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Part 29: Update 27-2: Rey-patal

The update got a bit too big, so I had to split it here.

Now that the detour has been handled, let's go take care of Gemini.

: He's back there. I just know it.
: Stay on your toes and let's go!


The D. Energy is all the way at the far end of the right side. Everything else is pretty close to the top. The holes in question are the holes the bulldozers take you to if you get caught.


It's covered up by the text box, but the first Hertz is by a pile of red, green, and blue boxes. There's no text for looking at them, but they're probably Transers.

Now, all six of the Hertzes move the trash blocking our way, and finally.

Boss time!

: Please, stop doing this!!
: I'm afraid we can't do that. Right, Pat?
: I... My parents threw me away... I hate them... And the only way to calm my hatred is to take my revenge on them.
: Pat...

Again, have you heard of therapy?

Or meds?

: ...Andromeda Key you two have.
: I decided... for the sake of my revenge... to use you and your weakness!
: You... You don't mean that.

Essentially, this is what happened after Gemini had plenty of time to talk to Pat and convince him what to do. There's a good chance Pat is lying, but an equally good chance that he's telling the truth right now.

: It's time to finish this!
: Get ready, Geo! Here they come!
: Even after we finally became friends!
: I'm sorry, Geo.

Anyway, it's time to fight!

A really nice touch is that they have the appropriate charge's screw on their electro arm.

It's time for Gemini Spark. Were you worried about Ophiuca being too weak? Well, these two might actually give you a little bit of trouble.

The first thing you should notice is that there's two enemies on the field. Gemini Spark, fitting the Twins theme, is actually two enemies. You can target both, they both jump around, they both attack. That being said, only Gemini Spark Black has HP. If you hit White he'll be put into hitstun, but you can only win by killing Black.

I think that's a nice touch, too. Geo wouldn't want to hurt Pat, so the White one is safe.

These two are pretty quick in their attacks and like jumping around, but they're Electric-element and have a pretty crippling weakness to wood element attacks (like, say, the OphiucaSP card). Still, they can pump out a lot of damage quickly.

Each of them has the same routine, which is 'jump 2-4 times and then attack'. They have two separate attacks, Rocket Knuckle and Elec Sword. After they've both cycled through the separate attacks a few times, they'll group up for Gemini Thunder.

Pictured: Rocket Knuckle. The Gemini Spark will charge for a second, then launch his fist down the row. It can't be blocked, so step to the side or hit him before it happens. If it hits, you'll take 90 damage. The counter timing is right before they shoot the fist.

Pictured: Elec Sword. Gemini will jump to the square in front of you and swing his hand. It's only a one-square attack and can be blocked but if it connects, you'll take 90 damage and be paralyzed for a long time. The counter timing is right before they swing.

Pictured: Gemini Thunder. They'll charge up for a second, then unleash a blast of lighting down the center column and hit your entire row. You need to block this, or hit them out of attack before they use it. If it hits, 90 damage and paralysis. The counter timing is really tight, but right before they unleash their thunder blast.

Be careful of their attacks if you're in Pegasus form, since you'll take double-damage and get knocked out of it. They're simple enough to dodge that I'm not really worried about them at THIS point, but something to keep in mind for later. If you're in Dragon form, though, go ham with the charge shot. The tornado might be rough to deal with, but it's incredibly good.

: Ooongh...
: P-Pat!
: C-Curse you!!

Blasted him out of Pat. Good job...? I guess? I'm not quite sure what exactly happened since usually it takes the human rejecting the FM-ian and fixing the hole in their heart to eject them, but sure I'll take it.

You got me with that one.

: His lust for power was his downfall.
: I... I never wanted to do this... Not this...

Geo please stop moping. You weren't this whiny about Luna, and you know her better.

: Ooogh...

: *gasp*

: Oh yeah... I lost.
: Pat...? Or are you Rey?
: It's... Pat. Rey is probably resting. He used too much of his power, I think.

Keep in mind that the entire point of this, and Pat's motivation, is to get revenge on his parents. That's his goal, the hole in his heart that Gemini took advantage of.

: ...... I... I can't see you ever again. Being around you would be too painful...

So now he just decides that he's gotta be an angsty boy and run off because he admitted to genocidal thoughts to Geo. Which, y'know, he almost has a point.

: Y-Yes?
: I want to ask you one thing. When... When I said I trusted you, I really meant it. Did you?

: But... In the long run, things probably would've turned out this way anyway. Relationships and people... I don't know how to be close to other people, so it's easy for me to betray even those most important to me... Even myself...

Instead of revenge, let's just have Pat's main issue be an abandonment complex. Sure! Why not! It's not a big deal to shift things like that around at the last second to stick the knife in deeper.

I really want to give this game both. When someone has a sense of revenge that deep, it can be all-consuming, and would prevent you from forming meaningful relationships. But they didn't try to tie them together, so that's me trying to be charitable.

Same, Geo. Same.