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by helloitsdan & lithuanian dad

Part 2: Sausage

xDeath360X posted:

Why is blip always choppy for me no matter what browser or what computer I use? Are these blip vids choppy for anypne else? Very frustrating...

I wish I knew. It seems to happen both in blip's own player and the JWPlayer, though, so maybe it's something to do with my source files? Have you tried downloading them and seeing if they stutter or are choppy for you that way?

Also, on the note of downloading things: I've actually set up dumb RSS/podcast-style feeds for downloading the source files, if anybody would prefer to have them that way. I mostly did it to test building feeds in Rails, but that doesn't mean they can't be useful! (still dumb though)

Psycho Serum posted:

Mercenaries 2 is pretty awesome even though its completely impossible to hijack the chinese tanks. It literally cannot be done. They are all the sons of bitches

Also when I played this on 360 the achievement unlocks glitched out and give me all of them as soon as I  finished killing Blanco on the oil derrick 

I will show you who is the sons of bitches later on! It is us, we are the sons of bitches! Iron Mountain tank is mine!

(after hours just fighting the you-know-whos who were unbeknownst to me respawning indefinitely, I think I have got stealing their things down to a fine art)

Carados posted:

The problem with this thread is the voice in my head which reads things has switched to helloitsdan's voice.

Including my own post.

Luckily for you, I'm available evenings and weekends to read absolutely anything out loud that you might need reading -- my rates are pretty reasonable, too! Nothing dirty, though. I won't read any romance books.

here's some moving picture

#2 - Sausage