the stupid thing is right THERE.

At least the Mystery Wave are getting a little bit more worth it.

Even if you don't do the quiz, it's not hard to guess. SFORCE, based on the name of the game, or SFORSE, which is short for "Short, Fat, Seahorse" Yeti's mother.

I didn't mention it but each time you blow up the quiz giver, Mega congratulates you. This isn't a waste of time and doesn't get grating at all.



Stage one done.

Gatling2 is always welcome, as opposed to HeatBall2.

Tell that to the next scenario's boss. :v:

The questions are getting a little bit more difficult. However, they're still easy to answer if you know the rules of subtraction. Plus, there's only a limited number of questions in each area's pool; once you know the answer, you just have to recognize the question.

Something interesting about enemies that walk left and right instead of jumping - if you somehow time it perfectly, you can hit them as they're moving INTO a square and then get double damage. Like what happened to that StreamCancro; it got one-shot by a GrassBurst even though it only does 90 damage.

Oh, look, another Giver technique.

A tale in threefour images. There's really only so much I can talk about these things. The questions are simple and not too rude yet, and the rest of the time I just run in loops until I find the next calculator.

This, on the other hand, is very welcome. 100 free HP that doesn't count against my rank is great for S-Ranking.

And that's the end of the second Comp.

The raised up ramp is a pretty good sign that this is the last area.

The questions get a little bit more difficult.

Or, just... what. (The correct answer is 15. Fuck that question though. I don't even try when it shows up.)

So, this dungeon is... interesting? The enemies aren't very challenging, and while the time limit gets more strict as I move through the areas, they aren't hard.

The areas LOOK twisty and confusing, but it's really not that bad.

Just look for one of the calculators and go to it; don't skip them, because if you go in the order of "closest calculator first" then the path leads you straight to the next one you need to hit.

Crossing over here we'll take the right branch first to hit this calculator that loops around.

Then, head up that other branch for this.

Follow the path...

And we come out right next to the start of the area, at the three-way intersection that I skipped earlier. Like I said, following the calculators will lead you in a pretty nice loop.

With that, the dungeon is over. Time for the boss fight! After the necessary monologue, of course.

: I'm... uh... MegaMan!
: Hey, Libra!
: Well if it isn't the traitor, Omega-Xis. You couldn't balance loyalty with treachery.
: Heh, so it's no wonder I turned traitor, right? Well, seeing you balance water with fire isn't exactly bringing a smile to my face either.

Thanks, Mega. Listening to him dunk on weird boss design is great.

: I came to find and destroy you.
: Don't underestimate us. We just got a new power, so bring it on. Right, Geo!?
: We're going to put a stop to the Study Wave.

It's really nice to see Geo's character growth. I know we make fun of his declaration to Luna, but remember - this is the first time he's really decided that he wants to save people. Even Sonia, the first time he's a hero, is just him stopping her. Here, he's doing his best to save others.

Do something enough times and you'll naturally learn to get over some initial discomfort. I'm glad it's slow, and not immediate like some of you may want.

: If the kids' grades don't get better, I'm gonna get fired.
: F-Fired!? I didn't know. So that's why you did this... But that's not a good enough of a reason to make your students suffer! That's just cruel!
: Th-That's...

Geo is finally faced with the realization that it's not so simple. He can't just beat up the bad guy and save the day like the last few times. Shepar has actual issues that he can't resolve by having a fight and talking out his problems.

What do you know -- children's anime solutions don't work on adult problems. ...We better not solve this childishly, I swear.

: To protect something, you've gotta sacrifice something else in return. That's reality!
: Oh, yeah. Sorry. I can't get fired. And I... As a father, I must protect my own kids!
: You must protect them? Well, that's... That's the same as me! I have someone I must protect too! That's why I will stop you! I must!!

In the end, Geo wants to save everyone. He's swayed by Shepar's situation, but he's made up his mind. Besides, they're relying on him. He's the only one who can stop the Study Wave.

: I don't want to fight, but in this situation, I must. Let's do this!!
: Here he comes! Brace yourself, Geo!!

Oh, look, Yeti used PlasmaGun2.

Let the fight begin! Libra Scales is an interesting boss, because he's actually got TWO elements and switches between them. The rings around his base are the color of his element, either Fire or Aqua. Naturally, that means his weakpoint switches as well. In effect, that just means that he has two weaknesses and you have to time your attacks a little bit better. That 900 HP really doesn't mean much. Do be aware that Libra Scales has Super Armor and Float Shoes, so he won't flinch and will be unaffected by panels.

As for his attacks, he's got three: Flame/Aqua Weight, Heavy Weight, and Libra Swing. He goes by a very predictable pattern - three sets of the Flame or Aqua Weights, then either Heavy Weight or Libra Swing.

Pictured: Flame and Aqua Weight, respectively. Each time his weight lands on a column, he sends out a blast that launches down the column. When it reaches MegaMan's column, it will create a pillar of fire or water respectively in the column it hits and the two adjacent panels. This attack can be blocked or dodged (unless it's in the center column, in which case it can only be blocked) but there is no counter timing that I've ever been able to find.

Getting hit will deal 40 damage of the appropriate element type.

Pictured: Heavy Weight. Libra Scales raises his arms, then drops them down. That part doesn't deal damage; instead, he'll summon two spiked weights that drop on MegaMan's panels one at a time. These weights can't be blocked, so you just have to keep moving. Problem is, he usually likes to use this attack immediately after sending out a Flame/Aqua Weight which will lock you in place. The counter timing for this is AS he's swinging down his arms all the way through the slam, so be ready to move - you can get the counter but still have the attack go off.

Getting hit will deal 40 damage.

Also pictured: HeatBall3

Pictured: Libra Swing. Libra will jump to the center of the field, wait a few seconds, and then spin around. This will hit everywhere at all times, so you have to block it. The counter timing for this is as he's starting to spin, so have good timing.

Getting hit will deal 40 damage.

Libra still has two weaknesses though. It can be dangerous if you're playing Leo or Dragon, since his Weights are their weakness, but don't panic and keep track of what's going on, and you'll be fine.

And since I promised it, here's a fight where I kill him with Pegasus's Starforce Big Bang. Countering this asshole is... a bitch. Ugh.

I'm actually laughing. Bahahahaha.

When I'm not fishing for counters, he goes down a lot faster.

: Now's our chance to turn the wave off!

Geo runs up and just kinda slides Libra Scales to the side.

: Is it this one?
: Phew... That should turn the Study Wave off.

Good thing we're told this, because there's no visible effect.

: Y-You think you can stop me?

Uh oh. Yes, Libra Scales did not blow up or chase out the FM-ian. He's still a threat.

: Nngh...

Or not. He really didn't have the energy to fight back; it was a last gasp.

: Please, stop...
: I can't lose... I can't get fired... Not now...

: It's loud, obnoxious, and self-absorbed...

Of course, now that we turned off the Study Wave, everyone that was still in class is free.

: Do you think he ate something bad?
: Does he have a fever?
: If he wasn't sick, Mr. Shepar wouldn't say things like we need to get better grades!
: That's why we must hurry and take him to the doctor's. We've got to get our teacher back! Let's split up and look for him!

They have a point by accident in that Shepar was being influenced by an alien, but there was a chance that their grades really were that bad... Especially Bud. I'm pretty sure he was still on the ones time table.

: They still believe in me... This horrible person I've become...
: H-Hey! What do you think you're doing!?
: I've been a fool... I can't face the kids... Not anymore...
: And what about your own kids? You gonna just let them starve?
: No...

And this is Shepar's answer. Fuck the binary choice and take the third option. There's no reason to balance that.

...Just do both. K. The point, I thought, was that he couldn't do both, right? If this arc is following it's own setup, this can only end poorly.

: What are you saying!? Have you lost it?
: I will continue being a teacher. But I won't give up on my ideals either. What I lacked was the resolve to see my philosophy through. I realized that after seeing the kids' kindness.

I see. I wouldn't exactly call what he's doing 'resolve' but you do you, bud.

: It might be, but the important thing is to keep on putting all you've got into something. If you keep on trying, even the impossible becomes possible. And I have a duty to pass that idea on as long as I live.

Do the impossible, see the invisible?

Row, row, fight the Giver.

: He's back to his usual self.
: He gave Libra the boot! Alright! Come on, Geo. Let's get going!

If I were wittier, there would probably be a 'I've balanced the checkbook' joke to go with a 'I owe you a beating' right before the fight.

At least the scales tipped towards Geo this time around.

Soon after that, there was an investigation into what had caused the whole mess. It was accepted that the Study Wave messed up Mr. Shepar's head, and that's what happened. Because of that, people began to re-think the use of Study Waves in school.

Hah. Someone lied and pinned it on the Study Wave. Nice.

That's what everyone thought but...

They collected signatures and presented the petition to the principal; all to persuade him to let Mr. Shepar stay at Echo Elementary.

...reluctantly gave in at the end.

You can tell this is a fantasy game because student outcry was weighed against potential profits, and the students won.

"Signatures...on a paper! My one weakness!"

...a teacher, just like before.

Welp, fuck it. Just do both, I guess. Nice that they lied and pinned it on the Study Wave. A lie to get out of a tense situation.

What else were they going to blame it on? An alien?

It was the day of the school event.

: Pat's absent today!?
: I didn't plan for this at all! Who would've thought he'd get sick on the day of the big show?
: So now what? Do we cancel the play?
: I have an idea.

Uh oh, that's usually nothing good...

Pfft. Looking good, Geo.

: Please... Think this over one more time...
: Oh, stop! There's no one else but you! Oh, and I made 1 change to the script. In this part...

: What's with this line...?
: During that last incident, when I was pleading for help, I could've sworn I heard someone say those words to me. And I'm sure that someone was MegaMan...

Geo you've got to make sure nobody hears your corny declarations of wanting to be a hero, or these things happen.

I think Geo likes it deep down. The corny lines, I mean.

: ...... (Well, I did say those words... I guess she heard me...)

: Aaah! Heeeelp!!

Bud looking good, and... Luna doesn't even have a costume. How lazy.

: Nooo!! Someone! Please! (And this is when MegaMan comes onstage! Don't mess this up, Geo!)

This isn't MegaMan Starforce 3!

This isn't in the script! Wait, wrong character.

: Huh?
: Who are you!?

: (N-No way! Isn't this the real MegaMan in the flesh!?)

Technical difficulties, please wait...

Gods damn it Zack, you fucked it up again. You had one job!

: (I thought he was the real one... I knew it. It was just my imagination. I must be tired to mistake Geo for MegaMan... But, you know...)
: (Prez! Your line!)
: Oh! Um...

Hmmm... Doesn't really fit in or answer the question? But amateur writing and all that.

0 stars. This play was free, but I've feel like I wasted my life

: (...Why? Why is my heart racing so fast?)

And with that, the 4th scenario is complete. We got the power of the Starforce and saved the school. Go us.