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Part 28: Lovely Thing #3 by mix.lunar

Hey boys and girls, let me entertain you with a story.

See a long time ago, there was an American supporter of the VZ and he heard about the amazing adventures of TUGBOAT. So he wrote a song about. Upon my daily jaunt of the internet, I stumbled upon it.

Lyrics posted:

Let me tell you all
the story of a boat
it flies through the air
attached to a rope

No one sees it
until it's too late
the resounding drop
just sounds so great

While you all stand
stare and wonder
the ability to reason
seems to be plundered

No one expects TUGBOAT
to be dropped from the sky
the murder he wrote
It was just so right

He sacrificed himself
in order to show
Just how easy
this mission could go

The transportation
Took so long
Over the water
Towards the land

In the distance
Oil rigs rose
While we assassinated
The capitalist throws

And they have a grip now
but in the end
The VZ will conquer
And UP will bend

To all of their demands
Pack up and leave
Lest the bomb the shit out of
All those capitalist pigs