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Part 3: Technology

The fuckin' glitches are still there! I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure I have them fixed for next time. If not, then I'm not sure what I'm going to do as I steadfastly refuse to record more videos that look this awful.

Also, this video is bad because I totally forgot what we were doing beforehand. I swear I'm going to do my homework much, much better in future -- I was having an off day, okay! Someone had just transcribed all of the stupid things I was saying about shanty towns and tanks!

DatonKallandor posted:

You can hijack them from the start - but you don't have  a grappling hook to get to them until you get the mechanic. 

Yeah, this. If we were to try to hijack a helicopter now, a message'd pop up on the screen telling us that we need to get a grappling hook first. We'll be getting that in, ooh, two videos, though? So helicopters soon!

As for helicopters on the ground, er..I've honestly never tried. It's such an unlikely situation (enemy in helicopter who hasn't taken off yet) that I've just not had the chance.

Magni posted:

I actually have to correct a claim I made some time back: The butchering of the HVT extraction is not a "feature" of the PC version, it's a feature of the GERMAN version. (Just like the fact that the assholes removed the ragdoll effects.)

What, really? That's awful! Couldn't they just give the hostages robot blood or something.

MY posted:

Playing through this game on the PS3 version, I encountered a really annoying bug when doing the mission where you place becons around the city. For some reason the final airdrop would not work to drop the signal, instead I keep hearing the girl whining over and over about it not be the right spot. But I'm throwing inside the damn yellow circle. Made worst when I threw multiples of them in the circle, only to hear her voice repeat the same line repeatably within seconds.

This isn't an exclusive bug: I had the same thing happen to me a while ago on the 360 version. Turns out that the mission had somehow bugged itself and I just needed to restart the game and try again.

Or you could be throwing the smoke grenade into the sea. Potato-head can't go in the sea.