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Part 40: Bonus 2: Scenario 1 Requests

Bonus 2: Scenario 1 Requests

Now that we've finished up with the Taurus Fire scenario, there's some new sidequests available.

"But GeneralYeti", you might be saying. "There's no request BBS!" No, there isn't. Instead, every NPC in the world has a problem that Geo and Mega can help them solve. They're not all available at once and open up gradually as we progress through the story.

For example, let's start with the first person on the list. Sometimes when we go into the Transer of an NPC, if we examine their Message then they'll have a request for us instead of some random quote.

: Boohoo... I lost the money... Boo hoo... That I was going to give to... Boo hoo... My grandson... Oh, Honey... What should I do?
: It looks like this old guy is in trouble.

After hearing them rant about their problem (why they're doing this in their Transer I'm not sure) we get the option to help them. If the prompt even exists it's possible to solve the problem now, but maybe you don't want to help and just hit the Message button by accident.

: Let go find out his problem!
: Right! I'd better write myself a memo mail...

You can only have one request active at a time, so if we had already accepted something then you'd see this text:
: Hey, hey! Why don't you take care of your unfinished business first?!

Mega will also have a snarky quip if Geo turns down the request but they're all variants of him insulting Geo.

As a small courtesy, the game will send a reminder email that has all the conversation prior to the Yes/No prompt. This is... helpful. Maybe.

Once we've accepted the request we have to Pulse out and go talk to them in the real world. They'll give more details and properly start the quest.

: Oh, oh, that's right! I lost some money not too long ago. It was for my grandson... I think I was up at Vista Point when I lost it.

Now that we've talked to them, we can go solve their problem or pick up their trash or give them their super rare card or whatever they want.

For this one, we just have to examine the telescope.

There's something next to it on the ground.

: I wonder if this is the old man's money...

Then once you've retrieved 10 Bear Asses, go back to the giver.

: Well, let me see it! Where is it?
Geo gave "500 Zennys" to the old man!!
: Thank you, sonny. This is for your trouble!

: My grandson's going to be so happy.

For solving the problem, we get a goodie. This is usually a chip slightly above the current power level for the time the request becomes available, or a subchip.

Anyway, that's the rough explanation. The rest of the bonus updates of this nature will simply be a collection of the requests we can do, so there won't be much commentary beyond explanations of how to complete each job.

(The jobs don't have names but I liked that part of the Job BBS in the Battle Network games so I'll use some silly name.)

Job: Lost and Found
Giver: Iver Gatte

(This one is the example! It's right above you in the update, scroll up a bit.)


Job: Card Collector 1
Giver: Quiero Mocard

: ...I don't have. At this rate, my little brother will steal my title of Supreme Collector!!
: This guy looks shook up about something.
: There seems to be a card he wants. I wonder if I should help him...
>Yes No
: If you wanna help him, let's go talk to him.

: Yes, how'd you know that? I really want a "PowerBomb1" card badly! But it's hard to get.

Just collect a PowerBomb1 card. You can get them from Echo Ridge's wave road.

: Can I have it? Thanks! I'll give you this in return!

: Oh yes! I've gotta go and show this off.


Job: Young Love
Giver: Cindy White

: ...his name is Chase or something like that. I wonder how old he is!
: Looks like she's got something on her mind.
: She wants to know how old some guy is...
: I can see it in your eyes, you wanna help her, don't you?
>Yes No
: Let's go over there and get the details.

: ...Uh? You know what's on my mind? That's right! There's this guy in town named Chase Winde... I want to know how old he is. If you find out, could you let me know?

He won't say it if Geo asks, so go to the Transer.

: ...I'm in my 30s and love them more than ever. I wish I had a friend to play RCs with.

: ...30!? Wow, that is pretty old... Thank you for finding out for me! This is for you!

: I wonder if he'd think I'm too young for him.


And that's all for the jobs available at the end of Taurus Fire/beginning of Scenario 2.