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Part 45: Bonus 7: Scenario 6 Requests

Bonus 7: Scenario 6 Requests


Job: Tradition (Kinda)
Giver: Hope Stelar

: The fridge is acting funny. If I don't get it fixed, all the food inside will go bad. At times like these, I wish you we[sic] here, Geo!
: Should I go and help mom?
> Yes No
: OK! let's[sic] go and help your mom!

: The fridge? Oh, that's right. It's been acting really funny. I wonder what could be the matter...

: So that's why the frige was acting funny. OK, let's do it!!

Not quite tradition of fixing the oven, but close enough.

: That's wonderful! Thank you, Geo!

: I hope you're hungry for dinner tonight!

There's something written on the back: "OSLEGRATE"

Cipher reward: HevyCannon card


Job: The Biggest Wave
Giver: Ken Suther

: ...your feelings to create like the total non-bummer! Feel free to par-lay with me anytime about the big wave! Cowabunga, dude!
: I don't have a clue what in the heck this guy is talking about.
: I think he wants to make a big splash or something like that... Should I pay him a visit?
> Yes No
: Aw, man! I know it's gonna be a drag...

I'm with Mega on this one.

: Hey, listen up! You may not be able to tell, but I'm a surfer! Eh? I look like a surfer to you? Well, maybe just a little. Ha ha ha. I love riding waves more than anything. Even the cards I collect are the ones that make waves!
: But, there is one card I haven't been able to get my hands on, and that's the "WideWave3" card. I wonder if there's any way to get one? I mean, even stores have a hard time getting them!

Considering that the virus drops them in space, I'm not surprised.

: "WideWave3"!! Please say you're gonna give it to me!

: Ohh, dude! Thanks! Here, let me give you this!

: Now every day is gonna be summer for me! Thanks!


Job: Family(?)
Giver: Pat Sprigs

I didn't show Pat's favorite cards in the main playthrough, because they're three traps and three Gemini Sparks. I can excuse Luna, but damn does Pat spoil it.

: ...flooding back to me all at once.......
: That kid looks troubled. Do you wanna help him?
> Yes No
: OK, let's get on it.

: ...Oh, nothing really, just that SorterBot that found me. I wonder where he's at and what he's doing now. It's been more than 10 years now... I wonder if he's still working at the City Dump.

: It's probably scrap by now. ...Uh, hold on! I think there was one special one. It was always finding something unusual. The strangest of all was when it found a person. That got it some attention, and soon after, I believe it was bought by a department store.

: What's a SorterBot doing here? I'd better let Pat know...

: At the Time Square department store? So that's what happened to him. Thank you, Geo! Please take this token of my appreciation.

: I'll go and see him soon!


Job: Limited Time Only
Giver: Mitch Shepar

: I made a promise to my kids that I can't keep! Ohh, I'm so sorry, my children! Bros. Please, help me!
: Mr. Shepar's in a pinch! Should I help him?
> Yes No
: Well, let's get to it!

: ...Oh, it's Geo. I have a little problem. Do you know Mowa Mowa? My kids asked me to get them some Mowa Mowa figures, but I can't because I was asked to work today, unexpectedly. The kids are going to be upset.
: ...What? You'll go and get them for me? Really? That would be great! Here's some money.

: I really appreciate this!

: ...figure for only 500 Zennys?

: Thank you! This is a big help. It's great to have you as my student! Please accept this.

: With this, I'll get to see their smiling faces!


Job: Mrs. Clean
Giver: Nadia Kleen

: ...really bad at cleaning. No matter how hard I try, this room won't get clean!
: Cleaning huh... Should I give her a hand?
> Yes No
: What a drag! Let's get this over with!

: I never really was good at cleaning... I know the teacher's gonna get mad me[sic]. Can someone show me how it's done? Maybe a Navi that's good at cleaning could give me some pointers...

You can accept this request during chapter 3, by the way. You don't get ShovelMan until chapter 5.

: Having a bit of cleaning trouble, are you?
: Hey, what's that? A ShovelMan card? You've got some unusual cards. But, your timing couldn't be better.
: Listen up. I'm going to give you some advice. But first, let me look this room over...
: Hmm... You cleaned this classroom, didn't you? ...I see. I can tell right away that your cleaning style is pretty bad.
: W-What do you mean?
: The corners are filthy. And they make all the difference. You'd do well to remember that. Bam-ba-ba-baam!

: Now I understand. Thank you. That was very educational. Please take this.

: OK, let's get cleaning!


Job: Cops and Robbers
Giver: Bob Copper

: High Z wave levels confirmed in the vicinity, however, no other actionable clues have been found. An immediate investigation is necessary.
: Should I help him out?
> Yes No
: It's worth taking a look!

: I picked up a strange wave just now, and it's coming from someplace nearby... There have been 3 anomalies, and I've got to do something about them before anything happens!

You have to go to three locations - specifically, each of the three Comp spaces in the area. Mowai Comp, Cake Shop Comp, and Enormatron Comp.

: Something's fishy about that guy... I'll bet he's the origin of those suspicious waves. Alright, Geo, get ready!

Mowai Comp...

Cake Shop Comp...

Enormatron Comp.

The first two you beat, Mega says this.

: Let's report back to that Copper guy.

And that's after you've beaten the last one. You can fight them in any order, but really the Enormatron is the weakest.

: The waves have been taken care of? You're right... The strange waves are gone. Are you saying you got rid of them, Geo? No? It's just my imagination? Hmm... Well, anyway, thanks for the report, kid. Take this.

: You sure you didn't do anything to it...?


Job: The Third and Final Use of ShovelMan
Giver: Mead Greene

: But woe is me... Cause someone who doesn't give a hoot left trash in the park... There's just too much for me to pick by myself.
: Should I help that old guy?
> Yes No
: I love nature... ... I love nature...
: ...Huh?
: ...
: ...Uh? Oh, I get it! You were copying the old guy, right!?
: ...C'mon, let's go!

: Dagnabbit!! Who'ndhec's been leavin' garbage in the park!? There's just too much of it to clean up. Won't somebody come up with a good idea...?

I swear I transcribed that correctly, I checked.

: It looks like someone's having a trash problem.
: Ohh! That's the ShovelMan card! Are you gonna use that to move this garbage?

That's not trash, that's the same pile of tires that knocked over the Jammer.

: "ShovelCard" Card In!

: This'll be easy as cherry pie!
: OK, let's move this out of the way then!

And now ShovelMan is useless.

: Here you go, sonny. For all your help.

(Whiffed the image, it's HPMem10)

: I'll continue to keep this park sparkling clean!


Job: Sweet Tooth
Giver: Meala DeVour

: I'm a world-class gourmand... Yet apparently there's something I haven't tried. They say it's popular among sweets-lovers. Why haven't I tried it yet?
: Looks like the world-class gourmand is having a problem.
: You mean there's something that the world-class gourmand hasn't eaten? Should we find out what it is?
> Yes No
: Yeah, I'm kinda curious.
: OK, let's go talk to the gourmand!

: ...Shooting Star Cake? It's supposed to be very popular among people who like sweets. I want to give it a try. Do you know where they sell it? Mmm... Cake...

: ...that girl was talking about.
: Shooting Star Cakes are 500 Zennys each.

You have to buy it yourself, sadly.

: Is that Shooting Star Cake!? For me!?

: Thank you! *munch* *munch* Oh, this is so good! It tastes like stars falling from the sky! Thanks a lot! Please, have this.

: It's as good as they say!

Profit of 4500 Zenny, which is pretty good.


Job: Quiz King
Giver: Roy Query

: All comers are now welcome to challenge my latest and most difficult quiz yet. The first person to answer all of my questions will win a fabulous prize!
: Quiz? Should I give it a try?
> Yes No
: OK! Let's go and get that fabulous prize!

: Something tells that you're a quiz fan![sic] ...Me? Who am I? Ha ha ha, I thought you'd never ask. *ahem*

: It's OK to say! It's OK to play! Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Quiz Power! It's time to go! Care to try a Quiz Battle with me?

Yeah, it's this again. Let's speed this up a bit...

: Gym?

: Tell me what I just said!

: Psych! Tell me what # question this is.

: ...the second-hand shop on Dream Island?

Who could it be, I have no idea, at all.

: You answered all of my ingenious questions!! I admit that you're the man. Here's what you've won.

: They should call YOU the Quiz King.


Job: Geo, Repairman
Giver: Selah Agane

: No matter what I try, I can't get this to work... I wonder if it's got a virus or something.
: Did she say a virus!?
: Shall we do some virus bustin'!?
> Yes No
: Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

: ...your unwanted stuff high and sell it low! What kind of problem am I having? Well, actually, it's this refrigerator... I bought it from a customer just the other day, but no matter what I do, I just can't get it to work. But I think it's still useable. I don't know what.



: Oh, thank you so much for your trouble. I know it isn't much, But[sic] I'd like you to take this for your trouble...

: Bring your unwanted goods here anytime!


Job: Maintenance Crew
Giver: John Forman

: This robot is acting up again! I'm good at working with my hands, but I'm hopeless when it comes to these robots! Aww man, my supervisor's going to be mad!
: Looks like this guy's having a hard time.
: Yeah, well, do you wanna give him a hand?
: Hmm...
> Yes No
: OK, let's do it.

: One of the SorterBots is acting strange. It starts to overheat really quickly. And I can't figure out what is causing it...

Temperature control falls to ThermoMan again. Inspect the SorterBot

: Oww!! That's really hot!
: W-W-Whooosh! Having a cooling problem? W-W-Whooosh!
: ThermoMan! Actually...
: I see, you need to cool off that SorterBot, right? Let me have a look. ...Ah. The internal cooling fan is broken! Let me give it a whirl!
: That should do it!
: ...*whirrrr*
: She's good as new!
: Thank you, ThermoMan!

: There was a problem with the cooling fan? I see... You know your stuff, kid. This is for your trouble.

: Kids nowadays are pretty smart.


Job: Memories
Giver: Aaron Boreal

: Today I'll show Geo that thing! Ha ha ha. I know he'll be surprised!
: ...Should I go over there?
> Yes No
: I'm kinda curious too. Let's go!

: something today. But I haven't been able to find it. It's an old photo album with some pictures I wanted you to see. I bet I stashed it somewhere in my lab. I really wanted you to have a look at it....

: You found the photo album!

: Man, this takes me way back! This is to thank you.

: Ah, yes. This is the photo I wanted you to see. This is Kelvin when he was young. And above that is you when you were just a tot. At that time, your dad said, "I'm going to make a wonderful and delightful future for my son. That's my job." I wanted to pass those words from your father on to you, as you live and grow into the future.


There's only one sidequest left, and I will get to that LATER.