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Part 31: Lovely Thing #6 by Hell Patrol

Lethemonster posted:

I also want to know if he won Lithuanian Dad at a carnival, having watched the last video I'm thinking this is the only place he can have been born.

I have my own theory on the origin of the dad.

I think at one point he was indistinguishable from all the other completely dull dime-a-dozen Joe Normal lithuanians you see walking around Venezuela today. My research leads me to believe that the so-called "Lithuanian Dad" as we know him now originated from one of Tina Turner's infamous mad experiments in the evolution of human development (maybe nws for the photos in the background at the beginning)

It would appear at some point he was liberated from the wicked den of Tina Turner, but apparently from her letter earlier in the thread she is making efforts to lure him back and complete the final stage on her most successful experiment to date.