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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

by helloitsdan & lithuanian dad

Part 9: Holiday


We understand that several of you have been having trouble with the control scheme for Mercs2, and so little man has asked me to post this page from his upcoming Mercenaries 2 Strategy Guide which will be released in line with this LP.

Also, here's that video I've been talking about for ages, but there's something different this time! How much do you like definitions? Would you like more definitions in your Mercs2 experience? Well luckily for you, I've spent all day massaging this video to make it so definition-y that you just won't believe your mohawk! 2010 is the year of the Hyper Definitions! If you don't like definition that much, we've also got the old-style tiny, baby definitions for you. If you like Viddler, you can shove it and watch on WeGame from now on, because Viddler's quality is huge fannies. Blow it up! (the definitions)

I've stried to strike a balance between making it look really, really good and making the prospect of streaming the thing realistic, which means there's a bit of blocking in some places. If it's too bad, tell me and I'll inject the video with more definitions from now on!