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Part 22: Dating Sim

Still not safe. Well, they tried, shame they're gonna die.

Time to start the next LP.

: Phew... I think we gave them the slip...
: Argh! How many of those creepy guys are there!? There's so many, they're bound to spot us sooner or later...
: (She's right, you know. You can't run forever... If you don't do something about the Jammer, you guys aren't gonna get outta here.)
: (Then it looks like I don't have a choice... This room seems to be safe for now... This may be our only chance. Let's go!)

: So I want you to wait here. Can you handle being here by yourself?
: Are you stupid!? You can't go out there alone!! What can you do?
: My dad used to say that even if it was a sliver of a chance, it's better to do something.
: But it's dangerous!!

WE know that Geo could probably beat up those idiots easily. But, Luna doesn't know anything about MegaMan.

: (*ba-dump!!*)
: So promise me you won't leave this room!

When did this turn into a cliche dating sim again?

At least they're 11. Cliche shit at least works for the target demographic.

: ...It'll be alright. I'll protect you.
: Wh-What am I thinking at a time like this!? It's not like he's MegaMan or anything!! But... he was sorta, kinda cool just now...


Good job, Geo. You awkward dork.

Anyway, let's hurry up to the second floor and pulse in -

Hm. They thought of that.

In that case, we'll just go from the first floor and stop this jerk.

: He's probably headed for Luna!
: No! We've gotta hurry back!!

Ugh. This is annoying. Why even make us run all the way up here, then?

Tension, duh.

Fortunately it's just a matter of pulsing out and back in to get back to the first floor's wave road.

Oh come on. Seriously? We take our eyes off of her for five minutes and she gets herself in trouble.

I'm surprised she didn't try to contact Geo the minute she was cornered. That's her only ally in this situation.

: I'll never hand the key over to you!!
: Heh heh heh... Then I suppose I must take it. But realize that if you lay a finger on me, she may not feel so well as a consequence.

Seriously, this guy is a pain in the ass. I already beat him up once, just get the hint already and die!

Nah, man. Recurring villians are generally a plus. Makes them more involved in the story. We kicked his ass and now he knows strength won't work, so he resorts to cunning.

: MegaMan!!
: Watch closeley, little girl! Watch and see me defeat your mighty MegaMan!! Don't blink now!

It's interesting that Mega was thrown by the threat. He's not one to really care about anyone.

: Take this!! And this!!

: Oof!

Riveting action. I love the spritework.

Sigh. This kind of stuff is why the games aren't more beloved, I think. They shouldn't cheap out on the spritework in THESE cases. Really takes me out of the story.

: MegaMaaaan!! Nooooooo!!

Really, this is just the best thing I've ever seen. Remember how Battle Network had the PET throw in BN3? Small potatoes compared to this!

Exactly. Go the extra mile for tense scenes and even if the game is flawed, you'll create a lot of good feelings in your fanbase. It practically gives you extra room to fuck up, should you do so later.

: Nothing beats the sound of a good punch. So, how was it? Did you like what you saw!?

: Ha ha ha. Did she faint? I guess it was too much for her to handle!!

: Time to finish this...
: Ooongh...
: You fool!! Why didn't you fight back!?
: If I had, then Luna... she'd...
: How far will you go for that girl!? Mnph! If you won't fight back, then I-

Mega is now finally going to do SOMETHING. I'm honestly surprised he waited this long.

: That guy's about to turn you into a smudge!!
: Protect Luna...... I promised I would!

: But enough talk! Time for you to say goodbye!! The Andromeda Key is MINE!!!
: *gulp!*

(There was a *bwaaaam* right before a fade to white, and now this. We've heard it before.)

Enter Sonia! Thanks for actually doing something!

Harp Note Ex Machina.

: Harp Note is live and onstage!! That was a close one, huh?

: ...up, but I didn't think it would be that serious!

Oh, what do you know? They used the Help Signal again. Weird that the later two games don't.

: Thanks, Harp Note!
: Nngh... You got me good, but... EM humans! You know what to do with the girl!!

Oh, right. Forgot about her.

: Oh no you don't!


Man. Remember how Lan and MegaMan would actually do something useful from time to time? Sure glad that Harp Note is here to save the day.

...How is a guitar strum faster than a bullet from MegaMan? I guess Harp Note has the advantage of affecting multiple targets at once due to sound waves.

Oh, we get to actually do something now?

: Lyra, huh? You traitorous scum!
: I'll take care of this guy! Harp Note, you take care of Luna!
: OK!
: Finally, we can give this creep what's coming!!
: Curses!! Don't count your chickens before they hatch cause[sic] I'll be the one dishing out the pain!!
: Here we go! Wave Battle! Ride On!!
: Just try and stop me!!

Oooh, a Jammer2.


It dies like a regular Jammer but with more health.

: Nooo, I was so close!! Lord Gemini... I'm sor... ry...

Good riddance. Bastard.

: So that's who was behind it all. Gemini.
: Are they...?
: He, and yeah, he's another FM-ian. But I have no idea what he's plotting.
: Gemini...

A new player enters the field, but we won't see Gemini for a little bit. Don't they have something else to worry about?

Oh right she was here too.

: She's fine. She just fainted and should wake up pretty soon. And what about you? Are you OK?
: Yeah, I'm fine.
: There are some really strong Z waves coming from this room!!
: Looks like old Mr. Copper's back... It'd be pretty bad if he found more Z waves. So we'd better go back to the Real World. Can you help me and grab one of Luna's arms?
: Sure! OK, let's go.

Cheese it, it's the cops! (Yes I will make this joke every time Copper shows up)

It's 5-0! (And we're in the game's fifth chapter! :haw: )

I, uh. This room is rather... pink.

: Oh, yeah. Thanks for the save today, Sonia. If you hadn't shown up...
: Aww, it's nothing. We're Brothers after all, right? And that's what Brothers do!
: Sonia...

Come to think of it, how did Sonia pick up the help signal, in time to save Geo and Luna? That thing can't have very big a range.

This is why you try not to Ex Machina.

: Well, I think I should go. I wouldn't want her to suffer another shock when she wakes up with Sonia Strumm in her room. I'll wait outside. We can talk more later.
: OK, got it. I'll see you later, then.
: And don't get any funny ideas, about Luna, OK!?
: I won't!!
: Ha ha, I was just joking! OK, later!
: Yeah.

I'm surprised Geo didn't run away the second he could. At the start of the game, he wanted nothing to do with any of this - but now he's actually sticking around to make sure Luna's okay.

Growth! He's coming out of his introverted shell.

: Mega...Man...?

: Are you OK? Are you hurt anywhere? Ah, you probably shouldn't try to sit up yet.

No, I didn't drop any textboxes. He just jumps straight to that.

: MegaMan... No, wait... Geo!?!? What are YOU doing in my room!?
: Um, well, you see, please don't get angry, but... well, you were unconscious, and I had to take you home... so I kinda looked in your Transer...

He peeked at your Facebook page! The horror! (don't put details like your address or phone number on the internet if you can help it)

: You looked into my Transer!? How could you!? You're the worst kind of person, ever! Pervert!!
: No, please! I only looked up your address!!

That being said, Luna's overreacting a bit here. It's par for the course, honestly.

:fuckoff: Luna, I swear to God. Stop being stupid.

: I just realized! Where's MegaMan!? Where is he!? He got hurt trying to protect me...
: I didn't see him or anything, but I think he's probably OK. I mean, we're OK, so he must be too, right? Aha ha ha...
: Don't give me a silly laugh!! Hmph!!

Geo you're an awful liar. I'm amazed Luna hasn't figured it out yet.

It's just one of those things that calls back to classic Superhero stories. Well, just Superman, to my recollection. "People see what they want to believe." If people could step back and take an objective measure of the situation, they might have actually seen the hero's human persona. But nope, a hero has to be strong, muscular, confident and all these other things. An image built up in the mind.

So, when a kid who, by all suspicion should be MegaMan, they let their prejudices run wild and ultimately distract them from the truth. This is why she never figures it out.

: ...what he says and he will save us all!!
: Didn't mean to offend you... I guess I should get home... Is your mom gonna be home soon?
: My mom and dad are really busy, so I'm usually home alone. It's been like this ever since nursery school, so I'm used to it.

Ooh, are we finally getting information about Luna?

Pffft. Thanks, Blinky.

Blinky -- the only good 3rd wheel.

: Then maybe I should wait until someone...
: I'll be fine by myself! So you don't need to feel sorry for me! I'm used to being alone, so you can just go home.
: ...O-OK... Well, take it easy, OK?

: really tried hard too... so... th-thanks...
: ...No prob.
: W-Well? What are you waiting for? Get going!
: Yeah, well, see you.

Aww, Geo actually accepted the thanks instead of brushing it off.

: This must be from the shock of the incident! Yes, that's it! That must be it! Argh, he really knows how to get on my nerves!

And with that we've wrapped up this little incident. Good job, Geo. It's a good thing Luna isn't going to talk to anyone about the weird cyber ghost things that attacked her. So let's go clean up a few loose ends first.

The grind has rewarded you with power. Respect the grind by grinding more.

Importantly, over the last scenario or two I saved up enough zenny to be able to buy this. I really want it before this scenario kicks off, so this is perfect. It goes straight into my folder, because 600 damage? Fuck yes.

...Yeti pls. I know your plan.

Step two: Beat up HarpNote SP as thanks for saving us earlier. (Something to note with HarpNote's SP form - she's fast enough now that if you get hit once by her stun notes you're probably going to be hit by everything until her heart pulse. This one really is a 'don't get hit' boss.)

First for her EX card.

And the second time for her SP card. We'll come back to get better times later.

1600 HP and no weakness isn't hard to kill, by any means. But getting fast times is a matter of mathematics. To maximize the power of HarpNoteSP, we'll need to be doing 160 dmg/s. Not feasible with current cards even assuming optimal draws.

...Why is this the first time we see Pegasus's actual sprite? Did they seriously think... Oh, whatever.

:doh: Really, Starforce?

Behold my 'combo' of three cards that I just hit HarpNote with at some point. Every time I get through a boss, I have to sit through THIS.

: We should save that one!

Now we get to name it. There's no option not to, don't be silly.

: Write your pop-up message here!

You can even add a message that'll be shouted out when used. If you want. You can just mash B after the name and get through that.

: Remember, if you don't equip a B. Combo and make it a P.B. Combo, it can't unleash its power!

Then, if you remember to hit A instead of keep mashing B, you can equip it as a P.B. Combo, rename it, or delete the stupid thing.

B.Combos are a dumb way of adding massive damage to your folder kit. It's basically this game's way of ensuring you are never challenged by anything ever again. Thanks, I hate it.

: "NewCombo" has been deleted.

Sigh. Just an additional sixty seconds after every boss fight.

Anyway, HarpNoteSP! It's obviously not as strong as it could be but it's still 10 points greater than what I'm using right now which translates to 50 extra damage. Good enough.

Next up, over here in Class 5-A's EM road.

Yeah, you know it, you love it, it's this bastard.

Solid countering.

I'll show this in a bit. Before that, in the same area and now roaming...

The larger, more obnoxious version of LibraScales. Six hundred more HP?! And that's the only change aside from more damage. They didn't change anything else because they knew this boss was already the worst.

Stupid asshole. Have to fight him again in a bit...

Could have had it in 22 seconds or less had you not choked on some of those hits, bro. You suk.

So, LibraScales's card sucks incredibly. Yes, it does 200 damage if you hit (300 for hitting an elemental weakness). But it ONLY targets the first and last row, which means that it's very hard to use properly against all but a select few bosses - and the one I'd love to use it on, DragonSky, isn't the boss in this version of the game.

In other words it'll go into the folder when necessary and not before then.

We also get to check out the two Cipher mails for the new SP cards now that I've collected them. These things really are a pain to type out.

...Whoops. Thanks for your patented "ass detection" software, Nintendo. Maybe it'll still work?


I'm good, Mr. Hertz.


Yeah, so the game screwed up. We can't actually get LibraScales's SP card through Cipher mail because of the censor.

Hahahahaha. glasses is censored! Fuck you, Capcom. Bahahaahahaha. This is why censorship is silly.

Moving on! We have one last boss to fight now that we've finished with the fourth scenario.

Cancer Bubble has more HP and moves a little faster.

Hey, an extra 30 points of damage. Not gonna say no.

Time to talk to Sonia and actually get moving with the plot now that we've finished up with the bosses.

: And thanks again for back there...
: Well, like I said before, you're very welcome! We're Brothers now, so no matter what, we'll be there for you! Right, Lyra?
: Yup!

It's very convenient that she showed up at the perfect time.

: Be careful of that girl, Sonia. You never know when she might backstab you.
: Hmph! Aren't you rude!? I like Sonia and this planet too much. Trust me. I won't be returning to FM any time soon!
: Now, now, Lyra. It's OK.

: So... um... Are you free... this Sunday...?
: Um, yeah...
: Um... I... uh...
: Come on, you can say it! You came all the way over here today for this!

These dorks. But yes, this is why Sonia was so conveniently able to save Geo - she was coming to visit him anyway.

: would go shopping with me!? Maybe we could go to Nacys in Time Square...? So, what do you think...?
: You want to go shopping? Just the 2 of us...?

This is so much better than how they handle Lan and Mayl, in my opinion. She's asking, at the very least.

Check the OSS playthrough for the stark difference between these two and Lan and Mayl.

: Ah, that's not what I meant! I mean, um, I don't usually do things with just 1 other person, a-and definitely not with a girl, you know...?
: I-I've never gone shopping alone... with a guy before... so... um...
: What are you two getting all red in the face for?
: Not that a brute like you would understand, but this is what humans call "adolescence"!
: Hmm, adolescence, huh?

They're being up front about it instead of Lan's weird dream from the plane in BN2 so I'm okay with it.

: ...Rover statue in Time Square at 10 this Sunday!
: O-OK...
: Don't be late, OK!? See you!!
: Y-Yeah...
: Great job, Sonia!
: Tee hee!

Sonia walks away after that. That worked out well for her!

Nice. It is very cool to see well-done relationships in jRPGs. They're usually bad.

: Ack!

Gasp! Someone was watching!? Maybe it was Luna.

No, just Geo's mom.

Geo is, understandably, flustered.

: It's not like that!!
: You'll have to introduce us next time!
: ......Y-Yeah, sure! Wow, a lot of stuff happened today! I'm beat!
: Ha ha ha. OK, OK. In you go.

Hope is happy to see him getting out and about. She's a good mom.

Anyway, that's the end of this day, so you know what that means! Interlude time. And, since I can, I'm gonna just keep going.

Yeti no, a bed means a break in the LP. You're breaking the natural laaaaaw.

: ...some trouble again. And during such a busy term... I just knew that public school would pull her down.
: That's true. Those riff-raff "friends" are probably rubbing off in a bad way on our Luna.
: If we let her stay at that school, she will only wind up in more trouble. I'm sure it has already damaged her future.

This time, we're getting a peek into Luna's home life. It's... not great, and goes a long way to explaining why Luna acts the way she does.

: We should move her to a private school ASAP.
: Yes, which is why I will go speak with the school, on Monday if I must, about her transferring. We'll move her to a strict boarding school, and sign her up for the Elite Course.

: ...she'll be hired by the best corporations. It really is the best route to happiness. I'll start looking right away.
: Yes, please.

Luna's parents are heavily invested in her 'success' regardless of what Luna actually wants. Also, I'm sure everyone caught that "friends" a few pictures ago; it's just more of the same with that.

Ah, yes. Work for a big corporation! Your future is bright! YAAAAY. Fuck you.

: ...about the location of the next exhibition, I think it would be better for the layout if we were to set it a bit further back.
: ...You're right. Let's move it back there, then. We'll have to move the tree up a bit though.
: Hmm, true...

They also spend all their time working (Luna said she's used to being alone, after all) and even as soon as they get home, they go right back to work.

All the while, they didn't even notice that Luna was listening...

Finally. Maybe she'll become less of a bitch if we give her the spotlight.