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Part 26: Trash Island

: Oof!

Whif! Zam! Sock!

Uh, hey, Pat? Whatcha doing?

: P-Please... Leave me alone...
: ..........Hmph.

That... wasn't Pat's talking icon.

How the fuck did you get your ass beat by a kid?

Oh well I'm sure it's nothing.

: Make sure you all go straight home now.

: Looks like I got some mail.

Like usual, at the start of every scenario, we get some email.

: that, but there's always next time! And maybe someplace a little quieter...

Thanks Sonia. Sorry you got poisoned.

'Tis only a minor inconvenience. I bet the next time they go on a date it'll kick off a world-ending plot.

We're stopped on our way out when Geo spots Luna.

: Are you heading home now too?
: ......
: ...?
: (He... He really is MegaMan isn't he? ...... Oh no, why is my heart beating so fast again!?)
: You OK, Luna? You look kinda ill...
: I-It's nothing! Come on! Let's get going!

I'm glad that Luna is marginally less awful now that she's had her cutscene-mandated character development.

You make it sound so artificial. She's less awful because she likes GEO now. :colbert:

: Oh, I have a call on my Transer. Excuse me, Luna.

: I want to show you something interesting. So come to Time Square right away.
: Huh?

: What!?

: No idea, but it's worth finding out. Let's go see what's up in Time Square.
: OK!

I'd think that after Ophiuca Geo would be less willing to throw himself into danger, but if some random stranger just called him and said he knew his deep secret (that he apparently has on his Transer) I guess I see the reason Geo would go.

: Did something happen?
: Well...
: Something dangerous?
: I don't know yet. But for now, I'm gonna go check out Time Square.

Luna calls out to Geo halfway out the door.

: What...?
: Be careful, OK?
: Ha ha, you don't have to worry about me.
: I'm not joking! You're my Brother, so I have to!
: ...Thanks. I'll be back.

: ......

You could make comments about 'where was this when she threatened to cut BrotherBands with Bud' but honestly I see it as a more subtle version of her character development.

I never actually bought that she'd cut her BrotherBand with Bud, anyway. It didn't help the bitchiness perception, though.

Either way, we get control outside. Before we head to Time Square, I want to do a little bit of shopping (and also complete requests for the bonus update off-screen, :shh: ).

: ...careful! Don't make a Brother worry, you hear!?

Thanks Luna.

"Don't make a Brother worry," says the female. This will never not be funny, I'm sorry.

Anyway, first stop is the SubCard salesman in class 2-2.

I grab these two, since I got a Bombalizer from the chip trader that saved me 15k.

I also stopped by Big Wave to grab a StunNukle (that doesn't go into my folder because I just purchased the StrikeEdge) and a BlazingEdge. I didn't have enough money for AntiSword, but honestly that's not a big deal since I'll get it eventually.

Grind more Green Mystery Waves. Eat your greens.

With that out of the way, let's get on with it.

: What's going on?

: Just hearing your NAME makes me mad.

Are we in New York?

: A fight?
: Hey, Geo... put on your Visualizer.
: Oh, yeah.

: There are some strange EM waves around them.
: "+"? Is that like "positive"?
: That's probably what's making them fight. That person on the phone said they wanted to show you something interesting, right? Maybe they meant these things?
: You're probably right...
: So what are you gonna do?
: I don't feel right about leaving it alone and I wanna know who that was on the phone... Alright, let's pulse in and find out what those waves are first.

Ah, I'm sure it's nothing.

I think the reason Yeti and I fight is because we are both 'positive' :derp:

: Yah!

Hey, remember this? Geo can do this in cutscenes too! It's not just for 2 hours of sidequests.

Mind blown.

: That takes care of that! ......
: Hey, you!

What now?

: That's what I was gonna say!
: Again!? This time they're "-"... So... 2 "+" or 2 "-" waves will repel each other?
: That's what it looks like. These waves make humans dislike each other.

Be nice to Geo, he hasn't gotten to "likes repel, opposites attract" in science class yet.

Truly, negative emotion waves are the heart's true essence.

And another pair of plus waves making an old couple argue.

Old folks riot? Check their sign waves.

: Then, what should we do?
: Well, let's find the source of those waves. It's probably somewhere in this area.

Well there's only two spots on this map where an NPC could show up, and he wasn't at the lower square.

: My, don't you look suspect?
: Hee hee hee. You're finally here, MegaMan.
: Are you the one behind those weird waves?
: That was a power given to me by a certain person. I was given the task of destroying all BrotherBands by making Brothers fight each other. Hee hee hee.
: Destroy people's BrotherBands? Then those people who were fighting...

So, I'm wondering. If one person had a plus and someone else had a minus, what would happen?

Shippers! :argh:

: Heeeee hee hee!
: Why would you do that!?
: "That" person hates BrotherBands. Don't you get it? That's why we'll destroy them all!
: What a lowlife.

At least this guy has a motivation beyond just causing trouble for the sake of it, unlike a lot of the villains so far.

: Let's just hurry up and deal with this guy.
: Yeah. We can't let him be.
: I won't let you ruin our plans!

Yeah, these guys aren't really a threat.

: Waaaaaah!!

: I killed a man, alright!

What wonderful and wholesome character development.

Dang. I tried to capture it, but failed - the orbs kinda fizzle out one by one.

: What am I doing?
: I think I was really mad about something...

As they disappear, they leave the people they were affecting too.

Got one this time!

: ...? What are you so upset about, my dear?
: I'm not sure... What about you?

Looks like whatever was causing this was just making people irrationally upset. There wasn't any actual reason behind it.

: That takes care of that, I hope.
: That would be nice...
: Let's pulse out for now...

: Hello?
: So? Did you enjoy watching Brothers fight?
: It's the person from before!
: But this sort of thing isn't all that shocking. As you just saw, all I'm doing is exposing the fake things in this world. Fake things like BrotherBands, for example.
: Who in the world are you!?

So, this scenario's 'theme' (so to speak) should be pretty obvious. But, there's still a while before we get into it properly.

Is the theme: Facebook friends are fake? Cuz I think we could all use some disconnecting from Facebook Area 2.

: Hey, you ever heard of this "Rey" person?
: No, never.
: Then there's nothing we can really do, huh? This is about all we can do for today...
: Yeah... Let's go home.

Yes, home, immediately.

: Maybe I should get an estimate first.

: ...festive...? It's time to do some brainstorming.

After we do a few more things. Like talk to Luna's parents, who are just hanging out here.

: I hate children!
: Huh...?

There's also this guy, who looks like someone's edgy deviantart OC.

Fucking furries.

: ...Hold it. There's something different about you. Can you wave change?
: Uhh, yeah. So...?
: I see... Actually, so can I.
: Really!

: I always get a little bloodthirsty when there's a full moon.

Go yiff somewhere else.

: O-OK...

(Yes this is all the same conversation)

: You can wave change, can't you? Help me calm my wild excitement! Battle me!
: Are you serious?
: I beg you!!
: OK... but who are you anyway?

: A gardener! Now, wave change! We battle on the Wave Roads of the Event Stage!

Sheesh, the guy never shuts up.

: When the moon is full, my blood stirs and I get restless. I need someone to calm my soul...

Now that we've talked to Darksteel Wolf, original character do not steal Damian Wolfe, this big guy is chilling out. Just pulse near the entrance, and take the dash arrow to get straight to him.

: The full moon makes my blood boil! C'mon and see if you can cool it down!
: Put 'em up, Geo!! Here we go!

Time to fight Wolf Woods! He's a grass-element boss with 1000 HP, and is quite quick. He'll hop around a few times, then will unleash either a Wide Claw, which sends a beam down two columns, or jump in front of MegaMan to use Upper Claw. He can also use Wolf Pack to summon some destroyable wolves that'll hop back and forth across two columns while approaching MegaMan.

More importantly, see those clouds? After about fifteen or so seconds, they'll split apart and show the moon. Wolf Woods will enter a Berserk state; this turns him red, gives him Super Armor to all attacks, and makes him move faster. After a couple seconds of this (enough for three attacks at base form) the clouds will cover the moon again and he goes back to normal.

Pictured: Upper Claw. He jumps in front of MegaMan and then swipes upwards for 60 damage. The counter timing is right as he's about to swipe. You can block this, or step to the side.

Pictured: Wide Claw. He'll try to stay away a little bit and send a wave down the row. Getting hit by the wave, or by jumping in front of him to use Mega Attack, will do 60 damage. Just block or step to the side; the counter timing is right before he swipes.

Pictured: Berserk.

Pictured: Wolf Pack. It's worth noting that these wolves are destroyable, but have about 50 HP. They also get the speed up ability from Wolf Wood's berserk mode. I haven't found a counter timing for this yet.

Since they go down the columns one at a time and only touch two columns, either destroy them or get out of the way; you can't shield them.

Anyway, he... is a grass-element enemy.

BreakTimeBomb is just breaking this game right now.

: You've quelled my excitement for now.

Cool. I'll come back to beat you up later for your EX and SP cards too.

Mainly because it's actually a very good card. Wolf Woods will jump to the first enemy in your column, then do a wide claw and upper claw. That's 160 damage at base form. It'll go into my folder in a little bit.

Wolf Woods defeated (and all the available sidequests completed) we can head home.

Oh, he was here.

: Yeah.
: Are you here shopping?
: Uh, well, sorta. What about you?
: Me...? I had something to do here. Actually, I was wondering if we could go to that cafe over there and talk for a little bit... If that's OK with you...
: Um, sure.

Why not, right? Plus, the game's nice enough to keep us in cutscene mode so I don't have to wander over to trigger the next flag.

: look a bit happier, Geo. Or is it just my imagination?
: You think? I don't really know myself... But I've got friends now, and school doesn't seem so bad. So maybe I've changed and I'm not the same old me anymore.
: You don't have to tell me if you don't want, but why didn't you want to come to school for so long?
: Um...

Geo doesn't really notice it, but he's doing a lot better than before. The simple fact that his portrait started smiling is a huge difference.

Yeah, and he went on his first date and now has 2 girls fawning over him. Pretty big. Wish fulfillmentrealism.

: When he disappeared after the accident... The shock from that was too much for me...
: Oh... I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have asked...
: No, it's alright.
: It's kind of surprising, though. My situation is kinda like yours, Geo.

There's two sides to Geo opening up like this. Sure, he's putting himself at risk of getting hurt, but there's also the chance that he'll find someone that sympathizes. And Pat was one of the sympathizers.

: I also don't have a dad. But in my case, I'm also missing a mom...
: P-Pat... You don't have a mom or a dad?

Double the trauma!

If Pat has one more big issue he can get a free milkshake at Denny's.

: You seemed like you would understand me... I wanted to hear your story for so long... And I wanted to tell my story... you.

...He really loves ellipses...

: ...and Vista Point is right by my house.

: It's the only way I can forget the pain of losing my dad for just a little while.
: A place where you can feel better... I have a place like that too.
: Really? What's your safe place like?
: Well... I think it's better if you saw it yourself.
: Huh? Now?

: someone who shares the same pain as me.
: OK.
: My place is in a place called "Dream Island". We'll need to take a bus to get there. Well, let's go!

And we've unlocked the fourth bus location.

It seems like a pretty nice place so far.

...when viewed from above is quite unique.

It's actually accurate to the in-game map. Credit where it's due.

Given the BN series and it's weird building layouts, I'm not so sure that's a good thing. After all, the weird shapes of some of the maps are just the nature of the game's presentation and its hardware.

Below the bridge isn't a river, it's the ocean.

This is honestly a pretty neat idea for a game area.

: I soooo want to eat something good right now.

...on the right and a waste plant on the left.

Couples can sit here and be all lovey-dovey... ...I've heard.

Sometimes the game gets a little bit of Geo's personality in the flavor text, and I always like when that happens.

It is nice. Wish it happened a bit more often, though.

Nice. A goodie for exploring.

Looks like only official vehicles can go through.

That's all we can go. If you're paying attention to the map, there's an area past the gate arm, but Pat's waiting for us and we can't go further.

You can hardly tell because it's so shiny.

There's no wavehole nearby, though. That'll have to wait a little bit.

...just a fraction of what they would cost new.

: If you have anything you don't need or want anymore, you can bring them right here!

Can I drop off Zack? I'll pay you to take him.

Zack doesn't talk, so this old lady would get bored of his company.

"This entire island was built on a landfill which was eventually called Dream Island."

Oh, it's the garbage patch.

: The place I want to show you is in the back. Well, let's go.

The entrance to Dream Park.

No time like the present. There's more things to investigate and rub my face against.

The mark of an RPG hero is how he surreptitiously inspects objects.

Can I just add I love the background really quick? It's a small touch but they still show the ocean, and its tides, at the base.

: I don't mind if you play here, but be sure to pick up your garbage!

I guess someone must be having a picnic.

Quick! Take the food! I need something if I don't get my daily dose of virus busting.

But it's kinda tough without another person.

Maybe Mega would be interested in playing. ...Probably not, but it's a funny mental image.

And that's everything for the lower half of the park. The next cutscene kicks in once we go up the nearby stairs.

: This garden is my safe haven. This is where I come to heal my pain.
: It's beautiful. It really is a wonderful place.

The caretaker down there is doing a good job.

: ...that accident... And... He's still out there... Somewhere...
: I'm sure that was a real shock when you heard.
: Yeah. After that, I was afraid of getting close to other people. I kept saying things like, "The pain of losing someone is too much," and "I should just be alone so I won't get hurt." That's why I didn't want to go to school.

: ......
: This might sound a little odd, Geo, but thank you for talking openly with me.
: Aww, you don't need to thank me or anything.
: Next time, I'll tell you more about me. Do you want to know why I have no parents?

That sounds almost vaguely like the straight line for a joke. Probably just awkward phrasing on Pat's part.

: Then let's go someplace else. It'll be easier for me to explain there... So will you follow me? First, we'll leave this garden area.

Sure thing, Pat. But first, we have more things to look at.

It makes small problems vanish for a bit.

There's something about looking at the ocean, right? Or any body of water where you can't see the other side.

Jump in the water.

You lose track of time if you look too long...

Stomp 'em out.

You can look at the sea while you chat away.

They're just throwing these things at us. The game only really makes you buy a couple of them.

: Do you know?

You once I push you over.

Probably more water, if this is the ocean.

There's also a wave hole over here. Time for the fun part of the game, like usual.

Fun? Oh, nice. Sorry, I think the negative waves got to me.

: I can't believe this place was made from trash! Humans are really something else!

So, first things first. This area has a bunch of new viruses. (Honestly, every screen in Dream Island has different viruses. I wish they'd spread them out properly, instead of only having three for all of Time Square)

Pictured here is all three of them. DoomBomber and OctoIcer are upgraded versions of previous viruses and act the same, but TropiConga is a new one. This grass-element watermelon thing will open up after a few seconds and spit a line of seeds down the row; if you get hit, they'll all hit you (it stuns MegaMan but doesn't give iframes) so be careful and either kill it from the side or just, wait for it to not be firing. It's not like it's very dangerous.

No S? Shame.

A 7 and under 5 seconds? Go back to virus busting school, Yeti.

Tsk, tsk. Got hit by the multi-hit did you.

TropiConga, DoomBomber, and OctoIcer's cards respectively. VulcanSeed will spread out in three directions - forward, and both diagonals forward, starting from the square in front of MegaMan. That means that this does a lot of damage, if you get a virus at the center.

Moving along, the top of the of the area has three paths. The right one goes down here.

There's nothing here but this BMW.

The left path brings us to this sunken pirate ship, which is... somehow a comp. I'm not going to ask questions about Carnival Cruise's business decisions in this world, I think.

Hey, I dig it. You found some lost treasure.


This Hertz was abandoned. Good.

They're really just throwing these at us!

Upside of HpMem10 is that you can afford to give them more often since you're only getting half the HP upgrades.

There's also Craggy viruses, which drop the next level of FireBazooka. Already replacing the old one, huh...

...How far back were the previous ones?

SchoolComp1 virus. So, not TOO far back, but also not super recent.

Back out in the main EM road, the center roads to another pick-a-path with four ramps this time.


Argh! Give me the virus, not the card! I love the BigAx series and would love to use it.

While we're here, let's check out the old man's Transer.

: Welcome to my Transer!

A quick peek at some more of the Mop Lance cards.

The left two paths lead to THIS wonderful reward.

Hahaha! Yes! Get in here! This thing hits in a diagonal slash, so this card is great for double- or triple-deleting certain virus formations.


As the name implies, it breaks, meaning 2x damage to frozen enemies. What a cool looking card art, too. Stroke of genius, this card.

The middle right ramp is the only one that leads forward. No, I will never remember this the first try and will always end up going the wrong way.

: Wow, parks are so cool! Ah, I can't help myself!

The EM road extends down into the next screen, but Mega will yell at us if we try, so pulsing back out it is.

: I think we can talk better back there.

Like usual, the reason we're gated is because using the EM roads to walk around could bypass flags.


Yeti's Astronomy Corner

Wolf Woods is 'based' on the Lupus constellation. Lupus translates to Wolf, so... I think it's pretty obvious why Wolf Woods is the name they went with. It sits between Centauros and Scorpio, and...

...That's it, really. No known myths are associated with the constellation.

In its place, werewolves are the other main design inspiration for Wolf Woods - as you can probably tell by the whole 'Full moon makes wolf go crazy' gimmick of the fight. The general gist of things is that a regular person is attacked by a wolf and bitten/scratched, and from that point on they're cursed to transform into a beast that is half human, half wolf every full moon. The typical fiction depiction has a werewolf be highly resistant to all injuries, except those caused by silver.

According to Starforce, werewolves are also vulnerable to getting shot and stabbed.