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Part 36: The FM King

I left off right at the point of no return last time, so let's get right to it.

The point of no return was when you agreed to do a commentary combo with me

: Once you change into wave form here, there's no turning back.

: The area ahead is a warped world... The FM King's Z waves are so strong, they've turned reality into wave form. Basically, it's half Real World, and half Wave. You can't escape into the Real World if you get into a tight spot.

It makes sense to me that this is a case. Dipping into programmer nerd speak for a second, it's like if a boolean got stuck between true and false. He can't pulse out to the Real World because technically he's still IN the Real World.

So this dude is that strong, huh? A shame we never fight him.

: ...the Real World is...
: ...To beat the FM King, right?
: Right... If you don't... you'll never be able to return to the Real World ever again... You came all the way here, but... if you want to turn back, now's the time.
: Thanks, Mega... But I'm going forward!

Anyway, the traditional Point of No Return speech is going on.

: If you've made up your mind, I won't say anymore! Whenever you're ready, let's go!
: Yeah!

Now that we're done with the conversation, this is the official point of no return. Make sure to drop a save so you don't have to sit through it again.


I've delayed this long enough. So let's get in there and fight the FM King.

The FM King loves Snapchat Filters so much that the entire area has a purple tint to it. I guess it looks nice enough.

Is this the DarkChip filter?


Thanks for the warning, Mr. Hertz, but we're good! I made sure to talk to everyone who matters before I left.

So basically I talked to Sonia.

Shots fired.

I usually don't show these, but they're different than usual. Everyone's prepared.

There's been some damage to the space ship. It's been half-pulled into the wave world, so it's not looking so great.

Since this is the point of no return, there are no new enemies. You also don't get to keep any cards or zenny, so there's no point to fighting. Pop a Cloaker, or just try to run.

Right here, the cutscene takes over.

: That means the FM King is nearby.
: Omega-Xis... While you are in that lowly body, you are of no threat to me. I grant you special permission to ascend those stairs and come before me. Now come.

: ...I would've gone up there anyway. Come on, Geo. Let's go!
: Yeah!

What's up, king? I'm here to beat up your superweapon.

: So the enemy who appears before me is 1 of my own warriors. Who would have thought it...? So this is what is meant by "biting the hand that feeds you."

I wonder where he heard that saying? Then again, it's weird enough that they share the same language despite being aliens, so I'll ignore that for now.

Bitch I complained about that from the jump. Plus, he looks like Masa and Mune from Chrono Trigger. Don't tell me you don't see it in that mugshot.

: ...however, 1 of my own was. I do commend you.
: Your Majesty! Stop your attack on Earth!
: Quiet! I will destroy all planets that wish harm upon my own.
: Harm...? I think you misunderstood! My dad came all the way out here just to form a BrotherBand with Planet FM!

: Your real purpose was invasion! You won't trick me!
: Hmph. Hopeless. This isn't the first time that king's paranoia got the better of him. Geo, there's only 1 way to stop him.

Yup, we gotta beat up what looks like a child. I'm entirely okay with this.

:toughguy: Time to give this kid a beating. That's how we do our greeting. For he'll remember this last meeting. Yeah, we got bars.

: What are you talking about? You have NO way of stopping me!

: What's that? Yuh huh? You fool! Nuh uh!

Fucker has the "Repel all" shield he picked up on the playground. Fortunately we have the "Destroy All Shields" weapon to counter.

: Hey, Kingy... You were saying earlier that no AM-ian had made it to you before, so... well, I guess that makes me the first.
: You're... an AM-ian survivor?
: Wha!? You're a survivor of Planet AM?

I feel like "past the point of no return" is not the best place for major character-related plot twists. This could really have been used somewhere else to add motivation to Mega, but... oh well.

As I said, despite it being 200 years in the future, some things never change.

: ...I've never lost anyone before? Well, I didn't say it then, but everything that was precious to me was stolen by that guy. I understand how you feel...
: Mega...
: If I don't do anything, then Earth's gonna end up just like my home planet, Planet AM. That's why we have to stop him now!
: Yeah!

It does explain, though, why even though Geo's heart has been filled, Mega can still fuse with him. Originally, Geo could fuse because of the loneliness wave frequency (whatever that's supposed to mean) but now he has Sonia and everyone else to be friends with. Every other FM-ian possession would get chased out, but not Mega.

The King stands up. C'mon, bring out the boss already.

: What can 1 AM-ian and an Earthling boy possibly do!? If you think you can stop me, then by all means, go ahead and try...

Yes yes yes yes yes!


Motherfucker's got some dentures.

: At its core, it's a ball of loneliness. It has an EM body, but all it does is, ever so lonely and sadly, eat other EM beings.
: Andromeda! Have some hors d'oeuvre before I serve up the main course - Earth!

: Mega! This is it! The last battle!
: Let's show that untrusting brat of a king the power of our bond!

: You'll regret standing against me!! Andromeda! Go!!

Finally! Time to fight!

Alright, the final boss appears! Is everyone excited?

Andromeda is, for Leo and Pegasus players, the first time we've seen this; it's so big that it cuts off the last two rows. Functionally this affects a few things - you can't put status effects on those panels, and if a card relies on hitting the ground (like the CannonBomb cards) it won't explode outwards.

The movement of Andromeda is pretty simple - it starts in the middle, then bobs up and down left and right. The entire body is vulnerable, so don't worry about missing.

As it moves left and right, meteors will slowly rain down on Megaman's spot, so make sure you're constantly moving or you'll get hit for 40 damage. They can't be guarded, so you do have to dodge.

>40 damage. Double that, game! :argh:

After bobbing left and right two or three times, Andromeda's eyes will flash and it uses one of two attacks. First is launching missiles down two columns; and second is doing a bite attack that hits the entire field.

Pictured: the missiles. The missiles are 80 damage and breakable after enough damage, but can be blocked.

Pictured: the chomp. You can see it hits the entire field; it's 200 damage, so you REALLY want to block it.

Technically, you CAN counter the attacks if you've got super-precise timing, but... I've only managed to do it once and despite video evidence I can't figure out the timing or replicate it. So... good luck?

Anyway, that's a pretty easy boss -


Once you've dealt half its health in damage, Andromeda will change forms. It's... only ROUGHLY half - you can see that in the image here, Andromeda only has 700 HP left despite half being 1250. You can burst out extra damage before the cutscene kicks in - theoretically, you can kill Andromeda before it transforms, but that's 1) very difficult to time, and 2) pretty much requires a Best Combo card. With my cards, I'm not gonna manage it.

Actually, even if you kill Andromeda before it transforms, you'll get the transformation scene, then it'll die immediately. It's kinda hilarious.

In this form, Andromeda is much more dangerous. You really want to deal as much damage to its previous form as possible to limit the time it spends here. As you can see, Andromeda didn't take any damage from my WoodHammer; that's because the only part of it that's vulnerable is the very core. Most of the time, it's shielded and invulnerable to all damage (except Breaking type). The only time it's vulnerable is right before an attack.

This is partly why Bravesword and MoaiFall were such favorite cards of mine. Break that danged shield.

Andromeda also gains a new attack in addition to its other two attacks.

Meteors are more dangerous too - they do the same amount of damage, but three of them drop randomly on the field. Only one will target you, but if you don't move then you might get hit by two of the volley.

Only one is needed to cause iframes, thus it's really not so bad if you get hurt by it.

Pictured: the new attack. Andromeda will raise a hand and then shoot a beam that covers two rows and does 80 damage. It's also unblockable, so dodge.

Only 80? That's weak. It also pierces Invisible, so there's that.

The missiles now cover all three columns, so you have to destroy them or block. In this case, I'm using Fokx-Fu to get extra damage on the boss.

Since Andromeda can't exactly bite at us anymore, it turns the bite attack into a slam. It's the same deal though, just block.

As for strategy related to the boss - aside from the slam, none of Andromeda's attacks do more than 80 damage, so LifeAura will help for a good while. Other than that, keep on your toes and be ready to block. As long as you're not getting greedy, Andromeda's first form is very easy.

I mentioned it above, but try to do as much damage as possible before Andromeda changes forms. The second form is much harder to take out, and the attacks are more dangerous. Don't be afraid to take damage from Andromeda's attacks if it will let you get hits on the core, but you should probably pack some Breaking cards to hit it while it's waiting patiently.

Eventually, I manage to get through all 2500 HP.

Cool death scene, but I wonder if the devs held back a bit too much with the difficulty.

Now that we blew up his weird mouth, superweapon thing, the King is a little bit disappointed.

It's not transformed post-battle. Bad devs, bad!

: I-Impossible!! I refuse to accept that there is a power that can defeat Andromeda! Andromeda! Arise and crush them!!

: Geo, it's coming in for another round! Can you still fight!?
: Uugh... *thud*

Dang, Geo. It wasn't THAT rough a fight, even if I got hit a few times at the end.

You were doing fine, then made dumb mistakes and caused Geo's leg to break. Fuck you, Yeti.

: Looks like you have used up all your strength. Finish them now, Andromeda!!
: *roooooooar!!*
: Geo! Pull yourself together!
: Nngh... I can't... My body doesn't have... any strength left!
: Argh! Even though you're in wave form, you are still a human. You're not designed to take this much radiation. Is there no way for you to withstand the FM King's EM waves?

Remember, Geo technically is half in the Real World, so it's not that big a surprise that he's exhausted.

: Concede, MegaMan!


: Aaaaah!! Heeeeelp!!

Everyone's badass until their world-destroying weapon turns on them.

: We'd better do something or else!
: Argh!! My body... It won't move... I'm sorry... everyone...

Hey have you noticed that despite this game being all about the Power of Friendship (and at this point, no real deeper themes) we haven't had the Battle Network-style group gathering?

Thank god for that.

: So stand strong!

: Hang in there, Geo!

Our friends start to appear one by one. They literally just blink into frame, so it's a bit difficult to catch.


So, that's the main group... but who was talking earlier?

: Everyone is behind you, Geo! Believe in the power of your friendships!!
: Dad... Everyone... I can... I can feel your strength!!

Cue the triumphant music. Somehow, getting a word or two from everyone gave Geo strength back, because this is a game about the Power of Friendship.

Fucking kids game. Did Geo just imagine these?

: Everyone! Lend me your strength!!

: Haaaaaaaaaaah!

Pew pew.

We always beat the final boss with a 10 damage ChargeShot.

With that, Andromeda is fully destroyed. For real this time, and not just in the gameplay.

: You came here to exact your revenge, correct?
: Yeah, it's the only thing I thought about that could take away my pain... But I've given that up. Heh. Being with Geo for so long's given me a new, optimistic look on life. 'Sides, you don't have your underlings or Andromeda anymore, so you are pretty much powerless now.

We beat the boss but there's still another 150 images of textboxes I have to wade through. And that's just this conversation. The end-game is VERY backloaded on dialogue.

Oh, no...all the transcribing that Yeti has to do! Hah!

: But allow me to ask one thing. Where did you get the power to destroy Andromeda from?
: Heh, listen real good and remember: This is the power of relationships, which the Earthlings hold so dear.

Remember, this game is about the Power of Friendship, and nothing else.

Depressed? Just get friends, idiot.
Job got you doing something immoral for profit? Make friends, moron.
Parents want to transfer you away from your school? Your friends will stop it!
People steal your invention? You needed a friend. Remember, it's OK to steal from people who don't have friends!
Suffering from a mental illness? Well, duh. You suffered because you have no friends you trogolodyte.

: That's right. It's the power we give to one another when we really trust that person. The ability for both people to become stronger; that is the true power of our relationships. The more people you have who you can trust, the bigger that power becomes!

I won't give the game too much grief about it since, have you READ any of the Battle Network scripts, but it's a little disappointing considering the themes they were kinda working with in the first half of the game.

I would and am. Damn you Japan and making everything about friendship.

: Ever since I was born, people have tried to delete me to steal my throne. My siblings, relatives, close associates... They devised all sorts of plans to erase me.

Now, the FM King is getting his chance to explain what's going on, and.... yeah, if literally everyone you know is trying to kill you, I can understand being a bit paranoid.

Fair enough. But you know what the solution is? Just make some friends, buckaroo.

: I would think I had faithful followers, but they would turn out to be the same as everyone else. If I can't trust the ones most "loyal" to me, how can I trust complete strangers? The only thing I trusted about strangers was that they were out to betray me.

: ...others to begin with if they were going to betray me in the end. Not trusting others... It's made my whole life nothing but loneliness.
: ........I shouldn't bother trusting others to begin with if they'll just betray me in the end... I thought the exact same thing...

Think all the way back to the beginning of the game. Geo had massive abandonment issues because his dad disappeared, and he closed himself off from everyone until Mega arrived.

: ...their face was suspicious.
: ........Actually, Planet FM attacked Planet AM the year right after we proposed to become good friends.
: That was when Gemini appeared. He looked upon Planet AM with distrust and reported that Planet AM was planning to attack us.
: Gemini, huh. The creep. Hmph, it was easy for him to manipulate a king who was already paranoid.

Gemini, as before, is a massive piece of shit. You might wonder why someone who distrusted everyone happily trusted Gemini, but it was probably just confirmation bias - the King expected Planet AM to attack, so Gemini's report was accepted immediately.

: ...hoping to create a friendly bond too...
: Yes... But enough of this... Come, finish me.

: Why not...?
: My dad truly wanted Earth to be friends with Planet FM. If I were to finish you off here, I'd be betraying my dad and what he stands for... So I think I'll forgive you instead.

Oh you were just about to destroy our planet, it's no big deal we're cool :)

Well...Geo is a kid, so I can see that from his standpoint. What should annoy him is the fact he's directly responsible for his dad's fate.

: ...the one who tried to destroy your planet...?
: But in return, I have a request.
: A request...?
: Actually, two. First, I want you to trust me. My dad always said that the reason people get into fights is because they don't know each other. If they knew each other better, then they could trust each other.

Putting aside the whole "you only fight because you don't know them" which sounds like some sort of after-school special on why bullies actually have low self-esteem, that's not exactly how trust works.

The thought is correct, though. A lot of fights and conflicts are the result of a communication breakdown somewhere. And while hearing someone out won't resolve every fight, it can certainly help you avoid being in shitty situations that cause one to begin with.

: ...but through this fight, I've learned a lot. I realized that nothing good can come out of loneliness; that only through relationships with others can anything good be born.
: Nothing good can come out of loneliness... Yes... I suppose that is true... And what is your other request?

: You... and me? Ha ha ha ha ha!! You would be the first friend I've ever had.
: I think you need friends you can believe in. I have a lot of friends, and they are the ones who helped me get to where I am today.

Geo, you have four friends, a pseudo-father figure in Boreal, an alien, and Zack. You have no room to talk about having "a lot of friends".

It's certainly a lot for him. Plus, Dunbar's number takes effect once you get to have too many, anyway.

: If you have people you can trust, then your cold, lonely world suddenly grows warmer!
: ...My world will change... Earthling... I can trust your words, correct?
: What are you doubting him for? He's got enough power to destroy Andromeda. He doesn't have any reason to trick you.

: Would you tell me your name?
: My name is Geo Stelar! Just Geo is fine though, Your Majesty.

: ...Geo. [sic - it does make a new textbox]
: Cepheus, we're friends from now on, you and me! So here's to us!
: Yes... Omega-Xis, are you alright with this?
: Huh?
: Are you sure you don't want your revenge? I was deceived by Gemini, and destroyed Planet AM with Andromeda...

: You're Geo's friend, aren't you? If I hurt you, I'd be a real bad guy.
: Geo, Omega-Xis... Thank you... I will return to Planet FM and I promise to tell all of its citizens to treasure the strength of a trusting heart, and to make amends for our sin of destroying Planet AM by rebuilding it.
: Cepheus...

Surely this will be accepted by the populace and Cepheus will not be assassinated almost immediately by war hawks. Yes, this is a good idea.

Darned kids game not doing political plots. Imagine the intrigue!

Oh! It's these guys! And... I believe this is the first time we've seen them (except Pegasus) in the flesh. Technically we've only seen Pegasus because of using the Giga card.

: The Three Sages of Planet AM...
: MegaMan, you have fought well. Omega-Xis, as we had guessed, you are indeed one of us.
: You, the FM King who has opened your heart... If you continue to have a trusting heart as MegaMan does, the power to revive Planet AM will appear.
: Not all of the AM-ians are gone. A few are living on other planets as we have. If we were to call everyone back together, PlanetAM could be brimming with life again.

I'm not sure why that requires a trusting heart, but sure.

I guess because if you don't trust them, you'll just go crazy and kill them again. They'd just think "wow, they are organizing a rebellion!"

: I vow to never lose my trusting heart.
: ...Very well.

: My final message... Save the world...

Honestly I'm glad that Cepheus is taking steps to fix things, but it still runs into the problem that apparently every FM alien is hostile and war-hungry. (Fits right in with most FM radio stations that I've listened to, to be honest)

True Capitalist Radio over here. Those darned troll terrorists!

: Until we meet again...
: Omega-Xis, is this alright?
: Yeah, I'll take a pass. If I don't stick around, Geo'll never get home. Plus, I finally got used to Earth. So I'm gonna stick around for a bit.
: Ha ha ha... We expected that much of you...

: You too, Geo.
: It is time...

Bwoop. Good bye.

: You just saved Earth. I don't think anyone's got anything to complain about! Come on, let's get ourselves home to Earth!
: OK!

And hey, remember how Cepheus was the one producing that EM wave distortion?

The game just pulses out for me. Neat.

: to get back to Earth!

As you might expect, since we're still past the point of no return the game won't let me pulse back in, and Mega just insists that we get outta here.

: Hurry, Geo!! The station's beginning to fall apart!!
: I know! EM Wave Change! Geo Stelar, ......

...Is that good?

: I can't go back to Earth now... Wh-What now...?
: Tsk, now this is a jam...

I take it that's not good. I might even go so far as to describe this as, 'bad'.

Would 'undesirable' be a good adjective?

: I thought I heard my dad's voice just now. He said to go over here...

: I think I can disconnect this module! Maybe we can get back to Earth, Mega!!
: Um, but do you know how to fly this thing?
: My dad showed me this space station's control panel once a long time ago... so I think I can...

Remember, folks - being shown a complicated control panel exactly once means you can operate heavy machinery three years later. This is why Euro Truck Simulator looks great on your resume.

This is anime, sir. Every Japanese boy is a super genius when they need to be, clearly.

: Now launching the emergency escape module!

I mean, in this case it worked, but still.

: *hiss hiss hiss* ... is... eal... Th... res... This is Boreal! Please respond!
: Mr. Boreal! The wavehole's gone, but we can still get transmissions, it seems!

Surprisingly, the machinery that they turned on actually has plot use beyond letting Geo get to the space station.

: The Earth is OK! We're returning to Earth in the emergency escape module. Over!
: This is Aaron. Thank you! You did great!

So, I can't help but wonder how they're going to spin the sudden re-entry of an object into the atmosphere. They might worry it's a satellite falling out of orbit or something.

"Come in. Identify yourself.
He's not responding! SHOOT IT DOWN :argh: :argh:"

: Geo!! Thank goodness you're OK! Hurry home! Ack! *bump*
: Test, test! This is Luna!! Great job, Geo!! Now hurry straight back!
: Hey, Geo! You really are my hero!! After you get back, we're gonna go for burgers!!

Sonia I can understand, she was there with Boreal. But how do the others know how to talk to Geo?

She probably told them.

: Geo, are you OK with the controls?
: Yeah, I sort of know how to fly this. Right now, it's on auto-pilot. So we're moving at a good pace towards Earth.

: I played lots of Kerbal Space Program while I stayed home, in between sleeping and staring at the stars.

Spaceships: So easy you don't need lots of schooling.

Another, pretty violent, screen shake.

: Geo!!
: Aaah!!

Something else I would describe as not good.

Would this classify as going from 'bad to worse'

Geo's dead, dang. Well thanks for reading along, everyone, I'll be back in a couple weeks to cover the postgame.

RIP. I wonder how they will address this in Starforce 2.

: You're finally awake...

: A system error occurred and the module's been thrown off-course. You were knocked unconscious by the shock wave.

By which Mega means, Geo hit his head.

: Problem?
: Yeah, the auto-pilot system's busted, and we've deviated from a course for Earth... Right now, we're just floating through space. I don't think we can get back to Earth...
: WHAT!?

I mean, I was joking about Geo being dead a few images ago, but they really seem to be going for it. (Ignore that there are two sequels to the game by this point, we didn't know that back then.)

It was a bad joke on a dead comedy forum.

: ...but I'm not sure which way Earth is from here...
: N-No...

: The module Geo is riding in has drastically deviated from its course. We have no way to find it from here. But because you are Brothers, if you send out a signal, Geo might receive it out in space!

But Pat isn't a Brother -

: Do you think I can still reach him?
: A BrotherBand is something that connects two people's hearts no matter where they are! If your wish to find him is strong enough, I'm sure it'll reach Geo!

But that's not... It's a radio signal, not a heat-seeking missile. It's not... Okay, deep breaths. Remember, this is the Power of Friendship.

Can I fucking puke now? Ham-fisted friendship GOOO

: Everyone lift your Transer to the sky!!

This bitch can shoot energy waves out of her guitar. She's been holding out on us.

: Hurry and come back to us!

Three Brothers, Pat, and Zack. This is so stupid...


: I don't think I'll ever see the Earth again.
: Don't give up yet, Geo. You still have strong bonds to the Earth. Bonds that, no matter how far apart you are, can't be cut. Geo, believe in your Brothers. And never give up. I'll always be watching over you.

Power of Friendship will save the day. How? Don't ask questions, it's the Power of Friendship.

By our bonds combined!

: Dad...

: It was a dream.
: Yo. Morning.

: ...give up... that I have strong bonds to the Earth... and to believe in my Brothers...
: Sounds like Kelvin. You never know. Maybe he really did come by.

Did this entire segment need to be in the game? Not really, in my opinion. They could have dropped the Power of Friendship and I would have been much happier.

Nobody needs friendship; this is bullshit.

: What's my Transer doing? This light...

: *beeeeeeeeeep*

And then we wouldn't have to worry about the science behind "My emotions called a connection to someone's cellphone"

: It's the BrotherBand... They were looking for me!
: Looks like they were really trying too.
: (Dad... Now I see why you valued the bonds between people so much. No matter how far apart we are, no one can erase the power of this bond... Dad, I think I can be strong and move on. Because I'm not alone now. And I have you, wherever you are...)

How can you tell how hard they're looking...?

How the hell did they reach him anyway? Space is vast. Eh, fuck it.


With that, we've entered the credits!

Watch the video! There's a lot of names here and I want to make sure every last one of them knows I am aware of their sins they all get credited.

Eguchi and Shimogawa... Which one of you wrote the Gemini scenario? I want to have... words.

They probably worked on all of it to a degree. Kick 'em in the shins.

The Backgrounds folks, they're alright. Also of note - they show all the constellations of the bosses, so that's nice.

Programming, also pretty tight.

And the final constellation changes depending on which version you're playing. For me, Pegasus.

RIP Inafunah.

Oh? How nice. We made it back to Earth.

I'm almost mad I can't get a third Giga chip yet... So close to the perfect pyramid. But otherwise, not bad for finishing the story.

Fucking ruined.

: Thanks to everyone, I was able to make it back to Earth, safe and sound. But the wounds I got during that rough fight made me miss school for a while. But I got the OK from my doctor, so today, I get to go back to school!
: I'm kinda anxious and excited to see everyone again after so long...

Wait, nobody visited? Damn, are you sure you're their friend?

...That's a good point. WTF.

: Hurry up and come downstairs! Everyone's here waiting for you!
: Okay!!

Oh, she meant everyone, huh?

Oh, we're just doing Battle Network 1, huh.

: We figured it would be kind of sad if you had to go to school by yourself after so long, so we decided to drop by! So you'd better show us some appreciation! By the way...

: You don't go to Echo Elementary! Aren't you supposed to go to your school?

I mean, I'd be more concerned that the cops are here.

: ...a special day. No harm done, right? I'll go to my school right after this! (Besides, I can get there in no time if I take the Wave Road!)

: Hee hee, I guess so...
: Yeah!

: ...yours, Geo. You really are amazing...

: Thank you, everyone... If you guys... weren't there for me *sniffle* I... I wouldn't be here... right now... *sniffle*
: What are you crying about!? You're the hero that saved Earth! Pull yourself together!
: That's right! You should feel proud!
: ...OK!

That was a quick turnaround, Geo.

: As the Class President, I can't be late!! Come on, everyone! LET'S MOVE!!

Of course, Sonia goes with them.

: Geo!! We're going to be late!!
: You don't even go to our school! Geo! Hurry up!!

: Well, bye, mom!
: See you later!

It's strange, but they don't use Geo's smiling face image the entire scene. Guess he's not THAT happy.

No alternate mugshots for emotions. Sad.

: He's like a different person.
: There's still all sorts of things I'd like to ask, but I guess this isn't the time for it.
: Kelvin, are you seeing this? He has so many friends now... and he smiles just like you... ...*sniffle*

: What do you mean?
: We are aliens who live inside the hearts of lonely humans. But Geo and Sonia aren't lonely anymore.
: Heh. I'm gonna do what I wanna do! I've got the feeling that there'll be more excitement down the line if I stick with him. Plus, I wanna learn more about Earth.
: What a coincidence. I was thinking the exact same thing. Shall we get going? We're going to be left behind if we don't.

See you all next time when Giver and I tackle the postgame!

Hooray, now I get to dunk on Yeti for having a hard time with still-easy fights!